The ASK Italian Homemade Ravioli Challenge

This #RespectThePasta challenge has been my most challenging to date!  You already know I’m certainly no natural chef in the kitchen and this week that was certainly proven.  The challenge was to make fresh ravioli using the Ask Italian Cookbook.  I had to make it twice because my first attempt was disastrous!!

Tips I learnt from attempt 1:

  • The pasta can’t be sticky before you put it through the pasta machine (!).
  • The ravioli has to air dry on both sides before cooking.  This means the individual ravioli pieces have to be kept separate and not layered on top of each other!

Just to prove my point here’s my first attempt:-


300g Pasta flour

3 eggs

(the pasta ingredients are slightly different in the ASK Italian cookbook as they use less pasta flour and 50g of semolina flour, but search as I might I could not find semolina flour anywhere!)

and then because the pasta was too sticky it all went down hill…

Some came out looking pretty perfect…

But they didn’t stay that way 🙁

So I thought I’d vlog round 2, which came out pretty damn perfect!  My only tip for future reference would be to use a rolling-pin to make the dough even thinner before making the ravioli.  But enjoy watching me attempt to cook!

(Disclaimer: I am part of the #RespectThePasta Bloggers campaign)



  1. Well done! 🙂 Well I am not great in the kitchen at all - but I’m a bit in awe of you making pasta! More please!!

    • I’m a bit in awe of me making pasta! I’m not sure how I managed it!!! x

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