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Technology never ceases to amaze me.  Just as I’m getting used to new phone updates or asking Alexa to tell me what time the next train leaves, Motorola decide to bring out their award winning Smart Nursery range.

I never even thought it a necessity to have technology in the nursery, turns out it’s a genius concept now that I’ve figured it out.

The nursery can be used as a whole, or the units can be used individually.  I’d personally recommend building up the nursery to suit you bit by bit.

Starting with the Smart Nursery 7″ Portable Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor.

To break it down, it’s just that- a functioning video monitor.

But this is where the genius comes in.  Not only are you able to check on your baby as you would usually using the compatible 7″ HD touch screen monitor it comes with (bigger is definitely better here), but after downloading the Hubble app for free to your android or apple phone, you can actually see your baby wherever you might be… on your phone.  Particularly useful for our family as my other half is often away for long stretches and isn’t able to maintain that close bond with our baby as much as he’d like.  It allows him to still feel included on day-to-day events such as the bedtime routine.

The fact that everything you can do on the compatible monitor can also be done through your phone is brilliant.  With either one, you can move the camera into the right position to be able to see your baby, and you can also zoom in.

You can access the microphone to be able to soothe your baby, play melodies, take pictures and even check the temperature of the room.

Further more, if any movement is detected in the room, it can send a notification to your device letting you know that either someone is in there or that your baby is significantly stirring.  The camera will even take a small video of what caused the movement and upload it to the Hubble cloud (it takes up no space on your phone).

Also as long as the camera and monitor have been sufficiently charged both units can work free of wires, meaning you don’t have to worry about cables stretching across your room to get the camera in the best possible position.  The unit even comes with a universal mount for use indoors or outdoors meaning if there isn’t a suitable surface for the camera to visually work you can create one yourself.

The one thing the video monitor doesn’t have that some other video monitor systems do, is the ability to play a light show.

However that’s where the Smart Nursery Dream Machine comes in.  And unlike other video monitors the scenes they play are interchangeable.

Although the dream machine needs to be plugged in at all times to work, the projector lens can be moved so it always hits a part of the ceiling that our baby can see irrelevant of where it is situated in our bedroom.

While we use this machine in our bedroom at the moment (it really settles Baby London), it would work perfectly in our toddlers bedroom too because it would allows us hear what’s going on in his room, and with the two way microphone system we’d be able to talk through the unit if he’s feeling unsettled or wakes up in the night needing something.  He also demands that we leave a light on in his bedroom when he sleeps, and the dream machine actually works as a night light too- we can even alter the mood by deciding on the colour of the night light.

The Dream Machine works with buttons that are accessed on the unit as well as via the Hubble app, giving you the ability to turn the light show on and off and turn the night light on and off too.  The Dream Machine can also play melodies like the video monitor, which again makes it a great option for another child’s room.

On the Hubble app, the dream machine will also read the room temperature and the humidity of the room, therefore giving us some indication as to the environmental impact the room will have on our baby or toddler depending on where the machine is positioned.

Talking about humidity levels, enter the Smart Nursery Humidifier.

If you already have a child, no doubt you’ve been through a few episodes of croup.  I know we have.  Our son has suffered with croup badly, to the point where he was blue lighted into hospital and placed on steroids to help him breath.

There’s nothing more scary then waking up to your child struggling to breath , and in our case it’s often because of a cough or a cold.

What I never realised is how important a humidifier is in terms health.  A humidifier adds moisture into the air which helps you to breathe easier- especially important for children who can’t blow their noses or clear their throats with the same ease as an adult.

The Smart Nursery Humidifier has four levels of cool mist diffusion.  The double filter of the unit makes sure the mist is purified but it also helps to clean the air in the room.

Again the humidifier can be accessed through he Hubble app.  While we aren’t using the humidifier at the moment, for us it’ll become an essential part of our nursery unit when one of the kids requires that extra help to breathe or when the winter comes around and we find the radiators sucking all the moisture out of the air making the rooms uncomfortable.

A really important part of the Smart Nursery that I have found invaluable right now though, are the Smart Nursery Baby & Me Scales.

I’m in no rush to lose the pregnancy weight.  Slow and steady ultimately is better, but keeping a travel on how I’m doing is nice.  Plus I’m always intrigued as to how much I weigh, and these scales are an easy way to read that as well as check my BMI.  Plus it’s quite entertaining comparing your BMI to your partners 😉

But the reason these scales have  been so important to me, is because of Baby London’s low birth weight in comapraion to her height.  With a baby born on the 2nd centile getting her weighed and knowing she’s putting on weight has been so important to me.  Previous to receiving these scales I was taking weekly trips to the health clinic with my son and my daughter just to get her weighed.

Inevitably that led to my son getting bored and restless, and it would take a good chunk out of our mornings.  Let alone the hassle of ushering two kids out of the door to get somewhere on time.  Plus sometimes a week would feel so long if I was worried.

Weighing Baby London on these scales couldn’t be easier.  I just change the setting to the parent and baby one and stand on it with her.  The results are then sent to my phone where I can visually see how her weight is going, through the Hubble app.  Any issues I know to go straight to the doctors.  Having a low weight centile baby is worrying, even more so I think when you’re breast feeding because you just want that reassurance that they’re taking in enough milk.

The final part of the Smart Nursery are the Alert Sensors.

For us this hasn’t been a necessity just yet- hence the reason why I think building up your smart nursery over time is beneficial.  But I can see why it would be a very important part of the Smart Nursery set up for certain houses or at certain ages.

The alert sensors send alert notifications to your phone or device if a door, a window or a baby gate is opened.  The way our house is structured means our front door is too high to reach for our son, and the windows are all key locked because they’re toddler height in the bedrooms (strange converted house so we have odd windows).  All other windows are sky lights and our back door goes out onto a walled balcony that our child can’t escape from.

My parents house though is a completely different build, and their front door handle is toddler height and that always panics me when I visit.  I make sure to double lock the door when I’m there, but there are times we’ve all forgotten to lock the door.  When I hear the door open I genuinely panic in case it’s my son about to runout onto the road.

If that were my house, these alert sensors would be a necessity for me.

With older children they can be useful as well.  Putting sensors on the fridge for example, on the medicine cupboards or when you want your kids to have that bit more freedom and trust them to have their owns keys and come home at night themselves.  It lets you know when they got in the house and whether they were on curfew 😉

The Smart Nursery is brilliant for the technical family.  The family that want good sleek designs throughout their homes.  For families that are similar to mine, which mean we can often be separated it’s a good way for the lone parent to keep in touch and be part of the day to day running of the home and feel connected to the family.

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    • It’s crazy isn’t it! The kind of genius that must originally come up with the concept and then put it into production!

    • I suppose we’ve become more protective but that’s because I think as parents we’re more aware now of the dangers or how to alleviate discomfort. I think it’s more for us then them 😉

  1. Things have changed since my Daughter was a baby, I would have loved something like this. I am going to have a look into this further as am expecting two grandchildren and this would be a great gift to get x

    • It’s brilliant. Iw as at my mums house earlier and telling her all about it. I was able to see my bedroom in its live view to show her what it’s like as a safety feature as well.

  2. What a great sounding range of gadgets for parents, it is nice to know there is so much choice no matter what you are looking to achieve.

    • THat’s it, there’s so much choice that I think as a parent you’ll find what suits you best.

  3. These sound like amazing products. I especially love that they’re able to keep Mr London Mum being able to read your little one a bedtime story or be involved in the bedtime routine while he’s away.

  4. Wow such incredible information to have about your child, as you say especially important if they get ill x

    • I’ve been recommended a humidifier by so many mums and it really does help.

  5. This sounds like a great product for use in a baby’s room. It’s so much better than what was available when I had my first child.

  6. I feel like I need to have another baby with all of this smart tech to try haha. Sounds really cool x

  7. Oh my foster mum would love this for my foster sister. I had no idea that Motorola did a nursery range, it just goes to show how quickly technology advances x

  8. Good God LondonMum - what a scary but weirdly wonderful machine – (& we’re only just getting used to gas down ‘ere) … don’t tell ‘L’ for goodness sake … she’ll want 1 – TO USE ON ME!!! Knowing you … I bet it can pick up Love Island & Big Brother (& other LondonMum ‘classics’) an’all ha? Whatever next? – another machine that talks back to you? - electric cars? – a change in currency? – man walking on the moon? – no more steam trains? - mobile ‘phones? - colour tele? - England winning the Rugby World Cup? … “Pardon????” Oh, … where have I been then???? – I must’ve dropped-off ha. Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum.

    • It’s quite a good way to sort out your home security I must admit 😉 haha. Also what will I do now that Love Island is over? *sob*

  9. It’s amazing the technology you can get now, compared to what our parents had. We have a camera monitor and it’s a good piece of mind being able to see she is okay upstairs.

  10. Wow! This sounds amazing. I love the idea of my husband being able to join in bedtime through the app I feel its so important that they feel involved to xx

    • It’s my favourite feature I think, it means just as much to him as it does to my son.

  11. This is so clever, I can’t believe how much technology is coming along. It’s such a nice idea that your husband can read a bed time story even when he’s not there x

    • I know- it would mean the world to my son when he doesn’t get to see his dad

  12. These sound incredible. I think I’d quite like the dream machine in my room never mind the baby’s!

  13. It’s quite a nice idea that you can connect it to your phone. I like the sound of the dream machine

  14. Wow this range sounds amazing! I love that you can do everything through the app, it would be perfect when my partner is working away so he wouldn’t miss anything x

  15. This is what is nice with technology. Probably a good way to help the parents monitor every single day for their baby.

  16. This is awesome!! I had a video monitor with my sons but it didn’t work as well as I’d have liked this looks so much better and so clever!!

  17. It’s incredible to see the rate that technology advances at! I am all for things that help you make your life easier. x

  18. wait, i never knew motorola had released these! i thought it was just phones. ive sent this to a friend as he’s so into his gadgets for his little one 🙂

  19. These look so cool. I think reading a bed time story to your baby while not being there is great for parents who have to work late.

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