Roba Bar And Restaurant| Paddington, London

London is a foodies dream.  There’s a wealth of amazing eateries to enjoy, and just when you think you’ve explored them all a new one pops up.


Roba specialises in modern British cooking with an Italian flair, and it has quickly made an impact.  With dinner reservations being made months in advance you know it’s the place to go.


It’s no surprise really, because the head chef Andrea Secchi; who has previously worked with The Berkeley’s Michelin starred chef Marcus Wareing, is combining his wealth of knowledge and producing outstanding results.


If finding a dinner spot here is proving a bit difficult, don’t hesitate to pop in for lunch.  With the same menu you won’t be missing out on the succulent seasonal food.

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And actually we found lunch time the perfect time to go and try out Roba with Little London.

The restaurant was stylish and comfortable.  The seats are made to lounge in while slowly making your way through the food placed upon your table.


When it comes to the food, I think the best way to enjoy Roba is to pick a variety of dishes and just share.


Everything is so tasty it’s a shame to not try bits of all of it.


^^The wild smoked salmon is smoked in house. 

And for this reason I suggest ordering perhaps 2 or 3 bowls and one of the meat choices from the robata grill and a couple of sides for two hungry people.


^^ All meat is sourced from Scotland and is also aged in house.

Don’t be fooled into thinking a ‘bowl’ is a starter portion because it’s not, it’s a light meal in itself.


When it comes to wine, leave that with your waiter.  Their knowledge on wine and food pairing is spot on, and while I thoroughly enjoyed the Sauvignon Blanc that went particularly well with my food choices, Mr London Mum couldn’t get enough of his Passori Rosso.

Little London was given a meal especially created for him as there is no kids specific menu.  The chef kindly concocted a beautifully fresh and tasty pasta dish which Little London literally wolfed down.  I’ve never seen him eat quite as much in a restaurant before.


With loads of lovely places to visit in the surrounding vicinity pre or post meal; such as Hyde Park, Kensington Garden’s, Regent’s Canal and Little Venice, Roba is in the perfect place to enjoy some brilliant cuisine in the middle of London.


Laid back fine dining with great food and great wine.  Cheers to that!


(Disclosure: Complimentary meal)



  1. Looks so good. I always find watching Masterchef makes me want to go out and try some fine dining. Really good of them to prepare your boy his own pasta dish too 🙂

    • It was so delicious as well. Some restaurants don’t take the time to create a great tasting sauce for kids, but the chef really put effort into making sure the little one was happy too.

    • I didn’t know if I could squeeze any dessert in- but I didn’t struggle at all 😉 hahah

  2. Oh wow that is one fantastic meal, I love that they even made little London his own little meal too. Judging my his face he enjoyed it lol!
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…April RecapMy Profile

    • He scoffed it down! He never eats pasta mixed with sauce for me at home, I have to separate everything!- so annoying! lol

  3. This looks like a great place to eat. I’ve never heard of it before so thanks for bringing it to my attention!

    • It has just opened and it’s a great place! Really amazing food. x

    • I know! I always feel so bad because the presentation gets messed up when I get started lol x

    • Luckily lunch time is nice and quiet- while all of London works it’s time to feast 😉 lol

  4. You’re so lucky having access to so many lovely places! I don’t know how London folk ever decide where to go there’s so much to choose from! This sounds like a super place to eat.
    Elizabeth recently posted…An Award Winning Blogger?My Profile

    • We’re terribly spoilt and try and make it to all places… awful I know, but so much fun! hahah x

    • It was my favourite dish, the salmon was just so delicious!

    • I know, I love sweet potato fries- they kick ass on normal fries!

  5. Roba looks lovely, definitely very stylish and the food looks amazing!
    Kira C recently posted…Happy 19th Birthday to Me!My Profile

  6. i love fine dining and i would love to visit this. booking that far in advance is like wow. the presentation of the dessert is lovely

    • I know it’s beautiful presentation isn’t it? And all the flowers were edible too! Definitely worth booking 🙂

  7. It sounds a great place to eat. I also like having lots of different bits to eat rather than one big meal.

    • You can never be overwhelmed 😉 it’s far too much fun eating out and planning where you might go next! lol

  8. This looks like such a nice place! Great atmosphere and the food looks yummy.

    • Ridiculously busy! Don’t worry not forgotten just no time. Between houses and motorways as we’re back to getting some work done on the flat!

  9. Phew - THANKS!! From a mini break - back to dining out in style again I see ha? Don’t you worry either, I’ll just look forward to another night in the bus shelter - room service courtesy of the soup kitchen … (but at least ‘L’ & I are now relieved.) Hope you hit that monster Dartford bridge! It’s slightly B+WC manic down ‘ere as well. Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum. Slow down!! ha.

    • I avoid that bridge like the plague if I can haha. I ALWAYS get stuck on it!

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