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In the last three weeks, I’ll have been away from Baby London for six nights.  That’s a lot of missed time.  Many Mum’s find it hard to be parted for even just one night, and here I am knowing I have another night coming up where I won’t be with my baby.

It makes me feel sad.

It makes me feel like a bad Mum to be honest.

But it’s been unavoidable really.  For four nights I was away in Italy for a friend’s wedding.  Another night I was celebrating my Birthday after BritMumsLive and the final night will be this Thursday when I’ll be in Paris filming for a family brand I can’t yet disclose.

Each day Baby London is learning and achieving more and more.  He’s currently on form to start crawling soon, he’s learnt to prop himself up and rock backwards and forwards on his hands and knees.  I would hate to miss the first time he crawls.

As it stands I’m a full-time blogger.  I’m not a full-time working Mum.  So for working Mum’s I can only imagine how hard it must be for you.  Getting home in the evenings and just having time to put a sleepy child to bed is not something I think I would cope well with.

When I got back to my parents place on the Friday night (first night of BritMumsLive), Baby London was already asleep and I missed him so much I actually moved him while he slept from his travel cot into my bed.  I needed to be near him.

Even though I know he’s completely happy with his Lola (Grandma in Filipino), I hate to think he might possibly forget me.  Or actually learn to prefer someone else to me.

I know that must sound stupid.  But in recent weeks I feel like I’m bringing him back to my Mum more times than I’d like.  And when I pick him up he’s just ‘older’.  He just matures every time I’m away from him.

My Mum does a fabulous job looking after him, and he loves her.  His little face beams when he sees her every time she opens the front door for babysitting duties.  I love the fact he remembers who she is.  I trust her when it comes to his care.  And really that bond is just so special I like to see it.

But I still can’t help feeling that I’m missing out on that time with him.  And it’s these early days which go so quickly.

So why be away from him I hear you ask?

Well the wedding was an important event, and a much-needed break actually.  The other days are to do with pursuing my dreams of becoming a ‘successful’ blogger (whatever that means).  For me I’m hoping a bit of sacrifice will lead to a lifestyle where I can remain at home with Baby London and be the best Mum he could ever need.  I’m not talking about monetary benefits, I’m talking about everything really.  I’m not sure how I’d define myself as successful if ever the day came!

But where’s the line? How do you know when blogging takes over your life to the extent your little one suffers.  Or really am I just being too hard on myself.  Blogging events have meant I’m away from him for two nights in total.

Maybe I feel like this because I know I have a night away from him coming up and I’m preparing myself to miss him.

How have you found a happy work/child balance? Any tips would be much appreciated!



  1. I’ve been wondering about my blogging future too. I go back to work soon & I want to enjoy the precious time I have with Baby M before that happens but also have no idea how I am going to fit in blogging, work and family time. With the nature of my job I have to be 100% focused & switched on. When I come home I know that I will have missed baby m so much I will want to spend as much time with him before bed as possible, then weekends will be about us doing things together as a family. It sounds like you are doing a great job and things you have to do to make your dreams happen. To be successful at anything takes hard work and a little sacrifice, I’m sure it’ll all be worth it xxx

    • Thank you for the kind words. I guess this is an issue all Mum’s must end up having. I’d love to know how you find it when you do go back to work. I may pick up some tips from you x

      • It’s so hard being a parent & trying to do your best for everyone, like I said sounds like you’re doing a great job! I will let you know, have to say I’m dreading it, the thought of being away from him all day fills me with dread & guilt. Hoping for that lottery win 😉 xx

  2. Clearly you have the balance just right, you only have to look at how happy he is to see that! Two nights away won’t make a difference to his development or life in general, keep chasing those dreams and strive to make him proud! 🙂 xx

    • Thank you 🙂 He is a happy child so maybe I just worry needlessly. It’s more about me than him. He’s quite content! x

      • I understand, us mummies are forever beating ourselves up about something, aren’t we? Keep doing what you are doing though, he will be so proud of your when he is all grown! 🙂 xx

  3. I find it hard to leave Archie as you know from last week. I blog in the evening when both boys are asleep. That way I get my blogging time that doesn’t interfere with me being a mum. Don’t be too harsh on yourself as they get older it gets easier. Xx

    • I did a blog the other day when both baby and OH were sleeping. It did mean I got to bed late but I had the whole day to spend with the baby so I suppose it’s swings and roundabouts! xx

  4. Aww its difficult whatever I think, I did full time mum for 9 months and I felt so unfulfilled until I started blogging…then all I wanted to do was blog! My husband thinks it’s strange, now I’m back at work full time, that sometimes I still want to go out in the evening. I do miss my son but I also feel that, for me, the balance was too far the other way for the first 9 months. Anyway my point (I think) is that maybe there is no right balance just the best balance each family can reach!

    • Thank you so much for your reply. I think perhaps you’;re right. There is never going to be the ‘right’ balance. I think as long as Baby London is always safe and happy even if I occasionally have to go away to do things then I’m doing well.
      The moment it upsets him I’ll reevaluate and perhaps change things around.
      Maybe all of this is just teaching him to become more social and independent as a person. Who knows!

  5. It’s natural to feel guilty when you’re away from your son, but for me I found I needed to have something for myself - be it work, or blogging, or just the occasional night away. You’re son will see you as a better role model for balancing work and family life, and in turn, he will benefit from your dedication to both. Don’t feel guilty!

    • That’s what I hope the outcome will be. Thanks for your comments! xx

  6. Only you know the answer I’m afraid. Find the balance that works for you

    • Thanks for your reply, yes I think it’s all about finding the balance that suits. As long as my child is happy then I shouldn’t feel guilty. Easier said then done though! x

  7. I definitely enjoy seeing my toddler-daughter waddle off with her grandparents so I can write/blog/read. I used to work part-time in an office, so blogging was usually done on the sofa while I had an eye on a TV programme with MrS15S. I try to keep 5-8pm free for family time, and the weekends, although as MrS15S works during the week, I can do some valuable blog-planning time while he’s bathing toddler-daughter. You’ll find the balance x

    • I think I try and keep a similar schedule to you- so that makes me feel better 🙂

      Evenings and weekends totally free, and blogging during the week during nap times and while the baby is playing.


  8. It’s definitely a difficult balance, and I guess it’s about finding a comfort level. There are no rights or wrongs, and you know your baby is happy with your Mum, occasional breaks are definitely good for us. Hopefully you will have some quality time together soon and can work out what is right for both of you x

    • That’s the thing, I know I feel guilty but he’s actually happy so maybe it’s just silly I feel guilty?! x

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