The Crimson Field

With the birth of Baby London and figuring out how to become a Mum I ended up filling my Sky plus box with many TV shows I would have otherwise missed.  Some of them I’ve watched the first episode of and quickly deleted the rest of the series.  But sometimes you come across a little gem.

The Crimson Field is the most epic drama I’ve seen in a long time.  Straight away it grabbed me, it was interesting, historical and the characters are all so like-able and intriguing in their own ways.  (Maybe not all of them are entirely like-able actually..).

During Baby London’s naps I’ve been watching the drama unfold.  I’m transported back to World War I and glued to watching how life was from an era and a historical moment I’ve only heard about.  Many individuals no longer have relations that were around during the great wars and how sad to not understand a moment in history so important to us.

Great historical figures such as Edith Cavell are mentioned.  How many people today actually know who she is? I do, but only because I once lived in an area named after her and wanted to know who she was.  Otherwise I’d have been guilty too.

Great dramas like Downton Abbey reveal there is a massive market for amazing shows , yet the BBC are cutting The Crimson Field after one series.  If you’ve not watched it I highly suggest you do! (with a box of tissues to wipe away the tears every now and then; it has everything from lies and secrets, to romance and traitors!). And if you have watched it and loved it, then please make a complaint to the BBC and ask for it to come back for a 2nd series.  After all, it has over 7 million fans!

Basically I need a second series to be commissioned ;)

So lets #SaveTheCrimsonField



3 thoughts on “The Crimson Field

  1. I’ve been doing the same thing! My latest obsession is Devious Maids (on TLC). Love watching it when I feed Aria xx

    • Not heard of devious maids… I’ll have to check it out. A bit of TLC when the baby is awake if fab!! lol x

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