Pitstone Windmill| Miss Selfridge, Milk and Biscuits & Ralph Lauren

There’s something beautiful about that golden light that shimmers during the early evenings now.


^^ Dress| Miss Selfridge, Sunglasses| ASOS

Although it signals the start of end of summer, it also lends itself to creating beautiful golden visions that sprawl out across the countryside while watching the big combine harvesters collecting grain and feed for the winter months.

It was on one of these “let’s search for a tractor” moments with my little one, that I stumbled upon Pitstone Windmill.


It is one of the oldest surviving post mills in the country dating from the 17th century.


^^ Shirt| Milk & Biscuits, Shorts| Ralph Lauren

The big red wheel was used to move the top part of the windmill so the sails could always face the direction of the wind.



Although it stopped functioning as a windmill in 1902 after a violent storm, where the sails weren’t moved in time.


It is possible to go in the windmill but only on select Sundays in the summer, so it’s worth checking ahead if you did want the opportunity to go in.


I won’t lie, it wasn’t the easiest find.  The windmill is hidden from the road by hedges and trees, and it was only as I was driving down a hill that I saw it in the distance.

With a small off road area to park in, we jumped out of the car and walked down the straight path heading towards the windmill.


There’s nothing else around, just fields of wheat.  But in a way it makes the location that much more beautiful and very British.




As the sun got lower we frolicked and danced in the last golden moments of the sun while enjoying an impromptu picnic, imagining life over 400 years ago and feeling very connected to what the world may have looked like back then.




As the summer slowly ebbs away, I’m sad to see it leave.  But with the sun setting the promise of another day filled with adventures is just over the horizon.





  1. I love this sundress. And what a cool location, the history of that beautiful windmill is fascinating 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed reading that post, and such lovely photos thanks for sharing k x

    • I love it, I hope the summer stays around a while longer so I can get more wear out of it. Or else I’ll have to book a holiday haha x

  3. I love this post. The photos are fabulous and the windmill is cool. I love the dress and your sons top/short is cute.

    • Thank you! It was just such a great place and setting, we were really lucky with the stunning sunshine too. x

  4. You have captured so really amazing photos here. What beautiful photography!!

    • It’s an amazing location. Not much to do, but it’s just beautiful to sit amongst. x

  5. What absolutely beautiful photos, it looks like an idyllic evening… I love golden hour for dreamy photography like this. Your dress is stunning too. x

    • Thank you, it’s a fascinating windmill, great to see and great to learn about!

  6. Beaut-a-Bonza post!!! ‘Windmills of your Mind’ … a classic - (certainly not 1 of your ‘dodgy classics’ haha) … Noel Harrison - 1960’s I think - NOT 1860’s ha … the song lyrics say it all to compliment both LondonMums creative script & outstanding photos. Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum.

      • … YEAH, how to be totally shot at by all in sundry down ‘ere since ‘L’ (you’ve both got a lot to answer for haha) discovered your said ‘classics.’ I’m now the only ‘unedukaytid’ musician you know with a reputation to live DOWN to hahaha! Thank goodness for the B+WC - at least she’s educated … so ‘L’ tells me ha! Onwards LondonMum - KEEP THINKING.

          • “FINITES??” hahaha – well played!! Unfortunately, at the time, & without your wobbly ‘auto text’ … I thought you were ‘in-finite-ly’ right! You’ll never know what I went through … & still am … the ‘classics’ pendulum still haunts & swings over me thanks to ‘L.’ Sleep well, her ‘partner-in-crime’ hahaha. Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum … (keep “thinking.”)

          • I think I’m going to have to check best options in a few weeks because we’re doing the big move soon so addresses will be changing! AGAIN!

  7. I absolutely love your dress! It is so summery and fresh. It looks like you had a great day out and as always your little one is so adorable x

    • It’s a fab summer dress! I hope I get a lot more wear out of it still! lol. x

  8. What a fabulous place. Very picturesque and a stunning backdrop to photographs. I do love your dress. Just perfect for such an outing. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  9. Your dress is absoutely beautiful! You all look like you had a great day and your little boy is super cute

  10. You always take the cutest pictures! I love your dress, looks like you had a lovely day exploring! x

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