The ASK Italian Homemade Ravioli Challenge

This #RespectThePasta challenge has been my most challenging to date!  You already know I’m certainly no natural chef in the kitchen and this week that was certainly proven.  The challenge was to make fresh ravioli using the Ask Italian Cookbook.  I… Continue Reading

The ASK Italian Fettucine Bolognese Recipe

From my last #RespectThePasta challenge you’ll know how bad I am at following instructions and that for some absurd reason I seem to think I possess the natural ability to cook.  My previous dish actually came out really yummy (pure… Continue Reading

An Italian Date

It’s a little bit harder having a date night when there’s a little person around.  But not to be defeated MrLondonMum and I wanted to have an evening where we could enjoy each others company and some wine 😉 But… Continue Reading