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“Paris is always a good idea” Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina

And when the Eurostar has deals on for £29 a ticket each way it would be foolish to think anything but Paris being a good idea.

So with Audrey Hepburn giving me the go ahead, and babies being free to travel I booked a ticket on the speedy Eurostar along with The Unconventional Mummy and her 6 month old daughter.

This was a girls holiday, so unfortunately Little London had to stay behind.  Mainly because with two babies in tow it wouldn’t have been fair on him and the dynamic wouldn’t have suited him.

But for us, and two babies still in prams it couldn’t have been more perfect.

So did we really do Paris in a day?

Well theoretically yes.

We actually boarded an afternoon train to Paris and went directly to our accommodation which was walking distance from Gare Du Nord down Rue Montorgueil.

We ate dinner en route to our apartment and when we reached ‘home’ we settled the babies to bed.  I guess that’s the bonus of them being this young, they’re pretty much on a schedule of eat, sleep, repeat.

Well somewhat…

So the actual day in Paris didn’t happen until the day after.

With the baby’s stirring early morning it meant our day in Paris was off to a start.

We’d already planned that given the size of our prams (big wheels for the cobbled streets are a necessity), we wanted to avoid the Metro and we planned a route that would see us walking the whole of Paris instead.

So with both baby’s milk happy we started our journey and headed off on a walk to The Louvre, it took us no more than 10-15 minutes on foot.  With the sun still low in the sky it cast the most magical light over the glass pyramid and being so early there weren’t too many people there either making the normally crowded landmark even more stunning.

With both babies getting ready to nap we decided to continue on foot to find some breakfast.  I’d already earmarked Angelina’s with the promise of one of their notorious hot chocolates and we decided to make our way there by walking through the Jardin des Tuileries making for a peaceful stroll forcing both baby’s to fall into a deep slumber.

Angelina’s is decorated with the promise of Parisian splendour.  It’s exactly how you’d imagine a french tearoom.  Price wise it isn’t the cheapest but it’s certainly worth the visit.  Being on a budget we decided to order a plain croissant each and a hot chocolate to share- one jug was perfectly adequate for the two of us.

It made for the perfect breakfast.  And at 7 euros each we managed to experience Angelina’s within budget while being content with our first meal of the day.

With one baby deciding to wake up we paid our bill and continued our walk heading towards Place de la Concorde.

We strolled through looking at the beautiful fountains and the obelisk and headed onwards towards the Champs Elysees.

If you fancy a little bit shopping this is the street for you, especially as they have a huge Sephora.  There’s no better place to stock up on some great make up items.

And for macaron lovers, there’s a beautiful Laduree- it’s definitely the place to pick up a box to bring home (although pack it safely because they don’t transport all that well…).

Continuing right to the top of the Champs Elysees we approached the Arc de Triompe.

We both wanted to head up the Arc de Triompe but without carriers it would have been difficult as it involves stairs.  While I had mine, The Unconventional Mum had forgotten hers and we decided that carrying a baby would be too much effort so we snapped pictures from outside and continued our journey with both babies still happily content in their prams.

We decided to head down Avenue D’Iena as at the end you arrive at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

Before crossing the street to soak up France’s main attraction, we decided to head to a street van where I picked up a delicious fresh lemon and sugar crepe and The Unconventional Mum picked up a fresh baguette with ham.  Again nice and cheap and perfectly scrumptious.

We snapped some fun pictures while we were able to get the Eiffel Tower in as a whole, and then headed towards a merry go around that gave another great view of the Eiffel Tower.

We then approached the River Seine and I took the opportunity while my daughter was awake to get some pictures of her with the Eiffel Tower in the back ground.  You can’t go on your first holiday abroad to such an amazing city and not get that iconic picture right?

With the Eiffel Tower now crossed off our list our next stop was Diptique.  We didn’t want to just head to any Diptique perfumery, we wanted to go to the original one which is at 34, Boulevard Saint Germain.

Originally we wanted to jump on a boat.  The Batobus seemed the ideal one as we could jump on it from nearby the Eiffel Tower, but the tickets turned out to be full day tickets so you can hop on and off as you like.  A great idea of course, but for us we only wanted to go two stops and the price wouldn’t have been worth it.  So we continued on foot- probably easier anyway then trying to get on a boat with two prams! But it’s definitely something I’ll consider on a return visit.

The walk up to Diptique was beautiful though.  We strolled next to the River Seine following the curve of the river up to Notre Dame.  We stopped off for drinks in an outdoor bar and looked at the many stalls from market traders on the water’s edge.  It was a long walk but certainly a great way to see and experience Paris.

We finally made our way to Diptique and it was just so heavenly to walk in and smell the scents that had been sprayed by other customers.  The staff were so helpful at entertaining the babies while we browsed and sought advice.  It was no surprise that most of our budget was spent in there, and we walked out clutching the iconic black and white bags.

With the sun starting to lower in the evening sky, we hot footed it over to Notre Dame and listened to the bells ringing as we fed both babies soaking up the atmosphere in the busy square facing the Cathedral.

For a more peaceful experience head to the gardens behind Notre Dame, but either way it’s a beautiful vision of gothic art.

Being near to home again, we made our way back to Rue Montorgueil and decided to eat dinner while both babies were asleep.  Finding a restaurant to suit your taste is not hard down this street.  It’s busy and vibrant with all sorts of cuisines.  After a long day we decided to go all out at Bistro Burger.  It was just what we needed, and the parmesan and truffle salt fries were heavenly.

With the dinner time crowd starting to descend we sloped off back to our Air bnb for a good nights sleep before boarding the Eurostar home in the morning.  We were happy, content and had aching legs but we were both proud that we’d managed to do Paris in one day with our babies- and neither of them complained about the experience!

Of course if you wanted to visit the attractions themselves it would be impossible to do Paris in a day as each attraction deserves at least half a day on it.  With Paris being only two hours away I’m happy to come back and dedicate the right amount of time to my favourite attractions.  Some I’ve already been to, and others definitely require the right kind of holiday- usually sans baby.

If you don’t live in the UK or you don’t have the opportunity to cross the channel with ease, doing the big attractions isn’t impossible with babies, but you will need to make sure you have a carrier with you too.  And try to not plan too much because the best bit about Paris is just enjoying it for what it is, a beautiful architecturally stunning city with magnificent landmarks and damn good food.



  1. Oh my gosh that first photo of her posing by the Louvre - so cute what a little cherub! Sounds like you had an amazing time. As I don’t have kids myself I’m always impressed when I see parents travelling with their little ones.

  2. Looks like you had a good time. Paris isn’t far away either which makes it a nice short trip

  3. I love Paris and have been 3 or 4 times in the last year and half and loved it every moment. Glad you guys had a lovely time with the babies in toll

    • I can’t wait to get a couple of pictures printed off for the little one when she gets her own room x

  4. How wonderful that you can just hop on a train and be in Paris in just a few hours! It takes me DAYS to get anywhere from the Shetland Islands, lol! I love Paris and it looks like you had a really great time 🙂

  5. What a fabulous idea. Isn’t it great that we can literally pop on a train and enjoy such a beautiful city for a day. Loving the photos, you really looked like you enjoyed yourself.

  6. This is so exciting. I love doing spur of the moment things and what a great deal that was 🙂 I would jump at that as well. Love your pics, Paris is stunning x

  7. What a great idea! I need to do this with my soon too. The £29 Eurostar deal is good too. The pics are nice. Love the ones in front if the Tower. 🙂

  8. “Salut Ma Belle … MAGNIFIQUE!!!!!” – wake up & smell ‘les Oignons’ ha! Wow, we’re so pleased all 4 Paris-ian Princesses had a such a brilliant ‘Anglo / French Entente Cordiale’ time. Great to see the powerful Notre Dame Cathedral once again – did a recital there yesteryear – great memories &, no doubt, great Paris-in-a-day memories for you all to future reminisce over. BTW, (apologies for ‘off-track’) a small ‘Eagle’ should’ve landed by now?? Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum.

    • Heeelloooo hellloooooo- can you tell it’s all manic this side? never did I think I wouldn’t even have time to watch the great british bake off! arrrggghhh. I think it has landed yes! Need to pick it up 🙂 Thank you in advance! xx

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