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Arriving at London Fenchurch Street train station gave the children a real sense of excitement.  It was the starting point of our little trip to the coast.  The speedy c2c train being the mode of transport that would take us from London’s centre all the way to all things seaside related in just under an hour.

The trend for coastal breaks seems to have made a welcome return.  Perhaps it’s the nostalgia of fairground rides or maybe the fresh seafood from little seaside huts where you can buy cockles doused in vinegar or maybe it’s just the joy of getting your hands on hot fresh doughnuts or sticks of pink cloud like candy floss.

Either way, on our speedy journey I was telling my children stories of my youth.  Of the penny arcade games.  The sticks of rock that were delicious and would last ages, while slowly turning my mouth blue.  The feeling of the cold waves from the British water lapping around my feet.

The train stop in Southend was a mere 10 minute walk to the water’s edge, where in front of us rose towers of brightly coloured excitement. Adventure Island is a childhood kingdom.

The sound of joyous screaming and excited chatter filled our ears as we walked into the fairground.  Free to enter we walked around and just took in the scene in front of us.

The vintage looking rides backed on to the more modern arcade games which course included many of the old-time favourites too.

We got ourselves involved immediately and got wristbands which gave us unlimited fun on the rides.

Adventure Island is huge.  In fact it almost seems never-ending.  An entire day can be spent going from ride to ride.  Or you can split up your time by coming and going as you please.  It’s not an enclosed park where you’re forced to stay on site for the entire experience.  It even goes on late into the night, so if you get a room at the Park Inn by Radisson Palace (if you fancy an overnight stay), you can watch the rides all lit up in the night sky or be part of the thrill yourself.  It’s beautiful to see.

As we continued our walk down Marine Parade we stopped off to get some seafood.

Fairground rides certainly build up an appetite.  And getting seafood is quite possibly my favourite part of any seaside experience.  We sat by the seafood hut and ate our precious purchases.  Peeled prawns and cockles.

For me that’s as British as it gets.

But with the children eager to explore more we headed to Sealife Adventure.  An aquarium that was fascinating to visit and gave us loads to talk about and discuss.

There were sting rays that danced in front of us, no doubt thinking we had food to offer them and my favourites- the penguins and turtles.

As always the walk through tunnel tank was my favourite part to explore.  We scoured the water trying to spot Nemo and Dory, all the while catching glimpses of the sharks as they menacingly swum overhead.

With a full day nearly done, we decided to end our afternoon by picnicking on the beach with some fish and chips.

We found some gorgeous little beach huts and set ourselves up on one of the porches, while the seagulls overhead kept a watchful eye for any discarded left overs.

The children loved throwing the chips up into the sky and watching the gulls swoop down at great speed.  I on the other hand cowered in fear.  Birds are not my strong suit.

Exhausted we headed back to our room for the night.  The Park Inn.

Although the c2c train is quick into London we wanted to stretch our day out for as long as possible and make a little holiday of it.  The great British seaside is back in vogue, and we wanted to spend as much time as we could there!

Top tips:

For Adventure Island check the rides first before you purchase tickets to see which ticket tier you should buy.  For quite a few of the rides your child may need an adult to go on with them- the adult goes on for free.  So unless you’ll be going on some adult rides alone you may as well just purchase the children’s tickets.

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    • We really enjoyed it! We’ve already been back because we had such a great time. It’s just nice and easy 🙂

    • It was really enjoyable walking through the aquarium. Loads to see and do!

  1. I haven’t done a proper seaside holiday since last year when I went to both Blackpool and Bournemouth but this sounds like a fun nostalgic trip x

    • It was, it was great fun. I highly recommend it! Some the rides at southend looking amazing fun.. we stuck to the kid rides… also because kids rides are pretty much my limit too (and even some of those were super fast and fun)! lol

  2. It seems like you had a wonderful time. We went to Southend twice in the last few weeks and had a great time both time. We can’t wait to visit again! Little man loved the rides.

    • The rides are really good fun aren’t they? There was a rollercoaster one I went on with William and it was more then fast enough for me! haha x

  3. This sounds a perfect British seaside day! It’s great you can get there on a fast train. We’re quite lucky and live close to the East coast seaside so go often.

  4. Oh what a wonderful day trip! There’s nothing better than a traditional seaside break. It makes me long to get to the seaside too. I might just have to plan a day trip of my own!

  5. Glad you were able to catch the last of the Southend summer ‘rays’ both on the beach … & in the aquarium!? But, Autumn’s here – & it’s school time & the rugby season’s here at last! (I knew you’d be overjoyed ha!!) Oh, just a mo, - ‘ang on; there appears to be 1 of LondonMums “S” UK seaside holiday resort destinations missing:- Southend?– No! ‘bin’ there. So, where could this missing “S” be? … let me ‘fink’- eerm; Southampton?– No! Swanage?– No! Shanklin?– No! Slightly closer; Studland maybe?– No! Even closer; Shell Bay?- Still No! (See where we’re gradually going with this geographical southern coastal silliness LondonMum??) ARRGGH, got it, I ‘knowz’- SANDBANKS!! (you knew that was coming – so stop tuttin’ & rollin’ ya’ eyes ha!) During 2019 you must all ‘cum-n-slum’ it down ‘ere with us both … but, you’d all have to come early as the ‘summer grockles’ swamp us. So, just to encourage you all, here’s a tantalising B&WC eye-for-detail travel agency once-in-a-lifetime nostalgic special offer:-Ready??:- Unlimited dripping melted ice creams (rendering kids sticky paws,) Marmite doughnuts (you’ll either love those or hate them ha!) A luxurious latest model of promenade ‘push me faster William’ wheelchair, luke warm champagne, a very rapid (due to a puncture) luxury banana boat sea ride, a blue flagged very child friendly beach with our 5* creaky HAUNTED beach hut thrown in (do you happen to know of a Ghostbuster by chance ha?) … noisy, ravenous, dive bombing, seagulls who’d relish ya’ little guys air-borne chips ha, a Noddy train ride, &, (talking from huge experience,) realistically priced Poole Quay fish-n-chips (fresh from the Channel - NOT ya’ Canary Wharf ‘battered’ extortionate prices ha) … PLUS, complimentary peace-n-quiet of the New Forest – where your lavish return visit accommodation would be:- A tent; with ‘ole in it; (err, sorry,) I meant - a favourably ‘air conditioned’ canvas deluxe shed (with early morning seagull alarm calls optional) … but, - wait for it - the ‘piece de résistance’ - a live acoustic B&WC gig at the Jazz Café performed & presented in all of your honours – (That, LondonMum, would REALLY be my absolute privilege!!!) Programme to include your ‘Klassics’ – even tho’ they still give me a worrying n-n-n-n-nervous twitch haha.) - but, alas, not a single Sandbanks walrus in sight – unless ‘L’ & I haven’t ever noticed it? Soooo, ‘WOT’D’YA’FINK??– I bet ‘Saga’ have never offered you anything like that before haha! Thinks it best if I now don tin ‘elmet & rapidly retreat after that ‘excellent? / dubious!’ salesman’s pitch ha. Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum. (PS: No booking fee required.) Hope all went well on Friday - MENSA? Here he comes & that you liked ya’ B&WC tracks?

    • Somehow you’ve actually managed to sell it to me!! hahaha perhaps not the lukewarm champagne.. you better get that on ice! lol

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