Mothering Sunday

I’m going to harp on here about how amazing my day was, and in advance I’m sorry because I’m going to sound like the cat that got the cream.  But my Mother’s Day really was the most perfect celebration.  It… Continue Reading

Pregnancy, Birth, Parenting and Shopping with Wauwaa

With pregnancy, birth and parenting a whole load of questions come up and advice is always needed. I’ve found advice from real people the most helpful.  Midwives and health visitors have their uses, but sometimes us mere mortals want to… Continue Reading

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift: The Final Surprise

After enjoying a special day with your Mother what better way to top it off in the evening than with a slice of cake.  But not any old ordinary cake, something with a little bit more pizzazz! Enter Baskin Robbins.… Continue Reading

Post Pregnancy Belly Busting (week 4)

Food The only issue I have with food I’ve realised is when I go out.  I can contorl what I eat and how things are cooked when I’m at home, but when I go out I lack the discipline.  I’ve… Continue Reading

Post Pregnancy Belly Busting (week 3)

Food I’m loving the food changes that I’ve made for the MuTu programme.  Finally I’ve been forced to go healthy and its really been so easy and filling.  I’ve refused to go all healthy in the past just because I… Continue Reading

Beauty Angel Energising Light Technology (ELT) at Cobella

Yesterday I was invited to the swish Cobella Day Spa and Salon in Kensington.  Literally a 5 minute walk from High Street Kensington Tube, this salon is perfect for Londoners on the move and needing a beauty fix! I was… Continue Reading

Healthy Pancakes for Pancake Day!

Pancake Day (or Shrove Tuesday) is just around the corner, and I refuse to miss it!  As you know I’m following the MuTu and Thinking Slimmer programme and the typical pancake isn’t quite what they’d consider ‘good eating.’  So I’ve… Continue Reading

My Top Tip for London Underground Users… (Compressed Deodorants)

I don’t need to tell you about how deodorants work or their effectiveness.  We each have our own favourite brand for whatever reason. But for those of you that buy those ‘old fashioned’ big deodorant sprays it’s time you joined… Continue Reading

Post Pregnancy Belly Busting (week 2)

Food Again food has been fine, I’m full up and satisfied.  Some of the meals we’ve had this week are: haddock with tomatoes, polenta and kale.  Meatballs with tomatoes,courgettes and olives with wholemeal pasta, turkey in wholemeal pitta bread with… Continue Reading

Nutmeg S/S14 Collection for Morrisons

Yesterday myself and Baby London were invited to The Arch to be shown what the future of children’s fashion looked like.. oh yes we were given a glimpse into the Spring/Summer 2014 collection from Nutmeg, part of the Morrisons Family, and even got the… Continue Reading