One Warwick Park| Royal Tunbridge Wells

Trying to have a child free break is going to be harder once the new baby arrives, so Mr London Mum and I thought we’d escape the city and the clutches of our toddler to enjoy some time alone for quite possibly the last time for a good while.

Having someone babysit one child tends to work out ok, but the bigger the brood becomes the less volunteers there will be 😉

One Warwick Park seemed to tick all our boxes for what we were looking for in terms of an overnight stay, so we left the little one with my mum for the night and jumped in the car as fast as we could.

It wasn’t a long drive at all to get there from London, perhaps at most you might be looking at a 50 minute journey if you live the wrong side of London for Kent.  But it worked out perfectly for us, and in particular for me because long journeys are getting increasingly uncomfortable the bigger I become.

The hotel itself is highly rated and it was recently featured in The Sunday Times ultimate 100 British Hotels.

And if you take a look at their Instagram page and related tags, you’ll notice a plethora of the Made in Chelsea cast have also called this hotel their home for a night or two.

Although the hotel occupies a once former Subbuteo factory, a Victorian brew house and a 19th century school, the decor inside is very modern and extremely contemporary with a grey palette used to decorate the rooms.

On arrival through the main doors and upon reaching the reception desk we were warmly greeted by the staff who prepared some fruit herbal tea for us and allowed us to indulge in the jelly bean selection they had on the desk, which we could scoop into black and white striped paper bags.

Little touches like this made our stay unique to other hotels we’d been too.  Even the love hearts left on our pillows in our room were a lovely touch and different to the usual chocolate or biscuits that might normally grace a hotel pillow (of which I happily accept all of course).

With only 39 rooms and suites, the welcome is very guest focussed.  And a lovely member of staff took her time to show us how the buildings are all unified and work together harmoniously, meaning if we didn’t want to step foot outside the building we didn’t have to.

She took us through a basement gallery which showcased art and jewellery for sale by local trades people, before bringing us to the section of the hotel where our room was located.

I loved the room we were in, and I can recommend it if you are looking to stay at One Warwick Park yourself.  We were in room 212, and the view looked out onto the historic shopping side of  Tunbridge Wells.

With shops selling rare books, lovely artisan Italian cafes and so many fabulous furniture boutiques it really was great people watching from our large windows.

The room itself was modern and luxurious.  It was a particularly large room which made the stay all the more comfortable.  With clearly defined areas in the room we were able to lounge, sleep, work and just relax which was exactly what we wanted to do.

And with robes provided and slippers we just spent pretty much the whole afternoon in our room enjoying the nothingness that we knew we probably wouldn’t feel again for a long time.

Of course we did have to venture out eventually, after all dinner was calling.  But not before heading to the hotel lounge bar for a few drinks.

Being pregnant and having gestational diabetes, I indulged in some sparkling water, but I certainly enjoyed smelling the amazing cocktails that Mr London Mum was ordering.  We managed to hit the bar at the perfect time too- happy hour where there was a 2 for 1 offer on all drinks including the cocktail menu.

The key lime pie martini is the one if you love a sweet delicious drink.

There was a jealous fire in my eyes watching Mr London Mum drink it, but I’ll make up for it all when the baby is out!

With glasses dry we headed over to the restaurant L’AMORE, also part of the hotel.  Although it does of course also welcome outside guests too.

The food was sublime.

The Italian focused menu is made using the freshest ingredients and even for me, trying to pick meals that would be friendlier with the gestational diabetes seemingly was not a problem.

Although, I couldn’t resist a naughty treat from the dessert menu so I did indulge in some crispy fried cinnamon zeppole (although I did give the raspberries to Mr London Mum in an attempt to not be so cruel on my sugar levels).

Surprisingly my post dinner reading was actually within limits, but I reckon that was more of a one time fluke and choosing my starter and main course wisely to make sure I had enough well paired foods to tolerate the sugar (something I’ll discuss in a later post for anyone suffering with gestational diabetes).

Full and content and with Mr London Mum draining the rest of his bottle of red and finishing his affogato el cafe…

…we headed up to our room for a ridiculously comfortable night.  With large beds I was able to enjoy my space and get some rest.  I don’t know what it is about being pregnant but space becomes a real luxury and when you get it you want to indulge in it!

The next morning we woke to the light beautifully filtering into our room.  Something we’ve not woken up to in a while.  Usually we get woken up by the toddler who demands to get out of bed, and through bleary eyes we tend to oblige.

So we took a moment to enjoy this unusual activity of waking up peacefully and decided to lounge in bed with teas, coffees and the papers.

Needing breakfast after a substantial alcoholic feast the night before for Mr London Mum, we headed down for breakfast and helped ourselves to the food that was part of the buffet.

You can order extra things off the breakfast menu of course, but we found everything on offer exactly what we both needed to kick-start our day.

Before heading home, we took a short drive to Scotney Castle and put our National Trust cards to good use.

Walking around the moated castle was beautiful, and romantic.

There was a very fairytale feel to the gardens and the castle, which I feel would be even more enhanced as the spring time progresses into summer.

All in all a great way to escape for the night for the couple that need a little luxury and good food, although next time we might bring the toddler because I think he’d fully appreciate the charms of One Warwick Park too- particularly the jelly beans on offer!



  1. Sounds like a wonderful well deserved break for you. The hotel looks a fabulous standard, and sounds well worth the drive there.

    • It was such a good break away. It’s one of those things you always think- we should do this more often…

  2. the decor is really stunning, very stylish. love the jelly bean thing too! My in-laws live near RTW an we’ve been to Scotney Castle a few times. Sounds like a plus break away before baby girl arrives x

    • We’ve never really explored the area before, I actually wish we had a few days because they’re seemed to be quite a lot of exciting places to visit in the vicinity!

  3. That hotel room looks awesome! And the whole area around looks beautiful! Jealous that I’m not there right now!
    Gareth Torrance recently posted…Tech Kids and A Cyberpunk FutureMy Profile

  4. What a stunning hotel it looks like guys had such an amazing time away.I love the idea of the little touches such as indulging in the jelly bean selection.
    Joanna recently posted…My Cleaning kitMy Profile

    • Oh my god, that is weird hahaha. The room with the long huge corridors right?

    • It’s in a great area too so lots to explore in the surrounding country x

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