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In the grand scheme of things I’m born on a very lucky day- the summer solstice.  It’s the longest day of the year so it sees the most day light hours in comparison to any other day meaning it automatically feels longer.  If it’s blessed with an actual day where the sun shines it makes it all the more amazing.

On the other hand my son is born on the winter solstice.  Quite a feat in itself really.  The probability of that happening is probably fairly slim.


So it felt fitting that this year for my birthday we ticked a big thing off my bucket list, and that was to see the sun rise through Stonehenge on the morning of my birthday.

With the weather being as unpredictable as ever, we decided to book ourselves a beautiful wilderness glamping experience with Canopy and Stars.


It gave us the thrill of being outdoors but with homely comforts.  Something I find is all the more important with a child in tow.


Stonehenge itself has a festival that runs all night long from the 20th of June where you can watch the sun set and then watch it rise on June 21st.  While this is something I would have done pre child, I felt it wasn’t practical with Little London, and now that I’m that bit older I kind of appreciate the chance to sleep when I can.

So our Wiltshire wagon was the perfect base.  The handmade wagon reflected the magical surroundings we were in.




Unlike previous outdoor experiences, we were all alone.  Not a single soul was to be seen in the surrounding area of our wagon.

With a hammock to laze away and nap in and a lake with boats to enjoy, we just took to outdoor life and allowed ourselves to enjoy the gentler pace of life.


Little London especially appreciated this.  With no technology and just the outdoors to enjoy he scarpered around trying his hand at rowing the boats (while singing row row row the boat) and trying to catch one of the millions of baby frogs that scurried around our feet.



Seeing how he took to natural living has inspired me to make sure we do a similar trip at least yearly.  Being able to ground ourselves in nature again and appreciate what we have around us, and what we often take for granted I think is something that all children will benefit from.



Instead of watching the sunset at Stonehenge, we decided to drive to the Avebury circle, which apparently is the real site for the summer solstice.  (I’ve read somewhere that Stonehenge was really for the winter solstice).



Being much less crowded we thought it would be more enjoyable in terms of letting Little London let off some energy before bed time.






We walked the perimeter of the stone circle and then we joined in with those celebrating the religious significance of the day by dancing amongst a drumming circle with Pagans, druids and the occasional flower wearing hippy.  We loved it.






^^Sun setting with a tiny glimpse of a rainbow- believe it or not it’s not the flare from the camera.

Once the sun had set and the strawberry moon (first one to happen on this day since 1967) rose into the night sky, we were treated to a spectacular performance.






^^ The strawberry moon.

With tired eyes, we drove the short distance to our wagon and put our heads down for the night ready for the Stonehenge sunrise.


We timed it perfectly, and we watched amongst the heaving crowd as the sun rose in perfect alignment through the stones at Stonehenge.





^^ Little London making friends as usual. 


We enjoyed the beauty of our surroundings, including watching impromptu yoga sessions and worship circles.

But with it being an early start once we’d seen the sunrise we made our way back to the wagon to grab a couple of extra winks.

Upon waking up at a more reasonable hour, we enjoyed the delights of being at the wagon…



^^ Dress| Topshop


…before heading out for a special Birthday meal in the gardens of the Red Lion Freehouse in East Chisenbury.





We finished off my birthday by singing Happy Birthday around the most beautiful birthday cake supplied by Parteaz Cakes; a small family run business who create the most stunning array of cakes.




The blue camper van design couldn’t have been more fitting with our location.

And surprisingly it was so much bigger than I originally anticipated giving it that even greater wow factor than I imagined.

But it wasn’t just there to look good.  I knew that inside would be the most delicious chocolate sponge and butter cream chocolate icing.


Once I blew out the candles that came with the cake and made my birthday wish we devoured chocolate cake all night long.



However try as we might there was a lot of cake for three people (it could easily serve 20 people), so luckily we were able to transport the rest of the cake back home with us in the clever box used to deliver the cakes.

A reliable company and certainly one we’ll use in the future!

With the day coming to a close on my Birthday we decided to tuck ourselves up in our little wagon and enjoy what time we had left in the wild, just the three of us.




  1. BRILLIANT!!! Dangerously close to down ‘ere though eh LondonMum haha. WELCOME BACK!! V.W. birthday cake? – that’s typical – brilliant!! Must’ve been a ‘fireproofed big-un’ to house all those candles (sorry.) Somebody else has just been welcomed back – YOU’LL NEVER EVER GUESS WHO? haha. - So, when you’re sorted, relaxed, feet up, surrounded by tea, choccies, biccies (sshh) – washing & nappies, that ‘someone’ has a little story for you… “Once upon a ‘flying’ time” …… “0” asap please - Hope all’s well haha. Onwards LondonMum.

    • I know how cute was the cake?! Was because obviously it doesn’t exist anymore *nom nom* I will get a wash load on and check my emails! 😉

  2. What a beautiful celebration. I adore taking time to get back to nature.

    • We rarely do it because we’re not overly keen on camping, but we loved this. It was just perfect- my kind of outdoor living!

  3. Happy Birthday lovely lady. What a wonderful thing to do. It looks like you had a wonderful time and you took some gorgeous photos xx
    Sarah Cantwell recently posted…Travel Diary | GibraltarMy Profile

    • Thank you.. once you start to get deeper into the 30’s you have to make a full blown occasion out of every birthday 😉 hahah x

  4. oh wow this looks like a perfect little break, your photos are stunning and that cake has got me wanting some cake now!! Hope you had a lovely birthday xx

    • Such good cake- I’ll be ordering all cakes from hem in the future.. no effort required lol! x

  5. My son was just born on the summer solstice! So you have a new birthday buddy now! Beautiful post, photos and experience! I’ve always fancied trying Canopy and stars… And those tiny frogs… Omg!! Lovely lovely lovely xxx ps belated birthday wishes! Xx

    • Yay I love a birthday buddy! It’s a good day to be born on 😉

    • Because of the religious significance of the day it’s the only time they take down the barriers around stonehenge so you can get into the circle. Definitely an experience. x

  6. This looks like such a gorgeous way to spend a birthday - might have to steal the idea myself. And the accommodation you had looks so cute too!

  7. I’m a June birthday too, my birthday is the 15th which I always say is slap bang in the middle of the year. Your celebrations look lovely.

    • It’s a good distance from Christmas to get a good spread of gifts right 😉

    • I love Slovenia, such a beautiful country! I can imagine spending time living outdoors there would just be spectacular!

    • I can’t believe the guy who owns it built it all by hand- that’s some serious craftsmanship!

  8. What an amazing birthday treat, and what a beautiful, fun & unique way to spend it. I live farily close to Stonehenge, yet I’ve never been!

    • Always the way isn’t it! It’s definitely an experience to see the sun rise through the stones. x

  9. Amazing, I love the look of this. Such a different birthday treat, glad you’ve been able to tick that off the bucket list x

    • I know finally! It’s taken me about 10 years or so of wanting to do it to get it done! lol. x

  10. What an incredible birthday experience. Spending time outside must have been wonderful. That cake is amazing!

    • So glad you enjoyed the pictures- it was quite a jam packed birthday!

  11. What beautiful pictures of you and your family 🙂 Looks like the perfect birthday! I have always wanted to go glamping.

    • It’s a great experience- I’m not one for camping so this was much more my style 😉

  12. Happy belated birthday. Looks like you had a great time and that cake looks delicious. I’ve never been one for camping but I am intrigued by glamping, I like the idea of getting back to nature but not having to sleep on the floor ha

  13. I’d love to do this one day! Looks and sounds amazing! Glad you got to have a great birthday and tick off one of the things on your bucket list! Some fantastic photos, especially of your little one! 😀
    Kira C recently posted…Paris 01 Perfume ReviewMy Profile

    • I know- I love getting pictures of him at this age. He’s just too cute to not snap away! lol. x

  14. Happy birthday! This looks as though it was a one-in-a-million way to celebrate. I really must try and go to the solstice celebrations one year.
    Nell (the Pigeon Pair and Me) recently posted…Seven ways to keep your kids happy on a ferry crossingMy Profile

    • Such a great way to celebrate the day, definitely try and make it one year! x

  15. What a lovely day to have a birthday! Love that your son was born on the winter solstice too. Lovely photos! x

  16. What an amazing thing to do!! Your pictures are seriously stunning, and your little boy is so very handsome. Happy belated birthday too x

    • Thank you, it was incredibly fun and I loved it because it was that bit different for a bday celebration. x

    • Hahaha my thoughts exactly! Show me a tent in a bag and I might just run! lol. x

    • This is a great place, my son just loved it. And if your boys are older they can get in a boat each and row around the lake. It’s a great place!

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