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With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it has me thinking about how best to celebrate all of us as mother’s and also our own mothers.

After all, in the crazy bubble that we all live in, day in and day out looking after our children and caring for them, we tend to overlook at times that very person that did that for us as well.

Yes, they may not be living the torturous sleepless nights that us newer mothers might be, but they sure as hell did their fair share and still deserve that gratitude and acknowledgement.

After all my mum was the mum that sat up all night for days on end, swatting mosquitos off my sister and I when we were little.  She still hasn’t forgiven my father for taking us on a vacation to Sri Lanka because she still remembers the exhaustion.

This year are championing all sorts of mums across the nation with their #ForMumsWho campaign, busting stereotypes as to what a mum should be.

Working mums, stay-at-home mums, can’t-sit-still mums, break-the-mould mums, love-a-tipple mums, brand-new-foster mums, fifty-five-and-fabulous mums…. are recognising their beautiful diversity and sharing the most thoughtful gifts to celebrate individuality and cheer them on in style!

I find Mother’s Day itself is usually a difficult one to navigate.  After all I’m a mother, but my own mother and my mother-in-law are both mothers as well, and trying to plan something is pretty difficult on all of us.

Mr London Mum wants to spoil me (and I certainly don’t say no to this), but he also has obligations to his own mother, just like I do to mine.  We both feel like they too need that day to feel special and spoilt.

It’s a minefield!

Which is why I often think finding the right gift is paramount to ensuring that everyone is happy.  While as individuals we can’t be in every place we want to be, a carefully chosen gift can mean the world to someone and show that you’re thinking of them and that they’re special to you.

My favourite place coincidentally to source something unique, personal and touching is  I love that so many of their gift options can be personalised and therefore made into something so special for that individual.  It’s the best place online to find thoughtful unique gifts for every mum.

For Christmas, I actually bought my mum a necklace from by Merci Maman, and I had the names of my son and my sisters son engraved on individual charms along with their birth dates.

I wanted something special that I could add to over the years as more grand children popped up.  My sister is due her second in the coming weeks as am I.  And I love how her Christmas gift is one that is meaningful to her and can be added to on any special occasion, whether that’s a birthday or Mothers Day.

This year, I won’t be celebrating Mother’s Day along with the rest of you as Mr London Mum is working on that particular Sunday.  So I’ll have the chance to spend it with my mother instead, and do something special with her.

I have a good few ideas on what I’d like to get her, and I’ve been using the mother’s day inspiration link on to narrow down my choices from the UK’s best creative small businesses.

My mother’s day will be rescheduled for April, and don’t worry I’ll make sure I get it.  In the meantime the wonderful team over at have generously gifted me a present to give to my mum to make sure her Mother’s Day is as special as it can be.

I chose this beautiful coastline wooden wall hanging because it symbolises the great memories my sister and I had growing up and the many wonderful places we got to explore.

I can remember driving from our home town to Cornwall with my parents, and sleeping in the car over night because it was a last-minute trip.

I woke up on the back shelf of my dad’s car as it hurtled through the country lanes the next morning (those days long ago when road safety wasn’t quite as strict) before we stopped off in a cute Cornish town to buy yellow raincoats, jelly shoes and fishing nets to catch as many prawns as possible in the rock pools just off the coast.

It’s little memories like this that I want to fill my home and her home with.  Things that we can look at and reminisce over.  Because although I don’t need her in the same way today as I did when I was younger, the things that she taught me are things that are invaluable and have shaped who I’ve become as an adult.

My mum is the mum that wouldn’t count one prawn a success, not when their was a sea full of them.  For her it had to be a whole bucket full.  She would excitedly jump from rock to rock looking for the best rock pools for us to catch prawns in.  That drive to succeed has always been something that I’ve had because of her and it’s what continues to push me forward to make sure I become the kind of mum my son and my daughter will be able to look up to as well.

If you need to find something for that special lady in your life, you can discover unique gifts for every mum this Mother’s Day, 26th March at



  1. What a lovely post, I love gifts that are personal and holds or suggests memories. Mothers day is a difficult one to navigate. I have not looked on not on the high street for a while, but do usually when looking for special gifts x

    • I think they’re usually my first stop when trying to get gift ideas. I love the items they stock.

    • It is hard, probably more so for my OH because I guess he feels torn over what to do.

  2. It is so hard to get this right, especially as we now live abroad, easy for my own mum to feel forgotten about. I love Not on the High Street anyway, and they always have good inspiration for gifts

    • I’ve sent my sister the obligatory reminder because she’s abroad and the dates are always different.

  3. What a lovely post, and a beautiful wall hanging. It sounds like your mom will treasure her gift, no only because it’s beautiful, but because you obviously put so much thought and effort into it. And I’m sure your kids will look up to you, just as you’ve looked up to your mom!

  4. I think it’s fantastic that they are celebrating the diversity of all of the types of Mums. Finding the perfect gift for the Mums in your life can be challenging but I think personalised gifts are always a great way to go.

    • I love personalised gifts, it just means you can find that unique special something that really means something to every mum out there.

  5. I used to find shopping for mothers day tricky, it wasnt easy to find the right gift x

    • It can be so tough, which is why I appreciate the online world these days! lol

  6. I find mother’s day to be tricky, not for myself but for my mum as we always need to decide how to include my lovely granny too who’s basically the mum of all mums haha there are so many nice options on Not On The HighStreet, I buy lots of stuff from there 🙂

    • It’s the different generations that certainly make it harder to balance everything for everyone. Hope your mum and granny have a great day!

  7. What an unusual gift and very personal to you. We love Not on the Hightstreet for quirky gifts! Going to pop over now and have a look x

    • Same I always head over to them for most things- even decorating the house. Love the pieces they have and the choice.

  8. It’s not always easy shopping for mothers day, I think I will have to look on not on the highstreet .

  9. I love sentimental gifts & I’m sure your mum will love this too! It’s beautiful. Not On The Highstreet have such a lovely collection of ideas! xx
    Georgina recently posted…A Letter To My Daughters Before The Birth Of Our SonMy Profile

  10. For me, personalised gifts are so special. I’m sure I’ll end up with flowers and choices as usual!
    Lianne recently posted…My new favourite post-workout snackMy Profile

  11. What a lovely post. I always try to get my mum personal gifts that mean something. This year we framed loads of pictures of our daughter.

  12. Thanks for the recommendation. I also prefer to give some personal collection to my mom. Will check on the link and see what would be the best gift I can buy for Mom.

  13. Mothers day can be a little tricky can’t it when you have children yourself! I love any kind of gift personalised gifts are amazing though!

    • I do too, I can’t wait until my little one brings home cards and drawings he’s done himself one day

  14. I absolutely love buying personal gifts for people.
    I’ll definitely check out Not On The High Street for my mum this Mother’s Day as she’s just become a grandmother for the first time 🙂

    Dani x

    • So many things you can get her then, grand children make it all the easier! 😉

  15. Aw, love hearing all about your memories petal - sounds like you had lots of fun. Notonthehighstreet is always a great place to find beautiful gifts!x

  16. Oh I do love a more personal gift. This is a lovely idea. I so hope your Mum loved it too xxx
    Harriet Lee recently posted…OXO Tot Perch Booster Seat ReviewMy Profile

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