Mersea Island| Essex

A couple of weeks ago just after that glorious weather we encountered, we decided to head to the coast on a windy, blustery day.  Normally we’d head somewhere like Whitstable because we know it and enjoy the fresh seafood- in particular the oysters.

But I’d recently found out that Colchester is also habouring a little oyster love too.  In fact they produce some of the very best seafood in the UK, and distance wise it’s not any further depending on where you’re driving from in London.

Obviously being pregnant oysters were off the menu for me irrelevant, but it did allow me to scope out a new place to visit.

Mersea Island.

Mersea Island is a small island just off the coast of Essex that is reached by driving across the strood.  A feat only possible at the correct tide times.

It’s a place of rustic coastal charm.

Because the warm sunshine had long disappeared and typical windy Britain had returned, I decided to book a little beach hut with The Little Beach Hut Company.

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Being pregnant and with a toddler, I felt like we needed a base.  Somewhere we could relax and chill out, and a beach hut by this company sounded ideal.

Not only are they done up beautifully inside and outside (err.. hello pretty Instagram pictures), but they have all the amenities you could want for a day at the beach in Britain.  They have you covered from sun, rain to snow probably!

With windbreakers, kids beach toys, deck chairs, blankets, hot water bottles, books, games, a stove top kettle, cooking facilities as well as public toilets and a carpark near by there was nothing we needed.

Well some hot sun would have been nice, but I guess that can’t be pre booked!

Immediately Little London was outside our hut on the sand playing with the new toys he’d discovered hiding under one of the benches.

If truth be told we could have stayed at the beach hut the entire day, but we really wanted the chance to explore Mersea Island and see what it had on offer.

We decided to walk/jump past the rows of beautiful beach huts, stopping to admire the bright vibrant colours and read the cute little names on the front of them.

Our destination was to reach the West Mersea Oyster Bar.  This was one of two recommended places to eat on the island, the other being The Company Shed.

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We chose the former because they apparently do the best fish and chips ever, and with a toddler we knew that would go down well.

Supposedly they often have queues of people trying to order their fish and chips and as tables can be reserved it can be hard to get into the restaurant.  Seeing as we were visiting mid-week during quiet season we thought we’d experience it in case we couldn’t next time.

Plus it was slightly closer to our hut, and we thought The Company Shed would be a great place to go post pregnancy because you can bring your own wine there and also your own bread to eat with their seafood selection.

The West Mersea Oyster Bar is a totally unassuming restaurant.  There are absolutely no frills with it.  It’s simple and basic in its design but they deliver on their food.  And that is exactly what we wanted.  A place that could give us some great seafood.  No airs, no graces.

As Little London tucked into his heavenly fish and chips, we ordered a seafood platter for two and a trio  of Colchester native oysters for Mr London Mum to taunt me with.

It was a great lunch all around and certainly lived up to our expectations.  I just wish I didn’t have gestational diabetes so I could have tucked into all the fresh bread too, and those oysters would have gone down a treat too had I not been pregnant!

Before walking back to our beach hut we decided to head towards the West Mersea Pier.  A great crabbing place supposedly.

Being total novices to crabbing we headed into a little cafe just opposite the pier and picked up our crabbing necessities.  A bucket, a crabbing net and some bacon to use as bait.

Plus we treated the little one to some ice-cream while we were there.  Jealousy doesn’t even cut it!

With our legs dangling off the pier we tested our crabbing abilities.  My god does that bacon work a treat!

It was so much fun, and being competitive we tried to catch as many as we could.

It was all going great until one crab decided to drop off the net and scuttle under Little London’s leg- something he still tells people about today.

As an activity though I highly recommend it whether you have children or not, it’s cheap and really quite thrilling 😉

With Little London now scared of crabs though, we decided to hop on a boat at the end of the pier for a little jaunt around the Mersea coast.  It’s only a short boat ride, maybe 20 minutes and it costs £3.00 per person, so it’s perfect for little ones who’ll enjoy the thrill but won’t get restless from being on a boat for too long.

With thoughts starting to return to our little beach hut, we wandered back down the beach to return to the comfort of ‘Bertie’ for the remainder of our time on Mersea island before heading back home.

For us Mersea Island provided us with the escape of the British seaside without the trappings of it being over commercialised.  It’s just a shame we couldn’t have stayed longer.



  1. Looks like you had a lovely time! Such beautiful pictures too. x

  2. It looks like you had a great day, and how cute is that beach hut, I have never thought of hiring one for a day, but what a great idea.

    • If you aren’t too far you so should, it makes a great day out!

    • I feel like a heifer though! lol. I wish I’d taken more late stage pictures when I had Little London so I guess I’m making up from that and ignoring that I feel like a heifer. lol

  3. What an amazing sounding place it seems like you have found just the place to spend some time together and I love the beach hut!

  4. Oh I desperately want to go here but it’s so far away from us! Xx
    Sarah Cantwell recently posted…Pregnancy Update – 39 WeeksMy Profile

    • Oh no! That’s such a shame… you never know though you may end up visiting for some random reason!

  5. What a wonderful little beach hut! All of your photos made me smile. You’re little guy is so handsome and you’ve got the glow of pregnancy. Thank-you for sharing your getaway with us!

  6. Looks like you had an amazing time. I’d love to spend some time in one of those beach huts, they look so cute

  7. Looks like such a perfect little trip! I absolutely love the beach hut idea, it all looks so pretty. I miss living by the seaside.

    • I’d love to live near the coast, it’s just such a peaceful atmosphere.

  8. Sounds like a lovely mini getaway from home, that hut looks absolutely divine and love they have a kettle for us tea lovers

  9. I’d not heard of Mersea Island but it looks and sounds so lovely! I definitely want to visit now. I love crabbing, I did it when I was little and with my daughter when she was younger too.
    Helen recently posted…Take That Wonderland tourMy Profile

    • It’s so much fun! Both myself and Mr Lodnon Mum had never done it as kids so we certainly enjoyed the experience, and our son loved it too until the scuttling one! lol

  10. … and a fabulous time was obviously had by one-n-all. Poor old Dorset’s Sandbanks though – missed out again (sigh ha) … crabs & damn loose bowel-ed seagulls by the tonne, Pernod & fish-n-chips at Rick Steins & our beach hut thrown in – what more could you’ve not wanted haha … park ya’ car in Hampshire tho’ (if ya’ lucky) ha. Onwards LondonMum - the worlds going to be ‘+1’ tomorrow & so much a-better beautiful place for her … can we order a little gurgling ‘Princess’ tomorrow please (& not another damn ‘kkaaw’-ing seagull either) - see what you can do LondonMum - we’re with you.

    • Crikey if I give birth to a seagull I’ll wonder why I didn’t just eat all the cake the whole time through! haha

  11. Thats some impressive crabbing! We’d love to visit Mersea Island and it looks a wonderful location. The beach hut is cute too!

    • The really big crabs couldn’t hold on to the net, but there were a good many of those!

    • Neither did I, so when I came across it I got a bit excited! lol

  12. I have never heard of the Little Beach Hut company but plan on checking then out as they look amazing, and yes are GREAT for blog photos.
    You always take the most amazing photographs and I love seeing Little London enjoying and exploring and he is seriously cute too! x
    Tanya Brannan recently posted…University Life is for Living!My Profile

  13. Awwwh this seemed like such a lovely trip!!! Little London looked amazing in his outfit! I always find fish and chips to be a great choice for the kids too and finishing off with icecream what a win!

  14. One of my friends used to work nearby and now I’m really sad I never went to visit her - it looks so cute and fun!
    Elodie recently posted…Instagram Diary from ItalyMy Profile

  15. Looks like you had a fun day out. I’ve never been here but it looks great

  16. The beach huts all look so inviting and fun. This looks like a great weekend getaway. There are lots of things to do and I like that.
    By the way congrats on the birth of the baby girl ????

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