The Dorchester, London

I love The Dorchester.  It’s a hotel that makes me feel welcome and comfortable even though it’s one of the top 5* luxury hotel’s in the UK.  The staff are always friendly and the atmosphere brilliant.

The last time I went to The Dorchester was for my gorgeous friend ‘V’s’ birthday celebrations.  We got a suite, enjoyed the spa and ate at the restaurant China Tang; which is located within The Dorchester, before heading out all night for fun and frolics! What I didn’t realise at the time was that there was a little man growing inside me, and this was the last night I was to enjoy a few drinks.

(Dress: Ted Baker, Shoes: Zara)

Fast forward to now and V and I thought it would be fun to go back to The Dorchester and head to China Tang again for a sumptuous meal- round two.

Being pregnant means clothing is always an issue.  Comfort is my number one rule at the moment as I’m getting that big, so dressing up for The Dorchester proved hard.  So rather unforgivably (hangs head in shame) I wore some black leggings, a stretchy black long vest/dress with a black blazer over the top (in an attempt to smarten the outfit up), with some black ankle boots.  A necklace from Swarovski and my new gorgeous pink coat finished off the look!

(Coat from Topshop, Bag from Zara)

As usual I turned up first, (you should know by now my friend is always late), but with the hotel being such a welcoming place it was fine.  I didn’t feel awkward or out of place.  In fact I went to the bar and ordered myself a delicious mocktail called ‘Milky Way’ which was a concoction of lemon grass, lychee, lemon juice, rose cordial and soda water.

iphone 117

Perfect, so I enjoyed sitting down eating the little picky’s they left on my table while sipping my drink.

Can I just add these were the best olives I had ever eaten!

After a while my lovely friend found me and we headed over to China Tang,  which is as you can guess by the name a Chinese restaurant.  Even though we were late for our booking we were shown to our table and left to peruse the menu.

But you know what girls are like when they get together, the gossiping starts early so we didn’t actually order anything for about 30 minutes because we had so much to catch up on.  The staff weren’t pushy either, they would check to see if we were ready but allowed us to go at our own pace which was lovely.

Finally we got around to ordering.  We chose a selection of dim sum and a few bits from the A La Carte menu, all of which were to be thrown into the centre of the table for us both to share.

(Just two of the many dishes we ordered, I was too busy eating and chatting to take more pictures)

As you would expect the food was delicious, I ‘almost’ regretted eating the olives at the bar and allowing them to take up space when I saw how much food we had left over at the end.  So I sneakily asked if we’d be able to take the rest of the food away with us.  Not a problem at China Tang! They came out ladened with takeaway boxes filled with the unfinished different dishes.

A brilliant night and catch up with one of my best friends.  Maybe next time we go back I’ll have little one in tow! (actually I probably won’t- mummy will need time off!)

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