The First Vlog

Finally I have the first vlog ready!

You’ll have to excuse the messy hair but I’d been attempting to vlog all day with a variety of equipment and by the time I figured out what was best to use I’d given up trying to look human!

Anyway, this vlog is really just an introduction to say hi.  If you have a channel on YouTube please feel free to comment with your links on my vlog because I’d love to follow and see what you get up to! (I’m nosy don’t ya know).

Thanks for checking it out and not laughing public-ally where I can see you.  You have the decency to stay behind your computers and for that I’m grateful 😉







  1. Love your blog.. And now your YouTube channel, seems like we’re starting out in the big world of clogging around the same time! I’ll be sure to subscribe and share your vids..
    Also please check out my channel Meet The Ajoses
    And feel free to share and let me know what you think 🙂

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