The lows of pregnancy

I’m think I’m fairly lucky in the sense that I ‘seem’ to be coping with pregnancy particularly well.

I’ve not put on much weight apart from the obvious bump.. (although I can’t confirm that as I don’t keep scales and midwives in the UK no longer weigh mothers preferring to measure the bump size instead for fear of mothers being too weight conscious).

I also managed to escape real morning sickness (sometimes I’d feel a bit nauseous but nothing awful) and fingers crossed not one stretch mark has made it onto my body.  Plus my hair and skin has never been better!  But.. and there’s always a but… I have been suffering with a drop in blood pressure.

Having low blood pressure during pregnancy doesn’t put you at risk in the same way high blood pressure does and it’s apparently very common.  But combine a person like me that loves to be active + low blood pressure and it’s just not all that fun.

For those of you that aren’t sure what low blood pressure feels like, if I exert myself too much or get overly hot or walk too far (in my case a  15-20 minute walk can bring on feeling bad) then I end up really hot and need to sit down because I go so dizzy and my eyes go blurry.  I need to take about 10-15 minutes to calm myself down.  Unfortunately these episodes obviously happen mostly when I’m out doing something and the one thing I would love to do is to lie down on my side on the floor- not really something I can do when out and about.  Although I have sat myself on the floor with loads of empty seats behind me once because the floor was colder and I needed to stretch my legs out and not feel confined to a chair.  Also on a packed underground tube I begged a man for his newspaper that he was reading so I could fan myself to cool down a bit.  Thankfully he obliged.

So I’d like to find out if any of you have suffered with low blood pressure during pregnancy and how you dealt with it? I asked my midwife if there was anything I could do but there’s no real fix.  I just have to keep myself as hydrated as I can.

I’m hoping that now the weather has turned cooler maybe these episodes won’t come on as frequently.  This summer I have been particularly hot and uncomfortable and that I’m sure only adds to the discomfort.

This weekend I spent most of it indoors trying to just relax.  But I know I can’t continue that throughout the last of my trimester’s so I’ll have to find ways to cope.

I’m out for dinner with friends tonight although it’s only a bus journey away so I’m near home.  Hopefully I’ll feel ok.

I know little one is fine he’s making his presence known as often as he can.  But I won’t lie I can’t wait to meet him and have my body returned to myself.  Also I think I’m getting to the panicky Mum stage where I just want to see him and count his fingers and toes and know that I managed to get him into this world safely.  Not too long to go now!  But as I enter this last stage of my pregnancy I’m also very aware that we have absolutely nothing organised.

I’m sort of stuck if I’m being honest, the flat we live in now is one that I bought in central London when I was 21 and single.  It’s a gorgeous flat and really characteristic but as a studio flat it’s not going to house a family of three.

So we’re in the process of buying a two bedroom house the other side of London and closer to where my partner works, but the process of tying up all the legal ends just takes forever.  I can’t prepare for the baby while there’s no room so I need to be in the new house.  But who knows how long that will take…

I think I’m definitely having a low pregnancy time at the moment.  It’ll be fine though, things always seem to work themselves out!  Well really they have no choice but to work out… I just have to be part of the roller coaster journey to get there.

5 thoughts on “The lows of pregnancy

  1. Hey! Buying a new place? How exciting! Don’t worry about not being too organized. Your newborn will not judge you.
    I have and had low blood pressure. We will live longer. I used to faint at times but not any more. My technique is to hang your head down and push it down gently with your two hands at the same time try to push your head back. So your head and your hands are doing the opposite. Does this make sense?
    Your belly looks cute by the way!

    xoxo, Eszter

    • Thank you so much! I’ll try this out next time :)

      He might not judge me, but he might be lacking in essential items unless I get myself into gear at some point! I’m sure it’ll all work out though.. 13 weeks is still a long time! xx

  2. Sorry I don’t know why this comment appeared here - I was commenting on another blog in the WordPress Reader on my phone (or so I thought!) We moved house when I was in the last trimester with my first child, it was stressful but definitely worth it in the end. X

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