Caesarean Awareness Month: A Rant

So April is apparently Caesarean Awareness Month.  I thought I’d check it out to see what it was all about considering that my birth experience resulted in a caesarean section. What a total waste of my time. Basically to cut… Continue Reading

Shopping Haul: 1

Everyone loves a shopping spree especially me, so I’ve filmed a shopping haul video for you all to enjoy. To look at the pieces more individually and closely here are some pictures with the appropriate links to the right pages… Continue Reading

Mummy & Blogging Balance

In the last three weeks, I’ll have been away from Baby London for six nights.  That’s a lot of missed time.  Many Mum’s find it hard to be parted for even just one night, and here I am knowing I… Continue Reading

Relationship Reality Post Baby

After having a baby I think it’s really easy for us ladies to concentrate solely on that new little bundle.  After all it’s the product of a loving relationship in most cases and so we throw ourselves heart and soul… Continue Reading

Post Pregnancy Belly Busting (week 6)

Week 6 has been an nice easy week, not many changes on the MuTu front so I was able to do my core exercises without having to follow along online.  I need to follow the online video for the intensive… Continue Reading

Baby London’s 14 Week Vlog

Baby London is 14 weeks old! We head to Virginia Water with some friends for a baby date, which ends with some good old baby conversation! And then we head to a shopping centre so I can get some passport… Continue Reading

The First Vlog

Finally I have the first vlog ready! You’ll have to excuse the messy hair but I’d been attempting to vlog all day with a variety of equipment and by the time I figured out what was best to use I’d… Continue Reading