Nutmeg S/S14 Collection for Morrisons

Yesterday myself and Baby London were invited to The Arch to be shown what the future of children’s fashion looked like..

oh yes we were given a glimpse into the Spring/Summer 2014 collection from Nutmeg, part of the Morrisons Family, and even got the chance to meet the incredible designer behind the whole collection Katy Percival.  (Who is due a well-earned holiday I believe!).

As a Mother herself, Katy has designed not only beautiful items, but also clothes that children won’t complain about- there are no itchy labels or scratchy fabrics here.

If I’m being honest supermarket wear doesn’t usually excite me, but going through the rails of the Nutmeg collection I honestly don’t think you’d even know the pieces weren’t made for some high-end department store.  And for anyone with children you know as well as I do that you’re always having to fork out for new clothes because of the rate children grow! Well with Nutmeg you can buy your kids a whole new wardrobe and still have money left over because the pieces are so affordable.

The designs come under four inspirational categories:  Carnival, New Dimension, Eden and Mini Modernist.

The pieces that fall under the Carnival heading are bright, colourful, tropical pieces:

The New Dimension pieces have a simple modern look using black, white and neutral colours:

The Eden collection compromise of rainforest colours and ethnic craft designs:

and the Mini Modernist selection are monochrome pieces with yellow and aqua accents:

There are pieces in each range for a variety of different aged children starting from 0 and going all the way up to the troublesome 13 year olds! So there will certainly be something to excite you whatever age your child is, Katy has made sure of that.

(Baby London wanted to get in on the action himself and thought he’d do some posing for the photographer with his favourite t-shirt… what a good choice son!)

The launch was a wonderful day out, Baby London enjoyed watching all the fun around him while I got to feast, drink and enjoy looking at some beautiful clothes.


They even had a special Mother’s Day section that will be on sale for us Mum’s as well…

There are certainly a few pieces on that rail I would love to get my hands on! Such as this cute nightie..

All I can say really is that you have to go see the collection in store yourself.  The pieces would certainly make a welcome addition to our household! Check out the collection at Morrison stores that stock Nutmeg.  Here’s a link to find your nearest one.



  1. Baby London definitely chose the best top 😉 That nighty is so cute, I didn’t know they did clothing for adults too x

    • I think it’s just a special for Mothers Day, maybeif it goes well they’ll continue 😉 x

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