Newborn Baby Essentials 0-6 weeks

As I write this my seven week old daughter has finally nodded off.  *Hallelujah*

So while I have some silence in the house (Little London is at nursery), I thought that now would be a good time to tell you what my newborn 0-6 week essentials have been.  It may seem like it’s taken me a long time to write this post, but I find it takes a while to realise which products have become must haves, and after seven weeks I can safely say which items I’d have struggled with had I not had them.

1. Huggies Baby Wipes

Making sure I use the right skin care products from birth is so important to me.  Newborn skin is so delicate and it can easily be damaged.  So I like to use products that are natural and will benefit my baby’s skin.

For me natural means it should be less abrasive and less toxic on skin.  It also means there should be a smaller chance of an allergic reaction or skin sensitivity.

Ingredients such as water and natural moisturisers for example will draw me towards a certain brand or company and I tend to stay clear of products that contain phenoxyethanol, parabens or alcohol.

Baby wipes are obviously a big part of a baby’s skincare routine and they are used for a considerable amount of time.  Pretty much throughout childhood as they’re used for a whole manner of things- cleaning dirty bottoms, cleaning faces, cleaning grubby hands and so on.  In fact between my toddler and his newborn sister I’m making sure to really test out my chosen wipes of choice.

Huggies Newborn Wipes are safe from day one and are made with 70% natural fibres, 99% water 0% alcohol, phenoxyethanol, parabens and perfume.  And that’s the reason why I have been comfortable using them from birth on Baby London’s delicate skin.

The British Skin Foundation recognise Huggies research into healthy skin which also fills me with confidence.

For me having the science behind these wipes means I know they’re safe, kind, gentle and good for my baby’s skin.

I never leave the house without a packet and have a resealable packet pretty much in every room of the house for those quick emergency moments (frequent at this age!) where I want to be sure I’m caring for Baby London’s skin.

2. Sleepyhead Deluxe Pod

I’d heard a lot of mums sing the merits of the Sleepyhead before I purchased it.

I almost couldn’t justify it because of the price, but then thought if it helps Baby London sleep when she arrives it’s worth the cost.

It is pricey, but it’s been a god send for us.  In a way it acts a bit like a swaddle.  It helps to keep our baby nicely contained and she startles less in the night because she hasn’t got such wide open space to move around- something newborns just don’t like.

And because I was a c section mum it also meant I could easily move it around the house during the day for the baby to sleep wherever I might be.  I tend to not use it now for her day time naps, because I like using different environments to get her used to sleeping in a variety of situations.  But when she was first-born it was brilliant pretty much around the clock.

I will say here that midwives and health visitors aren’t keen on them because they haven’t been tested and you must remember they act as a heat barrier too (so take into account when dressing your baby for bed).  But from a personal view point the sides of the Sleepyhead are no different to the sides of a moses basket.

3. Gro Egg

British weather is so inconsistent.  Even today the weather seems a little absurd.  It looks grey and overcast, but actually it’s really humid meaning the temperature in the house is ridiculously warm.  The Gro Egg is a room thermometer that reads the temperature and means you can dress the baby appropriately.  While a cold baby will wake up and cry, an overly warm baby will continue to sleep and could potentially overheat causing massive health issues.

As a mother this will always be one of my biggest fears, so I like to have something I can refer to when dressing the baby for day or night.

Depending on the reading I can choose suitable clothing and know whether she’ll need a thin blanket or a thicker one for bedtime.

4. MAM Anti-Colic Self-Sterilising Bottle Starter Kit

I’ve decided to combination feed and I’ll be writing a post about that at some point and how I’ve done it.  Bottle feeding is important to me in terms of my sanity which is why I don’t exclusively breastfeed, so MAM bottles have been brilliant.  Firstly they can be sterilised individually without the need for bulky sterilising equipment and secondly the teats haven’t caused any nipple confusion whatsoever and baby girl can go from bottle to nipple with ease.

The MAM dummy has also always been a household favourite as it was the same brand Little London used for his dummies.  I like that they’re weighted so if they drop they tend to fall teat up.  But the slight weight also helps to keep the dummy in the baby’s mouth that bit longer.

5. Chicco Next2Me Dream

^^I would never leave the side panel down even with the Sleepyhead inside.  But I have it down in the picture just to show you how the side panel lowers if you wanted to see how it functioned.

The crib sent by the Gods.

This crib was on my lust list when I was pregnant and I absolutely love it.  The main function of cribs like this is safe co sleeping, and it does certainly provide a secure and convenient way to bed share.  It has a breathable mesh panel that can be lowered with one hand so there is always that separation between crib and bed but without the hindrance for those that love to bed share or want baby close by.

At the moment I actually have the crib as a stand alone bed a few inches away from our bed, mainly because I like to swing my legs over the side of the bed when I feed Baby London during the night as I find it less pressure on my c section scar.  But once we’ve got ourselves in a routine or my section becomes less uncomfortable I’ll be attaching it to our bed for sure.  Especially as we did share a bed with Little London during his baby days many a time, so Baby London will likely want similar.

Being able to adjust the height of the crib has been an added bonus, as our little girl hates being on a straight flat surface.  She gets really gassy so being able to keep her head slightly higher during bedtime has helped her release the gas a bit easier.  And to encourage her to sleep we do use the crib with the rocking function- which really works in these early days.

Basically it has everything we need to make bedtime as easy as possible with the longevity required so we don’t feel it’s a wasted product- like you do when you buy a moses basket.

I’m working as a HUGGIES® Wipes ambassador this year. For more information about HUGGIES® Wipes product portfolio and to discover what variant better meets your needs visit:

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.



  1. This is such a cute post! I can see it being super helpful for those with newborns / expecting a baby!

    • It’s so hard to figure out what’s actually worth buying and what’s not.

    • Very true, I think if you’re planning a baby shower it’s nice to all chip in and get something that’ll be much needed.

    • The wipes are brilliant… I’ve just ordered a load more on amazon prime 😉

  2. I would definitely recommend the Gro Egg stuff! It’s all great, and we’re still using their sleeping bags now, when my daughter’s 2 years old!

    • The Gro company are one of my faves, I also love their sleeping bags!

  3. I found this post really useful. We’re expecting our second baby in a few months time, so it’s great to know some of your favourite products! I’ve already purchased MAM bottles & dummies and ‘veI wanted a Sleepyhead before I was even pregnant haha! xx

  4. The Gro Egg sounds like a fantastic idea - the weather can be deceiving if you’re just looking out your window!

  5. Too often you are told you need so many things for a baby when in reality all they need is clean clothes and nappies, to be kept warm and loved.

    • Very true, the basics are essential. But so many additional things do make up that essential package too. No matter how much love you give if the baby can’t sleep because it’s too cold/hot or can’t get comfortable then all hell breaks loose. lol. And love doesn’t cut it at those moments for them lol. x

    • Totally!! And because as adults we can regulate our body temperature which babies can’t. so it’s more important to get their clothing right

  6. That sleepyhead pillow I think is very much recommended for kids and newborn. No need for more pillows, this one is enough.

  7. My five month old nephew is obsessed with his Sleepyhead - I don’t think he could actually sleep all night without it! 🙂

    Dani x

  8. She is absolutely gorgeous!! Really handy tips for anyone expecting a baby!

  9. These are great tips for new mommies. I don’t have children but I can see how useful this article can be to a woman who just gave birth.

    • There are so many baby products it can be hard to know what you need and what you don’t

  10. I always need a thermometer in the room too. Even now and my youngest is 2 1/2 years old,

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