My Pregnancy Journey Starts| 4 Weeks

By the time you read this I’ll be either further along in my pregnancy or else the pregnancy has come to an end.  I suppose that sounds drastic, but it’s such early days that it’s hard to really know where this pregnancy might lead, and I like to be practical because it’s not uncommon to lose a baby within these next 12 weeks.


According to dates I’m currently just over 4 weeks pregnant.  I took the test a few days ago on the day my period was due.

As soon as I saw the line come up on the test, I actually decided to text my sister and a friend first with the news.  Yep, even before telling Mr London Mum.

But as it was on the day that we were getting the keys to our new house I wanted to give him something extra once we got the keys and we were through the door.

New house, new baby.

There were lots of hugs, kisses, cuddles and trying to see if Little London understood the concept at all.  He didn’t.

We celebrated that evening with a little dinner at a local pub and my last glass of Prosecco.

Even though I’ve waited to tell you all the news, that’s simply because I want to make sure it’s confirmed by scan and also it gives me time to tell all my friends and family first, who I think should always be the first to hear this type of news.

I’m not one for superstitions, as soon as I’m pregnant I’ll share the news with whoever I come across.  Like I say to my other half, whether this pregnancy goes full term or not, the fact of the matter is that right now I’m pregnant.

If things go wrong that doesn’t mean I was any less pregnant, and rather than having to deal with things in silence I need people to know because I’m the kind of person that requires support.

As it stands I’m not positive this baby will make it to the 12 weeks.  I’ve had such bad cramping and spotting, which I know is a common symptom in early pregnancy.

But I didn’t have any of that first time around.  And the cramping gets much worse when I’m stressed or moving.  Being with a toddler all day long doesn’t exactly give me much respite for rest so I’m in constant achey crampy pain.  It feels like I’m on my period and the pain is there pretty much all day long at the moment.

I’m also really prone to headaches right now and occasionally a wave of nausea hits me, but luckily it goes away again.

Annoyingly, one of my first pregnancy symptoms was a good old fashioned bout of thrush.  Hormonal shifts didn’t do much to give me a comfortable start.  I’ve had it on going now for about 5 days and I’m using over the counter canestan cream to treat it.

Talking of hormonal shifts, I think I’ve cried pretty much daily since finding out I was pregnant.  Tears of happiness, tears of sadness, tears from watching adverts on TV, Facebook videos.  Even tears at the film The Jungle Book.  God I can’t wait for the hormones to settle a bit.

I’m not sure how often I will write updates.  I’m not one for going through the vegetable or fruit spectrum or saying what is happening to the baby that specific week.  Instead I think I’ll write as and when I feel like I need to.

For me pregnancy is less about the physical side of things and more about the emotional side of things.  In my last pregnancy I bottled up how I was feeling which really was detrimental to how I coped once I had Little London, and I really don’t want to return to that place.  So I’m hoping to be as open and as honest about pregnancy this time around.

At the moment I am struggling at home with my toddler, he seems to really be playing up at the moment; which I can’t blame him for, with the house move everything is a bit up in the air and he’s acting out.

My patience seems to really not exist at the moment, and usually it’ll frequently end in me crying.  He’s a loving boy though and he’ll come over to give me kisses and try to make mummy happy, but it’s just such a struggle for me.

I don’t know if the things I’m finding stressful are things that warrant me being stressed or if I’m being too hard on him or even if this pregnancy is making me less patient with him.

When he goes to bed at night I feel so guilty because I know our time is borrowed now that he has a sibling on the way.  It’s just typical that this week my other half is working constantly and because he works in film some days I won’t see him at all as it’ll be long past midnight by the time he gets home and he’ll be up again before we’re awake.  It’s tough.  Tears have been flowing but I’m hoping to perhaps just try to regain that bit of confidence in my parenting and give my son whatever it is that he obviously needs because he’s not getting it right now.

Do you have any tips at all for how you dealt with any of these issues in early pregnancy?



  1. Hey lovely just to add, the emotions and hormones (and tears!) are real.. I felt it way more second time round. So remember, everything you are feeling is so normal and also will settle soon… (though I also felt super hormonal towards end of pregnancy again ????). You are doing amazingly and just try to rest up whenever you can as I said in my WhatsApp xxxx

    • It is worse second time around isn’t it? I don’t really remember being that hormonal when I was pregnant with Little London. I was fairly level headed and much more in keeping with my emotions. I cry at everything these days. Like EVERYTHING. This morning has been a morning of resting with the little one. We’ve been sat on the sofa watching The Corpse Bride. Nice and chilled so far.

  2. You’ll be so loved, my little baby,
    You’re now a growing part of me.
    Can’t wait to hold you in my arms,
    To kiss and hug you … oh so tenderly.
    No matter what you’ll look like,
    You’ll be so beautiful to me.
    Oh, … you’re such a wonderful little gift … life’s been so fortunate again, to me.
    When I start to feel you moving,
    My heart’ll pound with joy.
    To think next May I’ll be holding …
    My new precious little girl … or boy.
    I’m now counting every moment ‘til you’re safely out here, with me …
    where you’ll be so loved and safe, and you’ll be warm, & cuddly, & smiley, … & gurgurley.
    All I pray is you’ll be healthy and have happy racing feet.
    I have a handsome little man with his own pair of racing feet … who’s so cute … I just can’t wait for you to greet.
    But for now, my wait goes on, … my emotions? … (with love & understanding) … I will beat!!
    But I know you’ll be so worth my wait and you’ll be so adorably sweet.
    But, gulp, it won’t be long ‘til May … then … oohhh my little one, … finally, … finally, …

    (L&R … done on the beach this morning.)
    Music to follow (also due in May 2017 ha) - still doing battle with Bach!!
    Onwards LondonMum. ‘Racing feet’ up & steady as you go … please!!!!

    • What do you mean it won’t be long till may… I need time!!! lol hahaha I need to get this little monster of mine potty trained. God help me!

      • What? You mean there’s no potty training manual you could give him to read then? Oo, I thought you just put him in the bath, waited for the bubbles & the innocent wide eyed - ‘Hey Mum, you’ll never guess what I’ve just done’- sheepish smile … then wonder why the bath doesn’t empty ha (sorry for the memory) - never mind, he’ll love Glastonbury port-a-loos! Better go now, ‘L’s gonna blast me for that! Onwards LondonMum.

        • Hahah oh don’t remind me of that cute innocent face secretly pushing one out. Uuurrrggghhhhhhh!

          • Ha, happy ‘potty-ing’ - happy ‘little bump-ing’ - happy Halloween ‘frite nite’ … just hope the latter won’t be responsible for triggering off anything to do with the former? God only knows what could happen to you on Fireworks night ha! Onwards LondonMum.

  3. congratulations! Hope everything continues to go well. You won’t want to hear it, but having lots of hormones flitting around is a good thing - that’s what they about sickness too (though I’m not convinced haha) 😉 x

    • That’s what I tell myself when I find myself hovering over a sink at times lol.

  4. I totally missed your announcement…….CONGRATULATIONS!!!! This is such wonderful news and really looking forward to following along on your pregnancy journey. I found my 2nd pregnancy much harder than the first, it’s not easy growing a human being while running around after another and you’ve had a house move to contend with as well. I’d say everything you’re feeling is perfectly normal. xx
    Vikki Holness recently posted…Natural Cycles // A Fertility Tracking AppMy Profile

    • Yeah it seems everything happened just as we found out we were pregnant probably making every symptom worse! I’m hoping we’ll find a good routine with our toddler, luckily we deiced to put him into nursery for two days a week as soon as we moved so that’s really helped.

  5. What wonderful news! I was the same, I knew immediately that I was pregnant and did a test 3 days later and told the world. It is a pregnancy and just as real at 3 days or 3 weeks although as you say the first 12 weeks are risky. It was a long time ago but I remember on my second being so tired, I could have slept standing up, but that passes and yes the hormones do rage for a while.
    Bear and Cardigan recently posted…Seconds Matter - Arthritis is a PainMy Profile

    • I feel so much more hormonal with this pregnancy then I did with my first. With my first I didn’t feel hormonal at all. Although I must have been! lol

    • It’s like my body has pregnancy memory, and instead of things slowly creeping on as the pregnancy progresses it’s hit me all straight away! Typical! lol.

  6. Congratulations lovely.
    In my third pregnancy I had bad cramps early pregnancy and was certain I was going to loose, but now I have a healthy 3 month old baby.

    As for the new siblings part. I found it so much harder accepting I was having another baby when I was pregnant with my second. I didn;t understand how I could share my love between two children, but I instantly did when I held my daughter in my arms.
    All the best lovely.

    • Thank you, that’s really helpful. I’m hoping that once I reach 12 weeks everything just calms down and goes a bit more smoothly.

  7. I’m yet to experience pregnancy and probably still filled with naivety that it’s exciting…sounds like you need to be patient and understanding of yourself though! Keep positive 🙂 and take care of yourself. Relax where you can; I know easier said!
    Jodie recently posted…Blogtober16 - A letter to someoneMy Profile

    • I’m never keen on the pregnancy part, I find it takes it’s toll on me. Some women bloom and glow with it.. I’m totally not one of them! lol.

    • I’m working on it but it’s gonna be a hard few weeks while my other half works abroad.

  8. Congratulations thats brilliant news! When I was pregnant I relaxed whenever possible and got myself some big fluffy cushions to relax on
    melissa major recently posted…The Weekly Update #1My Profile

  9. Congratulations on the pregnancy! I love your attitude about wanting to tell people because it doesn’t make you any less pregnant! Your son is probably just adjusting to the move and all the change so he is acting up, my boys do this!! He’ll come around soon! I know you must hear this a lot but it really is good to know that every pregnancy is different so even if you are experiencing different symptoms this time round doesn’t mean there is something wrong, but good that you are being cautious! When I was pregnant with my second son I felt so guilty about my other son and how he would react to a new arrival who would need a lot of attention. I sometimes even wondered if I could love another child in the same way, when he came all my worries were dismissed!! The boys also get along so well and love each other a lot, its still sometimes struggle with sharing time equally but I think my eldest understands, it means sometimes he gets to stay up later than his younger brother for quality time with us and that makes him feel really special!

    • I’m going to have to use that technique about letting the older stay up a bit longer, greta way for him to still have that time with you alone. I knew pregnancies would be different, but it’s like being a novice again. I didn’t think they could be this different! Thank you for the reassuring comment 🙂

    • Definitely. It’s been difficult with moving and having a toddler though. It often comes across that I’m being lazy but actually it’s just what I know my body can tolerate right now.

    • I think because it was so early on, I forgot that the hormones would literally flood my body. I always assume it’s like a monthly cycle and the hormones just increase over a time line slowly. But they have to hit hard really as soon as you conceive.

  10. Oh my goodness how exciting! I cant wait until next year when we start trying for a baby. Try to enjoy your journey xx
    Annie B recently posted…Creating a Mini Roast for Two // Red Tractor #MiniRoastMy Profile

  11. I keep all my fingers crossed that the baby will make it. I’m pretty much in the same phase. According to doctors who calculate it from the first day of my last period I’m in my 6 week, according to my opinion I’m in the 4.
    I have only told a few of my closest people, but I’m planning to say it out loud soon. As it’s my first pregnancy at the age of 30+ I find it very odd how my body changes, but I guess it’s only normal.
    Be strong and don’t give up to the weird hormones - they will calm down xx
    Lubka Henry recently posted…What you need to know about skin tightening laser treatmentsMy Profile

    • Yeah from the first day of your last period it’ll be 6 weeks, take those extra weeks 😉 but officially you’ll only have been pregnant for 4. You’ll be glad for those extra two weeks by the end of your pregnancy lol. That’s when it drags. Congratulations though! I’m 32 with this baby, so we’ll get through it together!

  12. Aww I feel for you. I felt my daughter was hairs work when I was pregnant with my second and I think it’s just because I was hormonal and tired. We tried to include her all the time and we took her to scans etc. I also had lots of mummy and her days just the two of us. I hope the headaches have gone for you x
    Kerry Norris recently posted…Guest Post - Halloween Party Games for Adults and ChildrenMy Profile

    • They have subsided now thankfully, today I’ve had one but that’s just bad luck I think. At least it’s not constant. 🙂

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