My hospital bag: Birthing essentials (1/3)

Packing the hospital bag is such a long tedious mind-boggling process.  In fact it’s so long I’m going to split it up into 3 posts.  Each post for a different part of the birthing process.

1. Birthing essentials

2. Baby essentials

3. Mother essentials

This post will focus solely on what I’ve packed for the birthing process/labour.

I’ve packed my hospital bag in three sections as well using plastic bags to help keep things organised and easy to find when I need them.  The plastic bags are essential items in themselves as they’ll be used to transport home any dirty icky things.

First things first you will need your maternity notes! Don’t forget them :)

In my labour plastic bag:

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1. Homemade aromatherapy concoctions.  I have a mixture of different aromatherapy bits to keep me focused and calm during the birthing process.  Using almond oil as a massage base I added a couple of drops of lavender to a bottle and I also have a rose blend oil.  The lavender oil will hopefully calm me down and comfort me, and the rose oil will help keep the ‘surges’ regular.  MrLondonMum will be given the task of giving me the massages.  I also made spritzers with water and lemon (to give me energy and keep me revived) and water and lavender (calming effect).  I also have a spare spritzer bottle should I run out of spritzing love when I need it most! So because of this I’ll bring all the bits with me.  I also have a bottle of peppermint essential oil.  Mainly to put 2-3 drops on tissue and breathe it in if I feel nauseous at any point.

2. My hypnotherapy book.  This book contains inspiring words, information for partners on how to help the birthing mother, a CD to play to relax you and different scripts for MrLondonMum to say to me to keep me as calm as possible.

3. Paracetamol and Rennies.  The Paracetamol to take the edge off in early birthing, and the rennies because I’ve been suffering with heartburn and acid reflux and when I need one I NEED one. 

4. Lip-balm, hair bands and straws.  Lip-balm as supposedly your lips get dry, hair bands because I have long hair and I’m going to end up piling it on top of my head and straws apparently allow the birthing mother to continuously sip on water easily which keeps her hydrated throughout the birthing process. 

5. My hired tens machine.  To distract me in early birthing from the surges.  I hired the tens machines from Pregnancy Tens.  It’s a brilliant service and postage to send the unit back is free once I’m finished with it.

6. A flannel.  To run under cold water and help keep me cool.  As you know I’ve been running hot this pregnancy.

7. Cooling Spray.  Again to help keep me cool.

8. Some raspberry leaf tea teabags.  Raspberry leaf tea helps to tone the muscles of the uterus, so drinking it throughout birthing will help my uterus along!

9. A thin dressing gown.  The big fleecy ones look amazing, but I’m going to need something much lighter and this is perfect.  I don’t own this one but I need one just like it.. time to put the order in! This one is £12.95 from Debenhams.

I also have in my labour compartment a pair of slippers and at some point I need to purchase some sweets like Starbursts or lucozade tablets to just give me a pick me up as and when I need it.

Tomorrow I’ll take you through what I’ve packed for the baby :)

6 thoughts on “My hospital bag: Birthing essentials (1/3)

  1. Good call on the thin dressing gown, post natal wards are so hot! And the flannel will come in very handy! I had one packed but the OH ended up cooling me down with paper towels in the final stage of labour. The path to my bag was too graphic for him :)

    • I find all hospitals really really hot, it just makes me feel worse. Another tip I was given was to bring some ice lollies in a cool box- a good way to get some sugar and cool down. Plus it’s a good excuse to just eat lots of lollies ;) xx

  2. Good luck, lovely! I’m always a huge fan of these prep posts, because the mums are always so excited! I hope everything goes well!

    • Me too, it’s weird because growing up birth is the one thing I think all girls fear.. but as it gets nearer it’s just so exciting. :)

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