Caesarean Awareness Month: A Rant

So April is apparently Caesarean Awareness Month.  I thought I’d check it out to see what it was all about considering that my birth experience resulted in a caesarean section. What a total waste of my time. Basically to cut… Continue Reading

Relationship Reality Post Baby

After having a baby I think it’s really easy for us ladies to concentrate solely on that new little bundle.  After all it’s the product of a loving relationship in most cases and so we throw ourselves heart and soul… Continue Reading

Pregnancy, Birth, Parenting and Shopping with Wauwaa

With pregnancy, birth and parenting a whole load of questions come up and advice is always needed. I’ve found advice from real people the most helpful.  Midwives and health visitors have their uses, but sometimes us mere mortals want to… Continue Reading

Post Pregnancy Belly Busting

After posting up some rather revealing post pregnancy pictures of my delightful stomach I was lucky to be contacted by Wendy Powell who is a renowned post natal core restoration specialist who heads MuTu and has helped thousands of women… Continue Reading

6 Weeks Post Partum: The Honest Truth of how I am Emotionally

I’m going to be honest here… I’m going to tell you all how I have been emotionally these past 6 weeks.  Let me warn you it’s not pretty! After the birth I was absolutely drained.  If I’m being honest I… Continue Reading

Nurturing Mums Review (week 1): Dealing with my guilt and learning to be a Mother.

My first week at the Nurturing Mums course; a North London group I was asked to review, came just three weeks after having Baby London by caesarean, so I was filled with quite a bit of anxiety before attending.  I’ve not… Continue Reading

My hospital bag: Baby essentials (2/3)

The baby bag was the exciting part of my hospital packing.  All those little clothes I’d bought over the previous months suddenly had a real part to play.  It’s really quite surreal to think my little man will actually be… Continue Reading

My hospital bag: Birthing essentials (1/3)

Packing the hospital bag is such a long tedious mind-boggling process.  In fact it’s so long I’m going to split it up into 3 posts.  Each post for a different part of the birthing process. 1. Birthing essentials 2. Baby… Continue Reading

Hypnobirthing course review

Obviously it’s not too long before our little one makes his appearance into this big world, so with that in mind I’ve been doing what I can to get prepared for the birth- the scary part of pregnancy. (Coat from… Continue Reading