October Round Up

After last months break from watching series on TV, I have dived head first into an addiction with Pretty Little Liars.  It’s great, terrible, rubbish and moreish all at the same time.  I’ve watched the complete first two series on Netflix, and I’m currently making my way through the third series.  All to find out who one killer is.  Yes, three series in and I’m still none the wiser and yet desperate to find out.


It’s a show about four high school friends connected by the murder of a joint friend- who wasn’t all that nice a friend anyway it seems.  They’re trying to find out more about her death and trying to solve the mystery that surrounds her disappearance.  That’s what makes it so watchable.  Little clues keep popping up, a bit more of the mystery is solved, and a bigger web of lies and deceit is uncovered.

There’s a teacher/high school student relationship, that has me a bit sick to my stomach even though the show tries to justify it.  But ultimately in my head I’m thinking about the girls age, and the issues the teacher must have if he thinks the relationship is ok!  But then again if I was watching this through the eyes of “Donna at high school” I think I’d find it ‘romantic.’

I already know what I have planned for tonight.  Yes it’s that compulsive a show!

I managed to complete another book this month.

fortune hunter

It was one I picked up from my local coffee shop bookshelf and was by Daisy Goodwin.  The Fortune Hunter was a really entertaining read.  It’s a novel based upon historical figures and events that supposedly happened, however it is a work of fiction.  But knowing that these characters actually existed is what makes the book even more delicious.

The novel is about Sisi, the Empress of Austria whose life is actually quite paralleled by our own Princess Diana’s.  She married the Emperor of Austria and found that she wasn’t marrying a man but rather a country, which she found hard to accept.  Seeking something exciting she moves to England to enjoy the hunting season and meets the rather handsome Captain Bay.  Being a natural-born womaniser he finds it hard to resist the renowned beauty of the Empress, even though he himself is devoted and in love with Charlotte- his down to earth, spirited fiancée.  It’s a great juicy love triangle.

One of my favourite products was a lovely treat for my dogs.  I currently share my dogs with my parents, in the winter they come to me as I like my heating on at all times and they love to cosy up and take long walks with Little London.  And during the Summer when the weather is nice they get the expanse of my parents back garden- something I can’t give them while we renovate this flat.


Barkbeats* is a no commitment, month to month subscription box for your dog/s.  They are filled with wonderful goodies for your pets to enjoy, including big brand name toys, grooming products, artisan treats and healthy snacks.

DSC_0892 (1)

Before Little London came along, it was easy to lavish all my spare time and attention on my dogs, but when another human being requires that attention my pets took a bit of a backseat- particularly at the beginning.  And my God did that make me feel guilty!


I loved this box because it was just easy and simple to suddenly have something new and exciting for my dogs and I to do.  It didn’t involve me having to search for things to occupy them, or look for new treats for them to try- it just landed on the doorstep.  It’s a great concept and certainly something you should consider if you do have dogs.


With the days getting wetter and colder, it’s quite nice to have some great indoor children’s products to hand.


We were sent the Play-Doh Cupcake Celebration Playset,* which has made the OCD side of me go slightly insane, but my Son has throughly loved.


It’s beautifully bright and colourful and is a great way for getting our child to become a bit inventive- even if that means just mixing play-doh colours right now (it’s recommended for children above the age of 3, so he hasn’t quite got the hang of it).


With a cupcake holder ferris wheel, little hands can make their own play doh cakes using the variety of tools included.  There’s no part of the set really that can’t be used to add some extra pizazz and decor to the play doh cakes, there’s even a sprinkle machine!


Our latest book from Parragon is the Disney Mickey Mouse Board Book Library*.


It’s a collection six board books that are illustrated with the great characters of Disney, such as Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Pluto and Donald Duck.

The stories are short in length with simple sentences, so great for children learning to read.  But also great for reading to a toddler with a very short attention span!


The collection of books can also be turned over to become individual jigsaw pieces, so they have that added excitement.


I thought it would be a great collection to buy and give to your child slowly over the course of advent, so when they receive the final book they could complete the puzzle.  Plus it saves you looking for at least six different advent gifts ;)

(Disclosure: Items marked with a * are PR samples.  I am not obliged to mention them however)






  1. I was pretty obsessed with pretty little liars and I’m fully up to date! I’m really looking forward to its return in January! That playdough set looks great. Amelia really loves playdough and is just getting into the sets and using different cutters etc. Good one for a rainy day!
    Alice recently posted…My Sunday Photo #45My Profile

    • I am whizzing through pretty little liars, it’s taking over my life! The fact I now know a new series starts in January has me a bit TOO excited hahah x

  2. Ahh so happy you’re watching PLL! I’ve watched it for years and so obsessed with it! Haha :)

    • Addicted to it! It’s so ridiculous but so DAMNNNN moreish! My OH loves telling me how many hours of my life I’ve ‘wasted’ hahah x

  3. I have never watched Pretty Little Liars, that is one to add to my list. I love the sound of the subscription box for dogs will look into that my dog loves a treat x
    StressedMum recently posted…My Week 8/11/15My Profile

    • It’s addictively rubbish, yet brilliant! hahah

      The subscription box for the dogs was amazing, it was nice to have something new and different to play and treat them with. x

  4. I LOVE PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. I’m up to date with it completely and it is still super confusing and edge of the seat gripping. Ohhh we need that playdoh set for sure! We love playdoh but haven’t really got any proper cutters etc yet. That looks perfect! xx #lovetoblog
    Chloe recently posted…#MYSUNDAYPHOTOMy Profile

    • There have been a few episodes where I’ve not let my OH go to bed because it’s started to get a little bit scary but I don’t wanna stop watching hahah. He’s had to fall asleep on the sofa for me a few times ;)

  5. I LOVE pretty little liars! I miss having it to watch on a night after being at work :( I think there’s a special episode this month I can’t wait! I remember being told to watch it and I couldn’t understand what was so addictive about it, haha I darent add up how many hours of my life I spent watching them all! x

    • I know, but so far I figure it’s worth it hahah. I’m already planning on how I can hide in the corner of our living room later with my laptop and netflix on and not seem really unsociable! lol x

    • Yep, not long until I’m in that camp… I’m nearing the end of season 4 now… eeeeekkkk!

    • So addictive. I didn’t think I’d be that into the series to be honest… I should have known! lol x

    • Hahah you probably could eat them in all fairness! I was surprised to see my dogs eat sweet potato to be honest! lol

  6. Loving the playdoh but have to say my Husband has band it in our house oppsss lol .

    • I found out who A was last night, but I don’t think it is actually A so I’m still intrigued… hahahah x

    • Atlas you can say you haven’t wasted countless hours of your life.. I totally have! hahah x

  7. I love Pretty Little Liars too!! The cupcake playdoh set looks great but I totally agree - my OCD goes a little Pete tong… there’s nothing worse than playdoh in the carpet aaahhh xxx

  8. I LOVE PLL!!! Hahaha it’s so good! If you like that, and like horror, you’d love Scream. It’s got a similar kind of feel to it.

    • I’ll search for that when I get to the end of PLL. I’ll be needing something else to take over for me lol x

    • NOOOOOOO, honestly my brain is going crazy trying to figure out who it is. And then I think I’m about to find out and it doesn’t happen! arrggghhhhh. This is why it’s so addictive! I have issues… lol x

  9. Oh, I love those books! I’m always on the lookout for slightly different books to read with my girls, I think all children get fed up of the same old thing. We also had some barkbeats boxes and thought they were fabulous. The treats were a particular hit with mine and the younger dog loved the toys, she’s been playing with a ball from the box this evening.x
    Natalie Ray recently posted…Dear ToddlerMy Profile

    • It’s a brilliant box isn’t it. One of mine guards the ball a bit too closely hahah. She loves it!

  10. I was obsessed with pretty little liars for a while but I think I need to get up to date with it as I haven’t watched it for ages! I miss reading books - I haven’t had the time to read one since L was s newborn! Xxx
    Nearly yummy mimmy recently posted…I am thankful for wine.My Profile

    • I force myself to read at least one every month. I really missed just having the time. TO be fair, most the time it’s a chapter here or there before bed. x

  11. I used to love Play-doh as a kid! Nice round-up, looks like a good month :)
    Catstello recently posted…A Gift For Beer ConnoisseursMy Profile

  12. Nice October round up. Pretty little liars, haven’t watched it myself and don’t think that’s the sort of show for me.
    Lorraine recently posted…Meet the Sugar GliderMy Profile

    • In which case definitely don’t try and watch it or you might get sucked in to the full 6 series! lol x

    • I loved Gossip Girl. I never completed the seasons though, so I need to restart and get to the end :)

  13. I started watching pretty little liars but it was on Netflix and I can’t always be bothered to connect the Wii. I am missing Once Upon A Time for the same reason. Wish they would come on box sets. x

    • I watch most of it on my laptop because I’m too lazyy to connect the playstation. I’m not all that technical, so the laptop is so much easier!

    • I know, I feel terrible for doing it because I know you’ll be suckered in! lol x

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