JOHNSON’S® TOP-TO-TOE Baby Washcloths

I recently got to work with Johnson’s by trialling and testing their new baby washcloth range. The timing actually couldn’t have been better, because it was just before my birthday celebrations where we decided to live outdoors in the countryside… Continue Reading


I hold my hands up and admit that I’ve been terrible at getting footage during Little London’s 20th month.  But I did manage to get some random nice bits which I put together so you can get an idea of… Continue Reading

The Bagginses Adventure #MinuteMonday

Here is a new little vlog for #MinuteMonday. Thank you so much to Lucinda over at Teacher2Mummy for hosting it last week.  This move is getting me out of sync!  There’s a reason people hate solicitor’s they take bloody ages… Continue Reading

The ASK Italian Homemade Ravioli Challenge

This #RespectThePasta challenge has been my most challenging to date!  You already know I’m certainly no natural chef in the kitchen and this week that was certainly proven.  The challenge was to make fresh ravioli using the Ask Italian Cookbook.  I… Continue Reading

Bullying Mummy is Fun VLOG

So the little man is 15 weeks old, and he’s hit some mile stones this week including learning how to roll over! We’ve also realised he loves bullying me 😉 I mention a new London theatre production called Elephantom in… Continue Reading

The First Vlog

Finally I have the first vlog ready! You’ll have to excuse the messy hair but I’d been attempting to vlog all day with a variety of equipment and by the time I figured out what was best to use I’d… Continue Reading