What I Wore #6| Topshop & Zara

True to form, spring is certainly here.  And along with it the weather is proving really indecisive! Literally, every day seems to bring a different weather variety. But with some hot days under our belt, it’s been tough to wear… Continue Reading

La Dolce Vita

It’s amazing what a baby free weekend can do to revive the depleting energy levels of a new-ish Mum.  I didn’t think I was all that tired, but upon return from Lucca I feel so much more alive and less… Continue Reading

Baby London is a Raver

I can safely say that Baby London takes after his Father.  Which means he’ll be a handful as he gets older.  The reason I know this is because last week we took him to a rave. You heard me right,… Continue Reading

Gaggle of Hen’s in Bath

I’m going to sound like a terrible Mother (I’m used to it now so I’m not overly concerned anymore), especially considering my last post.  But actually in the end I didn’t find it all that difficult leaving Baby London behind… Continue Reading

My February Fashion Wishlist

This is my fashion wishlist for February, as you can see I’m not one for cold weather, I just don’t like the bulkiness of a winter wardrobe.  I prefer layering pieces, and these pieces can be used year round and… Continue Reading