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With pregnancy, birth and parenting a whole load of questions come up and advice is always needed.

I’ve found advice from real people the most helpful.  Midwives and health visitors have their uses, but sometimes us mere mortals want to ask questions that perhaps would be better from a person with experience.  A man becoming a dad for the first time wants real advice from other men.  How does he cope with his partner’s morning sickness? How can he help during pregnancy?

On Wauwaa there are three main headings (pregnancy, birth and parenting) with a host of sub headings to help guide you to the answer you need from real people or advice from medical professionals where it’s deemed appropriate (such as the myths surrounding sex during pregnancy).


The answers take the form of short video clips which are amazing at really telling it as it is.  The topics are all helpful for a variety of reasons.

The site also deals with more challenging issues as well such as having a disabled child, raising a child in a same-sex partnership, to dealing with the death of a child.

The site is easy to navigate and also has a tool where you can select the gender and age of your child and all the appropriate videos come up to help you.

Once you’ve navigated the Wauwaa and garnered all the advice you need, it’s time for a spot of shopping.  With its own online  store Wauwaa is a one stop shop of just everything a parent needs.

The shop continually adds more items and changes its stock so if you see something you like snap it up quick! I cheekily bought Baby London a gorgeous waterproof coat from Muddy Puddles with a red fleece lining.  Granted it’s for a 2-year-old but I loved it so much I’ve bought it in preparation :)

Plus the coat is no longer on sale on the site so proof is in the pudding, if you like it buy it!

(I was asked to review Wauwaa, but all opinions and thoughts are my own)





  1. Think I might just have to vista this site now and get Baby L some new things :)

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