Mum And Son #3| Aigle

I thought I’d bring you my first Mother and Son combo of the year with Aigle wellies.  After all who can resist a good pair of snug waterproof boots in this weather!



The colour of our boots may be different, but the designs are exactly the same making them perfect for a matching outfit blog post.


You could of course go that step further and get matching colours if so so wish.  But I always have a preference for plain basic colours for myself, and something bright for Little London- although the rest of our outfits were kept suitably neutral in good old black.  After all black goes with everything right 😉


The wellies were perfect on our little trip to the countryside with the dogs, who definitely deserved a good lengthy walk in some mud strewn fields.


^^ Little London’s Jumper and leggings from dab and blyton.

The problem with Britain is that even on the Winter days where it’s not been raining, the ground is still sodden and damp, meaning that wellies do become a staple item in your wardrobe.

In fact they’ve become such a staple in my Son’s life that he really hasn’t worn anything other than welly boots this entire season!


He’s either been in his yellow Aigle wellies or these red faux fur-lined wellies with a quilted thermal upper shaft.


So what’s the difference I hear you ask?

Let’s be honest, there’s something a bit cold about a traditional welly.  They do the job and they’re great for the other seasons, but there is that flinching moment when you slide your foot into one in the Winter (unless you’re wearing layer upon layer of socks meaning the boot becomes a bit too tight for comfort).



So these fur-lined boots take away that discomfort without the need for huge thick socks, meaning overall the wearing process is much more comfortable.

Plus the boots are temperature controlled with the insulation, so thick socks really aren’t needed!


As a brand, when you buy an Aigle boot you are buying into a tradition.  A tradition where craftsmanship is at the forefront of the production process.  Each boot is hand crafted and therefore is made to a high quality and the attention to detail is paramount.


In fact you can see that close up these boots are something special- and if they keep the mud off my Son (where possible) that makes them even more special.



Shame I couldn’t get any for the dogs!


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  1. These wellies look so snug! I tend to go for normal ones without lining just because I only wear them for festivals so it’s summer time and they tend to be quite warm then! x

  2. I must admit that my dislike of wellies stems from the fact that they aren’t overly comfortable or warm. These sound like they address both problems, which is great.

    • They’re great boots for the winter. So easy to put on and just get outdoors! x

  3. Another brilliant post LondonMum! We love his cheeky facial expression … Will he? … Won’t he? … Wellie he?? Ha. O yes, a little ‘something’ waiting for you both now. “O.” Onwards LondonMum.

  4. Haha … well played LondonMum! … That’s given me the ‘order of the boot.’ Got to go - gig soon. Onwards LondonMum.

    • By soon do you mean about 5pm? Surely this is an early work day for you? MUAHAHAH

      • Haha … bit louder LondonMum … there’s a bloke down the other end of Sandbanks beach that didn’t quite catch that hahaha. Better not tell you what I’m NOT doing today then haha. Onwards LondonMum. ‘O.’

        • Oh for goodness sake! I don’t think you can say you work! hahah. I think you get paid to busk 😉

    • Thank you, I wish it wasn’t such a grey day.. but you can’t pick the weather! lol x

    • They are the easiest things to pull on and off when heading out the door forth of us! lol x

  5. OH I so need these boots in my life especially for where I live which is in the country and for dog walking they would be ideal

  6. What a fab set of pictures. I really did like these and they are so real and raw. I love the red boots and nice to see the dog too- adds more character to your shots. Thanks so much for sharing. Angela x

    • The dogs are naughty little things. One got stung on the foot on the way back and acted like a princess for a while until I cleaned her paw with a baby wipe.. dogs are just like kids really lol. x

  7. I love my Aigle boots for dogwalking, but you’re right about them being a bit cold. I usually just wear a thick pair of socks, but your boots look so nice, I might get a pair for next winter!

    • You should, Aigle have a big sale on at the moment. I’m not sure if it includes these boots but you should check it out just in case! x

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