My hospital bag: Baby essentials (2/3)

The baby bag was the exciting part of my hospital packing.  All those little clothes I’d bought over the previous months suddenly had a real part to play.  It’s really quite surreal to think my little man will actually be in the clothes I pack for the hospital.  Oh it’s getting so real now!

So what have I packed for him?

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1. Two sleepsuits in size 0-3 months.  I don’t really mind if they’re a bit big.  I can’t see the point of buying the smaller sizes until I know what size he actually is.  Plus MrLondonMum is 6ft2, so I can’t see him being all that small to be honest.  Both these sleepsuits were purchased from Next.  They were actually the first baby clothes I bought for him and always wanted them to be his coming home outfits.

2. Two baby vests in size 0-3 months.  To wear underneath his sleepsuits as the weather will be on the chillier side.  Purchased from Mothercare.

3. A jumper/cardigan in size 0-3 months.  To wear if it is cold and he needs a bit of something extra to stay warm.  I loved this little dark blue cardigan, and had to buy it.  I bought it not long ago also from Mothercare.

4. A hat and some baby mitt’s in 0-3 months.  The hat came from a friend but is from Mothercare and the mitts were bought new from Mothercare.

5. A blanket.  For use in the hospital if needed, although I don’t think it will be.  But mainly to wrap around him for when we leave the hospital and he’s in his car seat.  It’s also from Mothercare.

6.  A couple of bibs and a couple of muslin clothes.  The bibs came from John Lewis and I thought they might come in handy if he’s a dribbler.  The muslin clothes are for when I wind him and cleaning up after him, I bought a pack from Mothercare.

7. Cotton wool and baby wipes.  I have the cotton wool in case my midwives are against the baby wipes.  But these baby wipes are supposed to be amazing and can be used on newborns as they’re 99% natural and none of the nasties in normal baby wipes are included.  I actually used one yesterday to remove my make up… pretty effective! :)

The only thing I haven’t packed for him yet are the much-needed nappies.  But they’ve been ordered through a friend who works in a pharmacy so we’ll be getting them at cost price.  We just have to pick them up!

The car seat is also an essential item, but we’ve been told to leave our car seat at home until we’re ready to bring the baby home as it can get in the way.

2 thoughts on “My hospital bag: Baby essentials (2/3)

  1. oh that cardigan is such a lovely blue colour! cant wait to pack my hospital bag before Xmas but mine will feature some unisex clothes for Blob we are having a surprise! x

    • You’ve done well not to find out, I’m so impatient I don’t think I’d have been able to wait, which I had that kind of will power though! When are you due? x

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