Slovenia & Austria| Travel Itinerary

Just after Christmas, we decided to embark on a little travel adventure with our Son.


Being two years old, some might think we were crazy for having such a jam-packed couple of weeks.  Where is the holiday in all that travelling?


But we’ve always wanted to experience the things we love with our Son.


Show him the enthusiasm and joy you can get by going to a new country and submerging yourself into a different culture.

DSC_0536 (1)

It’s time out for all of us, to just be in each others pockets day in and day out, learning about something new together as a family.

DSC_0321 (1)

After all, in a normal week Mr London Mum is on set with early starts and late finishes (he works in film production), I’m usually exhausted and trying to think up some new genius way to hide vegetables into my Sons meals, and Little London just gets a bit bored with the inevitable monotony at times.

Going away gives that much-needed respite and change for all of us, and that feeling of working together for something beautiful.


For us a holiday is about spending time together and getting away from the mundane routine of normal life at home.

Breakfast isn’t scheduled.  Lunch isn’t scheduled.  Dinner isn’t scheduled.  We eat when we’re hungry, and nap when we’re tired (in the case of our child, and on occasion me!).



It’s testing the boundaries and gaining trust in each other.  Late nights and long lie ins, before jumping up, opening the curtains and getting back outdoors to soak up more of our surroundings.


It’s about learning new things that we wouldn’t necessarily have back home whether that’s a new skill for us, or a new word or ability for our Son.

Being in Slovenia and Austria meant the word snow was picked up pretty quickly, something which wouldn’t have happened in the UK, given that we’ve only had one light dusting that lasted half a day this Winter.



Two is the perfect age I think for taking the plunge with a little one.  They have more understanding about what they like and what they don’t like, which makes flying and travelling with them a lot easier.

Instead of being stressful it was enjoyable, and at times really cute.


Over the coming weeks, I’ll be telling you about the individual cities we went to and what we got up to.


But I thought it would be nice to share our itinerary because if at the end you decide you want to do something similar you’ll have our holiday in black and white to base your journey on.

28th December: Fly to Ljubljana, Slovenia

29th December: Ljubljana, Slovenia

30th December: Train to Bled, Slovenia

31st December: Bled, Slovenia

1st January: Bled, Slovenia

2nd January: Bled, Slovenia

3rd January: Train to Vienna, Austria

4th January: Vienna, Austria

5th January: Vienna, Austria

6th January: Train to Hallstat, Austria

7th January: Hallstat, Austria

8th January: Train to Salzburg, Austria

9th January: Salzburg, Austria

10th January: Fly back home

Travelling by train throughout was easy, and at times we’d find ourselves on a train with cabin rooms meaning Little London could just jump, play and be free.


If we did have a longer train journey (more than two hours), we’d always stop off somewhere on route for a nice break.


We could have rented a car, but with the unpredictable weather and mountain crossings we thought going by train would have been safer and would take a whole lot less brain power 😉

A perfect holiday is coming away with something you didn’t have in your grasp before.  This holiday taught us to go all out with our Son in terms of experiences.


He’s welcoming the world with open arms and loving the chance to explore with his Mum and Dad by his side.


(Disclosure: This is my “fab photographer” blog entry for the Mark Warner Family Ambassador Programme)



  1. I plan on taking my daughter overseas just before she turns twould. Good to know two is a great age for travelling! Thank you for sharing ????Your family is so sweet

    • It’s a great age 🙂 Just bring healthy snacks (you don’t want sugar highs), sticker books, little toys, reading books crayons and colouring in books and if in doubt some form of TV (we use the kindle fire). That way you’re prepared for anything or if boredom sets in at any point! lol. x

  2. What an amazing opportunity to make memories! We just about manage tesco so I’m in awe.

  3. And what beautiful, beautiful photographs! I am of completely the same opinion as of you - children should not stop you travelling. Ours have been round the world with us and will continue to do so as long as we keep travelling.

    I am so jealous about Bled, I really would love to go there, my husband has been and said it was beautiful.

    • It’s stunning. We decided it would be a great place for New Years because we would be able to watch the fireworks over the lake but stay in our air bnb cabin so our little one could sleep.
      Yu have to make him take you 😉

  4. Yet another brilliant outstanding & impressive post on all fronts LondonMum! Such organisation … WUNDERBAR! What wonderful future memories for you all. We’re so pleased Little London travelled well this time ha! Need the LondonMum ‘B+WC media clearance / permission’ asap please. Onwards LondonMum. “O.”

  5. This is just beautiful! Your photographs are amazing. And I think you’re perfectly sensible for going on a trip like this as a family. When my girls are older, we are going to take them travelling for a whole year around Europe. I can’t wait!x

    • That would be bliss. I wish I could do the same, I don’t think I’d be able to though given my other halfs job. What I need is for him to get a job on a film that’s on location for a year so I have an excuse to be abroad for a lengthy time 😉

  6. wow it looks incredible and what beautiful pictures and memories have been created here

    • That’s the most important thing, having some brilliant memories to take away 🙂

  7. Gosh these photos are stunning, who takes your photos? Austria looks amazing and the scenery is outstanding. I have never been before maybe it is one to put on the list!

    • You should! It’s a bit pricier than Slovenia but it is beautiful. Hallstat was stunning. I’m the photo taker, I’m still learning everything but practice makes perfect. I’m in desperate need of a new lens!

  8. You look like you’ve created many happy memories. What a busy trip! But looks like so much fun. We are yet to go abroad with our brood.

    • You’ll have to try one day, it’s definitely an adventure that’s memorable! 🙂

  9. Beautiful photography. Slovenia is a place I’ve always wanted to visit, I love travelling to countries in the snow.

    • We htoguht we’d do something different this winter because we were looking at hot destinations originally. x

  10. Looks like you had incredible trip! I am going to save this itinerary as we really want to visit Slovenia. I’ve followed you for a while but just now coming to say hello. Love your blog! 🙂

    • That’s so sweet thank you. My original plan was to go to Budapest from Vienna and head on an overnight train to Romania, but time just didn’t permit. Next time though 😉

    • The scenery was beautiful! It’s easy to get a good picture when you’re looking at something so naturally stunning.

  11. Such beautiful photos and how exciting that you took the train, that’s ace. You have exactly the same thinking that we have about what a holiday should be.

    Laura x

    • It was a really easy mode of transport. We had one big back pack, a couple of small ruck sacks, the pram and one wheel case thing. It worked out fine 🙂

  12. Wow it looks incredible! Gorgeous scenery and I bet the little man had a ball on the train journeys. x

    • Telling him we were going to get a train was often he one thing he’d wake up in the morning for hahah x

  13. Gosh never dreamed Slovenia looked so amazing definately will put this on my wish list scenery is beautiful

    • It’s beautiful. It’s totally understood as a travel destination in the UK, but it really shouldn’t be! Easy to get to, fairly cheap compared to other european countries and just so stunning!

  14. Such a gorgeous post and what stunning photographs. Love this, and all the best of luck! You’d be great 🙂 xx

  15. Ah what gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous pictures - so envious of your wonderful holiday, it looks just perfect. the first picture with the swans is just pure perfection, ah how i wish i was there 🙂 Good luck with the MW application 🙂

    • It was a wonderful holiday. Nice to get away as a family and just have some fun 🙂

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