London RIB Voyages | Adrenalin Toddler Activity

I wouldn’t say I was an adrenalin junkie as such.  But I do like certain thrilling adrenalin fuelled activities. You’ll catch me zip lining, ghyll scrambling, river rafting or cliff jumping into glacial waters if the opportunity presents itself. As… Continue Reading

Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park

In the heart of London, for six weeks only, Hyde Park becomes the place to head to for festive fun.  After all it’s the home of Winter Wonderland. Being open from 10am-10pm gives you the opportunity to choose your preferred… Continue Reading

London Zoo With 365 Tickets

The one thing you can’t predict in London is the weather.  There are so many parts of London I’ve yet to explore- even though I’ve lived here for over 10 years.  But I hate being caught short by the weather. With… Continue Reading

Afternoon Tea With Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn. Was there ever a more classically beautiful and smart woman to grace this earth?  Audrey Hepburn will always have a special place in the heart of many of her admirers.  She epitomises all that we seek to accomplish… Continue Reading

A Royal Morning

Waking up to glorious sunshine is always a winner on a Sunday morning.  The bright rays just scream ‘let’s go an adventure.’ And that’s certainly something that’s changed since having a baby.  I eagerly anticipate the day ahead not knowing… Continue Reading

The Obligatory Terrible Haircut

It’s a right of passage isn’t it? The obligatory terrible haircut.  At some point in a child’s life it happens.  Christ, I think my whole childhood was spent with the obligatory terrible haircut, so it’s only fair my child gets… Continue Reading

Investment Options

When it comes to making your money work for you, you fall into either one of two camps.  The saver or the investor.  My Dad is a saver; he’s now retired, but he worked, earnt his money and put it… Continue Reading

Being Thrifty with Household Shopping

Buying a house, doing renovation work and then Christmas on top has meant we’re living pretty close to the bread line at the moment.  Especially as Mr London Mum is soon going to be dipping his toe into the freelance… Continue Reading

Mail Worth Receiving This Christmas & A Giveaway

Sometimes life just catches up with us and one thing we all lack is time.  Often that means we miss loved ones birthday’s or can’t squeeze in a visit over Christmas.  This is especially true if there’s a considerable amount… Continue Reading