Sooty And Sweep Competition

Most of us will have grown up with Sooty and Sweep on our TVs.  Little squeaky puppets that made noises to communicate with their human friend, we thrived at watching their adventures.  At least I did.  There’s something magical in believing that they were real characters.

What I didn’t realise it that Sooty and his friends still exist.  Maybe with growing up and suddenly realising that fairies aren’t real, and neither is Father Christmas, our ability to watch shows like Sooty suddenly fade into the background.  As adults we forget the simplicity and joy of just believing.  But luckily, while I may have forgotten, other children haven’t and Sooty is still around to this day to bring entertainment to my child.  That’s a pretty lovely feeling.

So during his bout of tonsillitis this week I thought I’d pop a bit of Sooty on.


I’m not sure what kind of miracle I expected but then again he is only just 14 months and he’s been home bound for days.  He watched bits with interest, then turned away to play with something, and repeated.  His grasp of language is still not quite there for the DVD to make its full impact!

However I was entranced.  I loved educational programmes when I was little, but I remember watching them when I was about 3/4, so a whole lot older than my Son is.  There is something to be said about learning through watching, and this Sooty DVD does just that.

Using the Early Years Curriculum teachings the new DVD ‘Sooty ABC Learn the Alphabet‘ uses phonics to teach the letters (totally out of my grasp learning the ABC as it stood, so this bodes well on how to teach my Son the alphabet with how he’ll be taught it at school).

The characters along with Richard take the viewer on a humourous little adventure at the famous Wookey Hole in Somerset, starting at A and ending at Z.

As a teacher I know my Sister would love this DVD for her class, and there’s something to be said about keeping education fun.  Children are much more receptive to learning in a jovial manner.  Aren’t we all?

So while my Son may have blanked a lot of it, I know with a bit of age and language understanding this DVD will be an important educational reference for both of us.  If you’re child is already at that stage where they are interested in learning, I would highly recommend this DVD.  It’s just been released and comes with a printed A-Z poster for your child to hang up and hopefully use to help reinforce what they’ve learnt.

The DVD also features three classic episodes from the CITV series.

Even more exciting I have one of the DVD’s to give away to one lucky reader of The London Mum.  All you have to do to enter is use the rafflecoptor below.

The competition is open to UK residents only.

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(Disclosure: We were sent a copy of the DVD to review)



  1. Great competition. It costs £6.99
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