London’s Hidden Gardens

With the sun finally popping it’s head out, it seems like we could be in for some glorious days ahead.  London in the sunshine is the most amazing city. The sun immediately makes the city dwellers happier, more forgiving and… Continue Reading

Roba Bar And Restaurant| Paddington, London

London is a foodies dream.  There’s a wealth of amazing eateries to enjoy, and just when you think you’ve explored them all a new one pops up. Roba specialises in modern British cooking with an Italian flair, and it has… Continue Reading

A Royal Morning

Waking up to glorious sunshine is always a winner on a Sunday morning.  The bright rays just scream ‘let’s go an adventure.’ And that’s certainly something that’s changed since having a baby.  I eagerly anticipate the day ahead not knowing… Continue Reading

London Looks vs Parisian Postcodes with La Redoute

La Redoute have been comparing us London bloggers with our Parisian counterparts to see how we compare when it comes to picking out stylish little numbers, while giving you some really useful insider tips when it comes to finding little… Continue Reading

Baby London’s 14 Week Vlog

Baby London is 14 weeks old! We head to Virginia Water with some friends for a baby date, which ends with some good old baby conversation! And then we head to a shopping centre so I can get some passport… Continue Reading

The First Vlog

Finally I have the first vlog ready! You’ll have to excuse the messy hair but I’d been attempting to vlog all day with a variety of equipment and by the time I figured out what was best to use I’d… Continue Reading

Beauty Angel Energising Light Technology (ELT) at Cobella

Yesterday I was invited to the swish Cobella Day Spa and Salon in Kensington.  Literally a 5 minute walk from High Street Kensington Tube, this salon is perfect for Londoners on the move and needing a beauty fix! I was… Continue Reading

Nurturing Mums Review (week 6): Goodbye!

Today sadly was the last day of our Nurturing Mums group- a North London postnatal group I’ve been asked to review.  The weeks have flown by and today instead of walking in with a new-born I have a happy, healthy… Continue Reading

Nurturing Mums Review (week 5): Relationship Issues

This week I was unable to attend Nurturing Mums; a postnatal group I’ve been asked to review.  Both myself and Baby London have been quite sick the last few days, and we’d both lost our voices.  (Poor baby is confused… Continue Reading

Nurturing Mums Review (week 4): Boogie Babies

As you know I’ve been asked to review a post natal group called Nurturing Mums, who run a 6 week course for all new Mothers as a way to help them get them back into a lifestyle they enjoy and… Continue Reading