Saving Energy Costs In The Winter

Every year I promise myself I’ll make it to mid November at least before I put the heating on.  And as always I fail.


The heating in our home has been on for a couple of weeks now.  We’ve got it on a timer, so we get a blast of heat in the morning, and a blast of heat in the evening.  I won’t lie, the middle of the day is freezing if we decide to stay at home- today I resorted to using a duvet on our sofa.

Thankfully for Mr London Mum, the boiler is out-of-the-way in the loft so due to sheer laziness I leave it on the timer settings we have, otherwise I know I’d be blasting the heating all day, every day if I had the chance!

When I lived by myself, making sure I was being cost-effective when it came to energy usage was top of my agenda- it always is when you’re the bill payer.  After all the money I was spending was taking away from that beautiful new dress, or my next travelling experience.  I had a great thermostat which maintained my required day-time and night-time temperatures (20 degrees during the day and 15 degrees at night) for my studio flat.

By setting fixed temperatures I wasn’t wasting energy by continuing to heat up a room that was already at my required temperature.  I didn’t even need to turn the thermostat off in the summer, it would acknowledge the temperature had risen so there was no need for it to be in use.

It was a great, nifty little gadget.  I would definitely consider getting thermostats put into this flat.  But to be truly cost effective I’d want the rooms to have separate thermostats.  After all I wouldn’t the bedroom heated during the day and our living room heated at night!

LV= has published a brilliant post on their blog which was written by the gorgeous Jo from Slummy Single Mummy, giving her top tips on how to keep the family home warmer this Winter.

We could all do with a little bit of help on that front really couldn’t we?

I don’t want to regurgitate what she’s written, because she’s written it extremely well and it’s well worth the read- she actively encourages you to get your kids involved too in a fun way.  But I did want to pick my two favourite tips from her post.  Tips that are relevant to me and tips that perhaps have bypassed me.

The first one is to make sure you use your curtains wisely.  I do close our living room blinds at night and open them again in the morning- mainly because otherwise our neighbours would just be subjected to us sitting on our sofa in the evenings (top floor maisonette issues)!  Our bedroom blind tends to just frame our window as we leave it half open- that room gets dark and I quite like having it open to wake up to.  And all the other blinds in our flat just remain open.  Already I’ve failed.

Jo recommends making sure all your curtains and blinds are closed at night-time making sure the heat stays in the rooms and has less chance of escaping.  But in the day time it is important to reopen them all so that the sunlight can come into the rooms and heat them up naturally.  Even if it’s not an overly sunny day having the curtains or blinds open will still mean more light penetrates through the windows and will increase the room temperature.

My second favourite tip is to avoid drying clothes on radiators.  Please tell me I’m not the only one to do this on occasion.  It just seems so simple as a way of drying clothes that you’ll often find rows of socks and pants on my radiators if I’ve done the washing that day.  But by putting clothes and even damp towels on radiators, it makes the quality of the heat that’s given out less effective.  The boiler has to work harder to achieve the same temperature, meaning you’re actually using up more energy and fuel.  Stick to clotheshorses, washing lines and hooks to dry your washing and used towels instead.

These tips might seem obvious to some of you, but for some reason I never really considered them until I read the post.  It’s definitely worth reading it yourself to pick up Jo’s other 4 useful tips.

Do you have any top tips when it comes to saving energy costs in the Winter?

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  1. Our heating isn’t on yet. We always aim for November before putting it on and I’m freezing most of the time! Now the clocks have changed I pull the curtains in every room once we get home. It really does make a difference. Feel free to link up with my Finance Fridays if you want.
    Ness @ JibberJabberUK recently posted…Winter Home Furnishing IdeasMy Profile

    • I wish I had your will power, I always feel so defeated when I finally give in to turning on the heat! I’ll be sure to check out your link up! x

  2. I know how you feel , at winter I literally use like 10 blankets to avoid using heat lol!

    Abbigayle xoxo (would love for you to check out my blog too! xo
    Abbigayle Warner recently posted…STEALSTYLIST INTERVIEWS PIXIWOO ( SAM AND NIKKI CHAPMAN)My Profile

  3. Checking the house for draughts and then using draught excluder tape around the windows and doors made an unbelievable difference to the warmth of our house. Just a small investment saved us masses of money in heating the house.

    • I’ve never heard of draught excluder tape but will look for it in stores. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. I wear my dressing gown over my clothes at home to avoid putting the heating on. Also covering your head at night really heats you up. You lose most of your body heat through your head and feet.

    • Never heard of covering your head at night, but it makes sense- I really should have known given that newborns all have little hats on. x

  5. We are in a new build, so heating isn’t an issue in the winter. They places are insulated so well that we don’t need our heating on at all. Even when there is snow on the ground. I know we are lucky, but in summer getting this place cool is a nightmare!
    Emma recently posted…Why crafts with a 12 month old are a challengeMy Profile

    • Yeah new builds have great insulation- I may have to encourage that as our next house purchase 😉

    • I become guilty of becoming ultra unfashionable in the winter. I just love a big cosy hoodie of sorts. x

  6. That’s interesting about the radiators - I’m guilty of drying my clothes on them - I’ll pop them on a clothes horse in the future.
    Ali recently posted…My Sunday PhotoMy Profile

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