Pumpkin Patches Near London| Halloween Activity

We’ve always made a conscious effort every Halloween to visit a pumpkin patch since having our son.

Yes, it’s a very American thing to do and it hasn’t quite made it across the country because of that- in time I think it will, but it’s still in it’s early days.  But there’s something so cute about little ones running through rows of pumpkins.

^^Waterproof overalls | Kozi Kidz

To find a pumpkin patch though you do have to leave London, I’ve yet to find one within the city.  Probably due to the lack of country life.  Kind of figures really.

There are places of course you can pick up pumpkins but they don’t tend to have that rustic ‘PYO from a field’ feeling that I really enjoy when I visit a place that specialises in creating that Halloween vibe.

So without further ado here are some places surrounding London that do create that magical experience:

Crockford Bridge Farm | Addlestone, Surrey

Secretts Farm | Milford, Surrey

Priory Farm | Redhill, Surrey

Garsons Farm | Esher, Surrey

Pumpkin Jim’s | Ickleton, Cambridgeshire

Foxes Farm | Basildon or Colchester, Essex

Cammas Hall Farm | Hatfield Broad Oak, Hertfordshire

The Pop-Up Farm | St. Albans, Hertfordshire

Beluncle Farm | Rochester, Kent

Hopefully there’s one not too far from you, just don your waterproofs and wellies and take the kids out to pick their own pumpkins.  Plus it’s better to support your local farms than to buy from a supermarket where you can.

This is the first year Little London has actually selected his own pumpkin.  He took quite a while finding the right one.  I think it was mainly based upon the heaviest one he could comfortably carry 😉

The great thing about visiting a pumpkin patch is that most of the places mentioned have extra facilities to keep the kids entertained.  Including outdoor play equipment, small indoor soft play areas and tractor rides plus great farm cafe food.  So you can make a full day out of it if you want to.

This has to be my favourite Halloween activity with my son, although it’s not exclusive to parents and kids of course!

Will you be heading to a pumpkin patch this year?



  1. You are a little star!
    I literally just googles pumpkin patches and your post come up first page of google. I thought ugh trying to find a pumpkin patch in or near London will be a nightmare. The BOOM!
    Thanks so much 🙂
    Charlotte x

    • Every now and then I create a blogging gem! hahah. I’ve only ever been to Rockford Bridge Farm and Cammas Hall myself. Commas Hall only has a small pumpkin patch but a GREAT outdoor play area, but it was totally suitable for what we were looking for. That’s where we went this year and where the pictures from the post are from.

      Crockford is much bigger with a HUGE selection of pumpkins- literally rows and rows and rows of them. With a Halloween display usually as well. They have a small outdoor play area and a small indoor soft play too. The others I can’t vouch for, but if pumpkins are what you’re looking for then pumpkins they have! 😉

  2. Such beautiful pictures. Emily has never been to a pumpkin patch although I would love to take her too one. Our nearest pumpkin patch is about a hour away. Love your list of pumpkin patches, I’m sure it will be useful for lots of people. x

    • It does make a fun day out. Definitely try and go if you can, Emily will love it!

    • They’re so enjoyable! I love them too, they speak to the inner child in me.

  3. I have been looking for a pumpkin patch (in Surrey) so this is mega useful! The one in Redhill is probably closest to us x

    • If you do go let me know what you think of it! (tag me in a post if you write one) because I haven’t been to that one yet and want to see what it’s like! I love a good pumpkin patch lol x

    • As soon as kids come into play all the holidays become things you start doing activities for lol.

  4. I have been thinking to take my little man to a pumpkin patch this time! It will be our very first time and he’s extremely excited! Will definitely check out one of those farms since little man loves the whole farmer feel!

    • I always find them much more exciting then places that are solely geared towards kids or supermarket pumpkins.

  5. I’ve never thought about going to a pumpkin patch before but it sounds like a great idea seeing as it’s nearly Halloween

  6. Stunning photos as always lovely. We’re heading to a pumpkin patch for the first time ever in half term, the boys and my niece are SO excited about it! xx

  7. awwww he’s so adorable! the third picture is my favourite. it looked like he definitely had fun 🙂

    • He loved it! He’s an outdoor baby though so as long as he’s outside he’s happy 🙂

  8. We went to a pumpkin patch this week too but we’re a little further out of London (Hampshire). Can’t beat it for an experience. Hope you have a great Halloween!

  9. It looks like great fun for little ones. I hear Willow Farm do pumpkin picking around Halloween.

    • Yes I think they do! I’ve stayed away from the typical kid places just because it’s not as adult friendly for those without kids, but I saw some pictures and they have an amazing display this year. I may take my little one 😉

  10. Gorgeous photos! I love his yellow waterproofs too! We also LOVE pumpkin picking and have been every year since my daughter was born. We took our annual trip yesterday and it really is so much fun. A great round up of places to go too. We go to one in Ashford, Kent and it’s fab! xo

  11. I’d love to go to a pumpkin patch with my nieces but unfortunately there’s none near us!

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