Mum And Son #1 | Gloverall, Laidback London & Benedita

I thought I’d start a new feature, because I’m not ashamed to admit that I love it when my Son and I wear matching outfits!


I’m the one that currently dresses my Son, so when it comes to picking his outfits it usually reflects my taste anyway- if he hates my style he can deal with that when he’s older 😉

So there are loads of navy, blacks, whites, creams and traditional cuts in both our wardrobes.  Comfort is paramount, as is quality.

With the weather cooling down making sure we are protected by the elements is essential and if we’re going to twin it up we have to turn to the classics.  Such as Gloverall.


Gloverall are the company behind the original creators of the duffle coat.  It’s British heritage at its best.  The origins of the duffle coat go as far back as 1914, when a duffle type coat was worn by the British Navy and by officers and men of the watch to protect themselves from the biting Atlantic and North Sea winds.  So for a crisp day out with my Son, they made the perfect outerwear for both of us.


Being quite petite in height, I didn’t want a coat that would be too overwhelming on me, so I decided that the Short Slim Fit Duffle* would be perfect for my frame.


The beautiful genuine tartan pattern on the inside perfectly compliments the dark navy blue and the toggles are easy to use even with thick winter gloves on!  The design of this coat stays true to the original version which was designed in 1956.  Hopefully you’ll agree that it’s sleek, stylish and really smart.


Little London’s coat* is a miniature version of the iconic duffle coat.


It has large pockets for him to keep his hands warm when the weather starts to bite, and the hood has a nice weight to it to stay on his head for that added protection.  The smallest size Gloverall do start from the age of 2, which as you can see is slightly long on the arms for Little London but not unwearable (he’s 22 months but is tall for his age).  It’s good to know this coat will last him all Winter and probably into next Winter too.  The toggles are quick and easy to do up and I just love the way he looks in this coat.  So smart and beautiful!



With it being Autumn, we both donned our ankle boats, mine are from Laidback London which is a company that is loved by the likes of Beyonce.


Laidback London make all their products by hand, using traditional methods.  The products are made to age well, last and be timeless.  The pieces are made in Africa- where the labels founder grew up, and the work provides social and economic growth to the local communities.  Not only does the creation of the pieces provide a sustainable income but it also allows those employed to keep hold of their skills and craftsmanship learnt through the generations.  My boots are the Leblon Grey Suede*, and they are seriously comfortable.


^^ there’s a competition to win a pair of Laidback London boots on their website right now.

They’re cosy, warm and perfect.  I’ll be living in these boots during the winter.  I like the fact that they’re unique and stylish, something which as we know we don’t often see during the Winter months as we tend to go for tried and tested.  But take it from me, these certainly stand up to the competition with the added excitement of being different.

Little London’s boots are from Benedita, which features Little London as one of their models.


^^ Photo taken by Chelsea White for Benedita

I adore these suede boots.  They give a cool, edgy look to his outfits, but they also help protect him from the damp ground with them being cut that bit higher.  These shoes are also handmade and the natural colour means they go with everything.


With the blue and white stripes on my dress and his trousers I think we made a winning combo.  Mother and Son dressing couldn’t be more fun 😉


(Disclosure: PR samples marked with a *)



    • They are beautiful coats, and the boots are incredible. I wish they did little matching kids ones, because I’d definitely get Little London a matching pair.

  1. I saw your post on the Blogging Mums group on Facebook, and was won over based on the cute pic of duffle coats (yours and his). Your pictures are ridiculously cute. You’re both rocking those coats. The duffle is a true winter champion. I mean, how can a coat possibly work well for both men, women AND children? Genius! Just like handbags, I love a good patterned lining - yours looks super. Very cute pics - great-looking brand.
    Fiona @ Free Range Chick recently posted…Five Reasons Why Kids Love the RainMy Profile

    • Amazing brand, the coats are so durable. I can vouch for that as my Son decided to sit in a puddle while wearing his. The water didn’t seep through and once the outside had dried I just brushed the dirt off it and it looked good as new again! *score*

    • I remember my parents making me wear a duffle coat when I was younger and I vowed I’d never wear one again- but I love them! hahah They look great!

  2. Love. Love. Love the matching coats. I did buy me and my son matching t-shirts from the little bird range but I’d love to go for the matching coat look.

    • hahah you’ve gotta get them while they’re REALLY young.. I give it a few more months at least 😉

    • They are THE most comfortable boots ever. I love them. Expect to see them far too many times on the blog and instagram hahah x

  3. I love this post! I think you both look adorable and I would love to do this with my kids when I have them! The coat looks so comfy and right up my alley!

  4. Looks like you had a fun day. Cute little photoshoot!
    Catstello recently posted…Feminist Film Club: Obvious ChildMy Profile

    • I do remember my Mum forcing my Sister and I to match with her- but unfortunately fashion wasn’t a strong point and we had some horrific outfits! Although saying that, no doubt my Son willow back and think the same 😉 x

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