A Week in the Life of… a 16 Month Old


This month has just seen our little man become stronger and more agile.  Instead of things barricading him in, he now just clambers over everything.  Absolutely nothing stops him.  You’ll probably notice in the video that he has a certain core… Continue Reading

A Week in the Life of… A 15 Month Old.


I have to apologise in advance, because there are a couple of months missing in this video diary, but I’m back with our 15 month video blog.  Totally my fault… but I suppose the gap will just prove how much… Continue Reading

A Week in the Life of… An 11 Month Old #MummyVlogs


Happy New Year 2015 to you all! I’ve been enjoying a bit of a break over the festive period, so this is a little late! sorry about that, but family time is really important to me and the last thing… Continue Reading