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As a brand ambassador for Destination Skin, I’ve been undergoing a series of face peels to remove the visible signs of ageing from my face.  Having looked under their UV lamp during my initial consultation,  I could see the worrying extent my love of sunbathing has had on my skin.  With the help of Destination Skin hopefully the effects will be reversed.

The SkinBrite face peel was the peel that was recommended for me.  The solution is created by the brand Dermaquest who I have a new found love for.  I had never heard of them before starting to work with Destination Skin, but I can hand on heart say I will always have some of their products in my bathroom cabinet (particularly their Essential B5 Moisturising Serum).

The SkinBrite peel is used to correct sun damage by lifting pigmentation and dark spots and evening out the skin tone.  I’ve not long had my second peel and each time I can see the difference.  The age spots around my nose are a lot more stubborn but the ones across my cheeks have pretty much been removed, and the ones on my nose have been lightened and no doubt by the third skin peel my nose will be looking much clearer!

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The ingredients in the SkinBrite solution work in two ways.  The lactic acid and the stem cells prevent further pigmentation occurring while the mandelic and phytic acids lift, brighten and exfoliate the visible signs of sun damage.

I won’t lie the treatment is uncomfortable.  First of all your face is cleansed and prepped before the solution is applied.  The solution heats up your face and it does burn, my therapist holds a foam fan just in front of my face to help cool my skin down- not for any reason other than to help with the discomfort.  The discomfort literally lasts for a minute before the skin cools down and just feels warm.  But the solution is reapplied a good few times with your skin feeling hotter each time.

As horrific as that might sound it’s really not too bad, and if it was there would have been no way I’d have gone back for my second skin peel- let alone booked in for my third!

While the peeling doesn’t happen immediately your skin will look shiny and tight.  I think it looks like I’ve had a lot of botox put into my face (or what I imagine a full botoxed face to look like).  You could easily go out and meet up with friends and continue as normal at this stage however- although you wouldn’t want to put on make up.

After having a skin peel, I’m very delicate with my skin care.  I only use a mild cleanser (Simple moisturising face wash) with a moisturising toner (Stratum C) and either a good moisturiser in the evening (Bio Clinica Plus) or a very thick SPF moisturising lotion for the morning (Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Cream for Face).

By the evening of the second day you’ll notice the skin will start to flake away.

By the third day you do not want to be leaving the house for a while.  Literally your skin will peel.  Apparently the extent of peeling differs per person, but in my case my whole face peels.  It usually starts from the chin and works it’s way up.


The peeling can go on for about 5 days, with the very worst being around day 2, 3 and 4.  The other days you could leave the house easily and just pretend you’ve got a bit of sun burn.

Two weeks later though and your skin will be in top condition.  Since my first skin peel I’ve not used any foundation, and only use the tiniest amount of concealer if I need it.  For me it’s a treatment that’s worth doing, especially if you have a special occasion.

If you are planning on having a series of skin peels before your wedding day for example, I’d recommend starting about 6 months before the day and having your last one maybe 2-3 weeks before the wedding.

My skin is in the best condition its ever been in.  By dealing with the effects of ageing it seems to have helped a lot of the skin issues I’ve suffered with.  I always assumed I had combination skin which was the cause of the occasional break outs, but actually by tackling the issues that were visible through sun damage my skin has really responded and those issues I previously had are disappearing.  I rarely get spots these days and when I do they are so small, I don’t get the big under the skin spots anymore.

If you are having skin issues, make sure to book a free consultation with Destination Skin.  Thank me for it later 😉

(Disclosure: Brand Ambassador)



  1. Oooohhhh I have to say I’m intrigued!! I tried botox a while ago and I have mixed feelings about it but I’ve never had a face peel. Did they tell you how long the results would last? xx

    • I think the results last as long as you maintain a good skin regime, i.e. making sure you use an spf daily and some good antioxidant products etc. I wouldn’t hesitate to get another one done though if my skin started to look and feel a bit like it needed some help lol x

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