Parragon Books Buddies: Peek-A-Book & Count to 10 with a Mouse

With moving, some mail has gone amiss, but I managed to scramble back these two lovely items sent to me by Parragon as part of their Book Buddies Bloggers scheme. The first book Peek-A-Book by Malachy Doyle is a great… Continue Reading

La Queue Du Chat #FashionFriday

I’ve always enviously looked at the French as the ultimate style gurus.  They never over complicate outfits, preferring simple styles that never go out of fashion that always make an impact.  Subtlety and perfectly cut are the vital ingredients.  And… Continue Reading

I went Online Dating

Although I’m very much in a relationship, I realise that technology has advanced and internet dating is something quite common and acceptable.  So I’ve always wanted to try it. But rather than support my desire to experience the unknown (just… Continue Reading

Mummy SOS: My Child is too Advanced

It seems like as soon as your baby is born you’re waiting to tick off those milestones.  Every parent does it because it’s an exciting new chapter in your child’s life. I’m never prouder than seeing Baby London accomplish something… Continue Reading

How to Brush your Baby’s Teeth

With NHS cutbacks and changes in regulations, the one thing missing for new Mum’s is how to brush a baby’s teeth.  With Baby London now the proud owner of 4 teeth, its been important for me to make sure they… Continue Reading

Ralph Lauren Literacy Collection

When one of the biggest fashion houses invites you to tea hosted by Tamara Beckwith Veroni and her daughter Violet, you go along. So without having to be asked twice, myself and Baby London trotted along to the Ralph Lauren… Continue Reading