3D Lipo Review| The New York Laser Clinic

It’s a personal thing how you feel about a little nip/tuck.  But as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to appreciate the wealth of treatments available on the market that are there to help us grow old disgracefully 😉 I mean… Continue Reading

Royal Ascot| Chi Chi & Johnny Loves Rosie

A firm feature on the British calendar has to be Royal Ascot.  The grandeur.  The elegance.  The gambling.  The hats. It has to be the horse racing event to attend if you have to choose just one. With a choice… Continue Reading

10 Ways To A Healthier Body And Mind

Lifestyle choices can be the determining factor on how we feel about ourselves.  Whether that’s mentally or physically. So I wanted to give myself a little bit of a body and mind make over. With some simple changes I want to… Continue Reading

Chemical Hair Straightening With Zoltan

For me there are two types of hair appointments.  The first one is your usual.  The one where you get a haircut, maybe your roots touched up or a bit of colour and then the hairdresser blow dries your hair… Continue Reading

Anti Ageing Skincare Gift Guide

This year I’ve worked with some brands and companies who I absolutely adore when it comes to skincare.  I feel like I’ve trialled enough products to know which ones are good and worth the money and which ones aren’t. Being… Continue Reading

Bloggers Gift Guide

Today I thought I’d bring you my blogger’s gift guide for Christmas 2015. There’s a range of price tags, so some are mega expensive, while other gifts much more affordable! 1.  Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G Lens from £132.00.… Continue Reading

The Body Shop Oils Of Life Review

As the weather changes, our skin needs change as well.  With the heating coming on, and the outside temperatures dropping drastically, it’s really important to make sure your face is protected and moisturised to the best of your abilities to… Continue Reading

Daytime Makeup

One of the unfortunate truths in life is that the older you get the less make up you should wear.  I love make up, I love the confidence and the veil of ‘perfection’ it gives.  But I have learnt that… Continue Reading

SkinBrite Face Peel

As a brand ambassador for Destination Skin, I’ve been undergoing a series of face peels to remove the visible signs of ageing from my face.  Having looked under their UV lamp during my initial consultation,  I could see the worrying… Continue Reading

Skincare Routine #2

I realise it has not been long since my previous skin care post, but I wanted to get the previous post up because I knew things were going to be changing, and that was the routine I had been following… Continue Reading