The Courthouse Hotel Bar and private cinema screening for MrLondonMum

Now I’m in my third trimester I must admit that I’m finding it harder to be a social little bunny but I’m not prepared to stop just yet.

MrLondonMum works in film and media and last night was a screening of a short film he produced and a few other short films the director had been part of.  I obviously had to go and show my support, other than the fact I’d seen how hard MrLondonMum had worked on his particular production I wanted to see the end result.

So off to the Courthouse Doubletree by Hilton on Great Marlborough Street.



The Courthouse is a hotel right in the centre of London’s shopping and theatre zone.  It’s an old magistrates court and internally many of the features of this court still exist- which I love.  Anything with a sense of history and I’m snapping away!

Many famous names have had cases heard here when the building was a court such as Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Keith Richards and Oscar Wilde.  And other famous names have been associated with the court such as Charles Dickens.

The reason this hotel was chosen for the screening was because it has its own little private cinema.  They hotel actually use the cinema room to show amazing old movies on the big screen.  Myself and MrLondonMum have been before to watch E.T on the big screen as neither of us were around to see the original release.  If you visit this page you’ll see a list of upcoming movie show dates that you can pre-book.  I do recommend it, it’s a great date night!


The cinema itself is perfect for a private screening, it’s intimate but the seats are luxurious and made of leather and you don’t feel like you’re sitting on top of the person sat next to you.  The cinema can be hired by anyone, and at £300.00 per hour the price is pretty good!  Especially when you think it seats 94 people.  (Don’t quote me on that price as that’s what the director paid.  Price may fluctuate depending on the use).  Best of all we were able to bring in drinks from the bar next door.

The Courthouse bar is truly a unique place to visit.  You enter the bar which is situated at the back of the hotel through iron bars that were part of the old courthouse.


The space is well lit and the décor is modern while keeping the original  historical features.



To the right as you enter the bar are three original cells from the courthouse days that you can either pre-book if you have a gathering or if they’re free you can just sit in and while away the time enjoying the cocktails on offer.




The original cells even have the original toilets (which are now blocked up and can’t be used although I did see one lady try to shut the cell door to use the toilet before being ushered to the ladies by the staff).



As for the drinks, they are overpriced but then again it is London and it’s a top class bar so to be honest those are prices you would expect to pay.  £6.00 for my virgin mojito was steep but it was also tasty and I didn’t feel like I wasn’t part of the party where everyone else but the pregnant lady could drink.



The only problem with last night was the fact that at events such as screenings it does involve a lot of talking and socialising.  Even though I was wearing my comfy ankle boots the heels were killing my feet and my legs were getting tired.  I’m also finding that I get quite breathless when I have to speak loud over background music.  So although I looked anti social I decided to sit outside the bar for a while on the copious plush sofas the hotel have in the lobby just to get my breath back.


On returning to the bar I realised I just had to take it easy so I found myself a comfy chair and promptly fell asleep.  Oh well I am pregnant after all!

The screening was a success and MrLondonMum was happy.  Luckily for me after getting home he spoilt me and got me tucked into bed with hot buttered crumpets and juice. He’s a good one.

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