3D Scan| 30 Weeks

Although I’m getting more scans than most women in pregnancy due to the gestational diabetes, it’s not quite the same as being able to see the baby on a 3D scan. My growth scans pretty much just pick out the… Continue Reading

Bleeding, Growth Scans and Possible Early Delivery| 29 Weeks

After my rant about being ‘lazy’ in pregnancy, I proceeded to wake up the next morning and discovered I’d had a small bleed.  Being 26 weeks pregnant at the time and bleeding, even if it is only a small amount,… Continue Reading

A Blogger’s Life: Boden A/W15 Press Day

Boden was one of the first companies to contact me as a blogger outside of the realm of all things babies. If I’m honest, I never really paid them much attention up until that point.  Pre baby I quite liked… Continue Reading

1950’s Fashion #FashionFriday

I had quite a lot of emails from people asking me where my outfit for Secret Cinema came from, so I thought I’d make this #FashionFriday all about what I wore. I love dressing up, and sourcing the clothes is… Continue Reading

My Mid Year Resolutions

So as you know my 30th birthday has come and gone.  As with New Year I like to make a set of resolutions.  These are usually because my New Year’s ones haven’t made it this far and I need to… Continue Reading

La Dolce Vita

It’s amazing what a baby free weekend can do to revive the depleting energy levels of a new-ish Mum.  I didn’t think I was all that tired, but upon return from Lucca I feel so much more alive and less… Continue Reading

Baby London is a Raver

I can safely say that Baby London takes after his Father.  Which means he’ll be a handful as he gets older.  The reason I know this is because last week we took him to a rave. You heard me right,… Continue Reading

A Great British Adventure

I’m going to take you on a Great British Adventure… (What is it about men and babies??! Add a man in uniform to the mix and my hands start getting all clammy!) Sometimes as a inhabitant of the British Isles… Continue Reading

Gaggle of Hen’s in Bath

I’m going to sound like a terrible Mother (I’m used to it now so I’m not overly concerned anymore), especially considering my last post.  But actually in the end I didn’t find it all that difficult leaving Baby London behind… Continue Reading