Our Activity Advent Calendar

This Christmas will see a great many traditions start to form in our family.  There’s something magical about having your own child and building Christmas up to become something exciting and beautiful.


One tradition I’ve already started is our advent calendar.  When I was younger we really didn’t have advent calendars, my parents just didn’t think they were necessary and to be honest I kind of see their point.  Do we really need to give chocolate to our children when it’s not a necessity? Plus advent calendar chocolate is never as tasty as a good chocolate bar either!

So true to my upbringing I’ve banned chocolate advent calendars in our home, but I have bought an advent calendar that I can adapt to the way I feel is more beneficial.


Inside each box I have put in a Christmas themed scroll.  By rubbing used teabags on paper, ripping up the paper, writing the different activities before rolling the scrolls up around a pencil, I hope that I’ve started a tradition that’ll get us working as a family on the lead up to Christmas.


While some of the tasks are purely just fun, others are sentimental and there are a few charity ones in there too.  Because as he gets older I don’t want my Son to think Christmas is just about presents and toys.  I want him to think about those less fortunate and to reflect on the meaning of Christmas as well.



Here are a list of our activities:

1. Write letter to Father Christmas

2. Make Christmas cards

3. Tell every family member why you love them

4. Wrap up warm and go on a walk with the dogs

5. Go to church and light candles to remember lost relatives and to reflect on the year and the future ahead.

6. Go on a coffee date with Mum and Dad

7. Donate to a charity and explain why you’ve chosen that one

8. Dance to Christmas songs

9. Buy Christmas jumpers

10. Wear a Christmas costume all day

11. Give old toys to a local toy bank

12. Read letter from Father Christmas

13. Make play-doh Christmas shapes

14. Watch Father Christmas movie just to listen to Mr London Mum singing at the end when the credits roll up!

15. Sing carols

16. Skype family who live abroad

17. Read a nativity book

18. Pick Christmas tree

19. Decorate Christmas tree

20. Make Christmas Eve plate

21. Visit Father Christmas

22. Read Christmas story (ie non nativity version)

23. Bake cookies

24. Open Christmas Eve Box

25. It’s Christmas

On the 25th I’ll hopefully have a cute little vlog of snippets of our day doing our advent tasks.

Until then hope you like the idea and I’d love to know what you’re doing if you’re doing advent this year.

Super Busy Mum



    • A book one is one I might try when he’s a little older. I love the idea of having a new book to read with him :) x

  1. Aww this is lovely such a nice idea! I totally agree that it’s important for children to know it’s not just about the presents! I may steal this idea next year as I’m too late now, with the move I won’t get organised. E will have to make do with the advent with the crap chocs lol xx
    Lucine a Turner recently posted…Sassy Bloom Box ReviewMy Profile

    • Moving is the biggest annoyance ever isn’t it? I’m back to being homeless while we get our place renovated, it really affects vlogging/blogging/life!! lol x

    • I think it’ll have more meaning when he’s older, but these traditions have to start young right? 😉 x

    • That’s a brilliant idea! I may have to try and incorporate that one for next year! x

    • That’s always the hardest thing, time always escapes us Mother’s! I’m hoping next year I can reuse most of the activities and just change a few if needs be. If I can keep it going for the next 18 years I’m time saving 😉 haha x

  2. What a fab idea for an Advent Calendar - perfect #sharewithme #MMWBH

    • i have the memmory of a sieve but I will try my hardest to remember, if I do forget don’t feel embarrassed to nudge me 😉 x

  3. This is such a good idea! I think I’m going to have to do this next year. 😀
    Where did you get this nice Advent calendar?


    • I just bought it from one of those random ‘kitsch’ shops every town or city has. Anything would work though, even a wall hanging one with pockets xx

  4. I absolutely love activity advent calendars. I made one last year and it was a huge hit. Unfortunately I had plans for one this year but I have been really sick and behind on everything this month already. Love how you have done yours and the adorable advent you used too. Great ideas there for activities. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. Happy Holidays! #sharewithme
    jenny recently posted…Moments with my childrenMy Profile

    • We’ve been hit with so many bugs here too, some of the activities we’re having to do a bit late but what can you do :) x

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