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Buying a house in today’s climate is expensive work, especially when you have a family and you need to tick a certain number of requirements off a list.

Location has always been the most important factor for us when deciding on a property.  And the house we ended up buying last year ticked most of our boxes but not all of them- but the location was a hit.  So we put in an offer and got accepted.  The property is a step up from our previous (one bedroom) apartment but we know it’s the house before ‘the house.’

Although our house has got three bedrooms, two of them are on the same floor and the final one is two floors higher.  So we decided to sleep on the same floor as our son as his requirements can still be quite needy during the night and I like to keep him close, which meant he ended up in the box room.

When it came to deciding how his room would be styled, I knew it would have to incorporate the mass amount of books and toys that are part of his life.

But I also wanted to be smart about how these things would be stored and presented.  After all not only are we limited on space, but we also don’t want to be buying new furniture every year or so as he outgrows the previous items.  I also didn’t want to buy anything that wouldn’t work in a house we might end up moving into in the future.

This was something we had started to think about when we were in our previous flat.  In particular with his cot.  Because he was in our room we wanted to make sure we were in charge of whether or not he got out of bed (he’s never been a cot climber thankfully).  But knowing we were going to move we didn’t want to buy something that couldn’t be adjusted as he got older.  So inevitably it also had to become a toddler bed.

The Lucia Convertible Plus, part of the Urbane range by Boori seemed the answer to our needs.

Not only did I love the clean, sleek lines of the cot but the range was ideal for modern urban living.

In fact it seemed to be the answer to everything we’d require until our son leaves home and ventures into the wide world by himself.  So for the cost of one cot we knew we’d be able to use it until adulthood and not just be stuck with another piece of baby furniture we’d be trying to sell on the baby pages of Facebook.

In the pictures of our sons room you may be surprised to see he still sleeps in it as a cot- considering he’s 3 and a half, I guess you could say the move from cot to toddler bed has been a long time coming (we didn’t want to change his sleeping dynamic too much before the baby arrived or by the time we’d managed to get a baby gate up by the stairs- which are right by his bedroom door).  But it goes to show the space the cot gives for a growing child.  He still fits perfectly in his cot with space either side, and height wise too.

Of course the time has now come for us to get the toddler rail up and he’s at a great age for this change because he happily goes to bed at night and enjoys the ritual of story time and bed time.  With the baby gates all in place I don’t need to worry about a sleepy little boy walking out of his room at night-time to sneak into our bed and accidentally falling down the stairs.

But once he’s outgrown the Lucia Convertible Plus toddler bed, I’m hoping we’ll have bought our forever home by then and we’ll be able to give him a good-sized room all to himself.  The Lucia Convertible Plus will perfectly adapt to an increase in room size as it can actually be turned into a double bed and a little sofa bench with the convertible plus conversion kit.  Meaning that one piece of furniture can be used from birth to adulthood if needs be.

In terms of room storage we have a variety of ways in which we present his belongings.  With round felt baskets to house some of his toys, a little iron magazine rack to store some of his books (the rest we leave in his in-built wardrobe meaning we can keep the books on rotation and also have them appropriate to the seasons) and a wire notice board to clip up some of his drawings or anything that might help him- be it an alphabet poster to wise words, we are able to give him the room he wants.

A Paw Patrol poster may be what he wants tomorrow, but the day after he’ll be wanting a picture of The Gruffalo and the small bull dog clips mean we can adjust what we attach to his notice board.

I personally love attaching small memories to the notice board, and when he’s settling down at bedtime I like to start little conversations about what a certain momento might remind him of.

You’ll be surprised how you can keep many memories alive from when they’re young just through those small pieces from the past.  Probably a reason why I like to put up pictures of his travels in his room as well.

With a book shelf attached to the wall he’ll be able to decide how it should look when he starts to put his own personality into his room.

Currently it homes an air purifying plant that’s surprisingly still alive, and some of my Enid Blyton first edition collection books that’ll be read to him in time.

It’s also scattered with a few toys that he’s carefully pulled out of his toy boxes and homed up on the shelves.  It’s a great little section of innocent childhood.

With a little nod to his age with his road carpet mat that’ll grow with him for a good few years I love that his room can be personalised with just a few simple changes that won’t cost loads in the future.



  1. love the style of the room, really modern and stylish. The shelving is lovely too - need some more wire home accessories in my life! ha x

  2. I love the fact that you’ve given even the smallest detail some thought! It looks like something you’d see on a TV show after they remade someone’s home. I’m absolutely jealous of the books you guys have for your baby bud! It looks incredible and I’m sure he’ll appreciate the handwork and effort you put into it when he’s a bit older. It’s so lovely to see things like this that shows us that redecorating doesn’t have to be a big, scary expensive thing. It can be cost-effective and stunningly beautiful.

    • Because we’ve had to decorate the whole house we’ve had to be cost effective but hopefully give our son basically everything he’d need and want for his bedroom. x

    • I don’t thinkI’d be able to cram his little sister into that room with him, I guess when she needs her own room that’s when we need to move to the room furthest away! (unless we have a new house by then) eeek.

    • I’m not keen on sticking things to the walls because it always leaves a mark of sorts.

  3. I love the wire rack thats an awesome idea. Lovely bedroom. I love the simple style. That cot is lovely too! Our baby is in the same cot that our older 2 also used. He is in with us still and will be for quite a while yet.

    • Same with our baby… hoping to have moved house by the time she needs her own room but we’ll see! lol

  4. Wow! I’ve never seen a cot/bed that convert in this way - how cool is that! Cot of the future, for sure! Love how you’ve styled the room too 🙂 x

  5. I love what you did with this space! It is clean and minimal with enough decor to make it sweet little room. The cot is perfect for the space, the colour isn’t dark so it adds a light airy feel and you kept the walls light too. Everyone should read Enid Blyton, I’m glad you still have your books. I still have my books too.

  6. I really like the shelving and the play rug, they are really sweet. It’s nice that your son wont outgrow this room for some time too. Especially the toddler cot bed, all you need to do once his ready is to take off the sides and have that as his bed.

  7. Wow! Amazing room for you kid! Makes me want to be a kid again and have you design and decorate my room to suit my personality and my favorites. Awesome details and description. I can’t wait to have this updated when your kid’s all grown up and have a newer style on the room.

    • I can’t wait until he starts bringing home pictures I can put on the wall lol… he’s so not interested in drawing yet… typically!

  8. The whole room look great, a really smart use of space - love the notice board and shelves 🙂

  9. Oh it’s so smartly done! I love the board idea so you can change things on it as his taste changes

  10. Gosh that room is small but you’ve made great use of the space! Love all those Enid Blyton books - they were a favourite of mine growing up!

    • It really is! it’s either a small office or a nursery room, so we’re lucky it works for us right now. x

  11. Blimey, that’s a stylish 21st Century magnificent ‘man-cave’ if ever I’ve seen 1 LondonMum!! What a fabulous little ‘5star pad’ for a fabulous little ‘5star lad’ – very Hilton-esq … DOES IT COME WITH MUMSIE ROOM SERVICE???? Now you’ve ‘dun-it’ … his ‘lil-sparkler-sis’ will want a 6star penthouse now – guess what you’ll have to do then … yet again – or move in with her?????? haha.
    Very short “O” awaits - just need to check something please – a “YEP” or “NOPE” answer’ll do (No big words please - you know me … very easily confused ha.) Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum.

    • Of course it comes with room service.. unfortunately at some ungodly hour when he needs a wee… ggrrrrr… hahah x

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