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Apparently it was International Picnic Day on Sunday 18th June.  You probably didn’t have a clue… and neither did I.  But when I found out I decided that a picnic was exactly what we needed as a family especially with the lovely weather we’ve been enjoying.

Trying to plan days out at the moment are tough.  In fact trying to get out of the house full stop is tough.  Who knew that the addition of a newborn would cause such an upheaval.  But it does.

A picnic however sounded like a great family activity.

Nice and casual for all of us.

But the only way a picnic is ever truly easy is when it doesn’t require much preparation or cleaning up, which is why we decided to pop into our local Tesco store to pick up some easy picnic hamper treats- especially after we heard about their new Mediterranean inspired deli range.

Along with a bottle of Tesco’s Finest Prosecco, we picked up some chicken and chorizo pastries, some mushroom arancini (mushroom rice balls stuffed with mozzarella cheese), feta and spinach pastries, rolitos (chorizo wrapped around gouda cheese), some sweetcorn fritters, some mozzarella and slow roasted tomatoes, some feta stuffed peppers, and your good old cured meat selection along with a tasty aioli dip.  And of course some fresh fruit and bottles of water to finish it off.

Literally no preparation needed and so much more exciting than the foil wrapped squashed sandwiches I’d usually bring on a picnic!

We found the perfect picnic spot, rolled out the blankets and just took everything out of our cool box and feasted.

We could have unpacked everything and put it out all nicely onto plates.  But no one really eats like that.  So we left everything in its packaging and ate directly from the containers with our fingers.

^^Baby London probably gutted because she can’t eat yet… or in reality that I was making her wait for her feed while I polished off a sweetcorn fritter… 

We did use our hamper glasses however to drink the Prosecco… we’re not that uncouth 😉

But just being able to just pick and eat what and as we wanted without having to think about cleaning up afterwards or having to repackage items was exactly what I needed as a busy mum of two.

We all know about how us mums have enough to juggle without having to make nice days out overly complicated.

We were able to bin all the rubbish, and everything else we could bring home in our cool bag and continue nibbling on from our fridge.  No real tidying up especially if you come armed with baby wipes to clean those sticky fingers!

The best thing about Tesco’s new deli range is that many of the purchases can be eaten hot or cold.  In fact I loved so much of the range that I’ll be purchasing them again to add something exciting to our meals at home as well as future picnic goodies.

For example many of the items would be great in summer salads (the stuffed peppers, the mozzarella and slow roasted tomatoes, olives) or as something exciting as an accompaniment to many of our meals at home (the pastries, the fritters and my favourite the arancini balls).

With bellies full, we listened to music while playing with our frisbee and trying to teach Little London how to play Quoits.

It seems the art of cheating comes at a young age 😉

Although the weather doesn’t look quite as sunny this week, I know that next week the sun is meant to return once more so it may be time to dust off your picnic hampers and start thinking about planning your own picnic soon, and I can’t recommend the mediterranean deli range more highly.  Especially if you’re like me and want good affordable food that doesn’t take forever to prepare 😉

Tesco have even come up with some handy tips to help you enjoy your time outdoors:



  1. It looks like you had a lovely relaxing picnic. No washing up is the perk of a picnic xx

  2. Aw what a fab picnic. We recently went on a family picnic too! Its not summer without a picnic. Although the weather is terrible at the moment! You are looking stunning post baby and how gorgeous she is. I love the pics of you walking and breastfeeding, reminds me of those early days with Archie walk and feed… so easy! xx
    Tanita recently posted…Adding Moroccan lighting to our bedroomMy Profile

    • lol, when the baby needs feeding she needs feeding… I find it tough to sit still though 😉

  3. Those Feta stuff peppers look amazing I have never seen them before. When we do a picnic I love buying things that come in a box that you can just open up and eat out of the box rather than messing about with plates etc. So much easier isn’t it.

  4. We are off on a family picnic at the weekend so will be popping into Tesco to get some of these. What a great idea!

  5. Sounds like the perfect picnic to me. That’s also what I love about picnics: you can grab a few bits from the shops and take your nice picnic basket for a fuss-free meal with no mess at all in the house. That’s worth a lot in my books! The photos of your picnic are gorgeous.

    • Exactly hahaha- good picnic hamper with just purchase treats 😉

  6. Love a good picnic and the food looks fab, especially the sweet corn fritters and watermelon. I love your dress too and totally agree that little tidying is best when you have little ones to attend to.

    • It’s gotta be simple right 😉

      The fritters btw are delicious!

  7. Awww the little newborn baby, congrats. I do love a good picnic, we used to do it lots when I was a child, i really must take my own children more. Such a great selection of shots x

    • I always “wait” for summer and then realise the summer has gone… I need to take advantage of the sun more

  8. It’s so hard getting out the house on time for anything with a newborn but you look like you had lots of fun! Gorgeous photos lovely xx
    Georgina recently posted…BabyStyle Hybrid Tandem Stroller – Full ReviewMy Profile

  9. I think that having lots of little picky bits is what makes a good picnic. Thats what I like anyway 🙂

    • you really can’t.. I’m waiting for the sun to return to make it a daily occurrence 😉

  10. … you must be the only Mum who can cause severe drooling via post & ‘photos … both BRILLIANT!! Only 1 thing missing … the rugby ball – ‘wot??’ B+WC’s just finished ‘catching-up’ – so much for having a long Birthday weekend away ha. Hope all’s going well with the ‘fabulous foursome?’ Looks like a little somebody’s prepared? - ie … the … ‘Perfect Pink Princess Powered Picnic Perfectly Parentally Prosecco Prepared-n-Presented’ (far too many P’s – sorry … ‘P’ for Pernod missing though ha) - reign is now up-n-running?

    When you’ve a ‘juggling LondonMumsieX2 mo’ to ya’self, (if you’re now allowed such a thing ha?) – “O” awaits … goodness only knows what you’ll think though – (BIG ‘Dorset-ian gulp’) … might be a good idea to pour ya’self another Prosecco beforehand! Onwards LondonMum.

      • … after reading that “O” … I think you could easily down the WHOLE PROSECCO DISTILLERY I should think! I’m expecting the LondonMum ‘lecture’ - (I’ve already had 1 from Lucy (& put on a fizzer) if that makes you feel any better?? haha. Gotta go, I’m still on-the-run ha!! Hope all’s going well with the ‘fabulous foursome’ Onwards LondonMum.

        • Oooo it’s on my to do list for tomorrow! I love to lecture 😉

  11. I do love a good picnic! I find the ready to eat dishes at Tesco perfect for impromptu picnics. They have such a good selection at very reasonable prices.

  12. I didn’t know anything about International picnic day! It looks like you all had a wonderful day 🙂 I used to love having picnics as a family and will be doing them again with my partner when we have children of our own too 🙂

  13. Awwwh this sounds like such a lovely picnic that you enjoyed!!! I love that everything was just ready and you didn’t have to worry much about prep!!

  14. I love the idea of a picnic but in reality they rarely happen. This range seems lovely and would make good lunch time snacks for those of us who can’t face the outdoors!

    • I find they only ever happen if they’re easy to plan and do.

  15. I absolutely love picnics - I haven’t had one yet this year!
    Your family are so cute 🙂

    Dani x

  16. Picnics are lovely. I like that the range can be added hot or cold as you mentioned. Makes it easy to suit different occasions and tastes.

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