Post Pregnancy Belly Busting (week 6)

Week 6 has been an nice easy week, not many changes on the MuTu front so I was able to do my core exercises without having to follow along online.  I need to follow the online video for the intensive works outs however as I need to get the timings right, plus I need the motivation and Wendy Powell’s body makes sure I don’t find myself slacking!!

I’ve also been listening to the Thinking Slimmer slimpod this week as well.  I’ve just played it as I’ve been doing the washing up in the evenings.  It retrains your brain and allows you to eat whatever you want but for you to actually notice when your body is full and to pick better foods.

I can’t say if it’s worked or not because the changes aren’t visual in the same way that MuTu is, but I think it’s certainly done something.

When I went out for lunch with some friends earlier this week I actually chose soup.. that’s right.. soup.  I NEVER order soup normally.  I just find its very existence quite dull and it’s not something I’d pick from a menu.  But I did… the added bonus was that it was actually a starter and not a main, so my usual £20.00 lunch actually cost me about £3.00.  Thinking Slimmer is making me richer as well! 🙂

I’m also finding that I’m thinking less about food and obsessing over it less between meals too.  I don’t NEED to have anything, and if I do need a quick snack I’m opting for a cup of tea or coffee and an apple.

Honestly I don’t recognise this weird apple eating, soup eating person! One evening I wasn’t feeling hungry for a full on dinner, so just opted to have some cereal.

So things have changed on the food front, and I can only assume that’s Thinking Slimmer doing some magic!

I can’t give you measurements this week because the tape measure has been misplaced (MrLondonMum used it as a replacement ruler and he’s put it somewhere-typical) but I’ll buy a new one for next weeks update.  I can however see visual changes and as each week passes I manage to use more and more of my old wardrobe.

On a separate topic all together, although the stretch marks are still there (plus a few added dents because I was wearing tight before I changed into my jeans for the pictures), they are getting smaller and less noticeable.  I found the beauty angel treatment really helped to soften the scarring and smooth the skin, but I think for it to be fully effective I would need a long course of perhaps 30 sessions.  But it’s nice to know that there is something that can deal with the marks and make them less visible.  I’m also finding that as I tone up slowly the marks shrink and become more compact and easier on the eye to what they once were.  I think as I continue to tone up I’ll be much happier with them.




  1. Wow it’s amazing to see your belly busting journey, I am also documenting my fitness on my blog. I haven’t done regular exercise in years but started running in January and am loving it so far. Will look forward to hearing more of your updates. x

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  3. Hi Donna. Ii am on the verge of buying the MuTu system as I am 8 weeks post partum and have a tummy that isn’t really shifting and think I have diastatis recti. I came across your blog and was finding it really interesting but see that you stopped blogging at Week 6…did you carry on after that? It seems you achieved some great results and I hope I will too.

    • Hi Victoria, I actually got great results from it. It really helped me shift the tummy which was the area I was struggling with. I have a flat stomach now. I stopped doing the programme after I saw the results as I’m probably not the most motivated person by myself, but without the programme I know I’d still be unhappy with my stomach so it’s worth getting for definite.
      I still have diastasis recti but that’s because I haven’t pushed myself to completely heal it- I’ve been meaning to restart the programme again for that reason. Thing is once your tummy goes back (which it will) you do become a bit lazier lol x

      • Thanks so much for replying so quickly! I have just bought the programme and look forward to starting it tomorrow morning…or not…as like you, I’m not one for exercise!

        I am really enjoying your blog site and am reading so many interesting articles of yours! Your stories of your ‘dates’ with your son are adorable! I can’t wait to have those with my son too!

        • Having a little boy is amazing 😉 I know everyone says it but enjoy those early days. They seem like hell right now but you actually miss them when they’re gone. Maybe it’s because I’m broody again hahah I need a new born for a night to give me a wake up call 😉

    • Also the programme teaches you ways to keep various forms of the exercise in your life which I’ve kept up even if I haven’t followed the week by week guide to the end. Hope that helps 🙂 x

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