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If ever there was a garden to inspire you it has to be The Medicine Garden in Cobham.

It’s a beautiful walled Victorian garden that has been restored and brought back to life with a mixture of old, new and damn right practical.  All done of course by some amazing landscape gardeners.

It’s a great place to head with the family if you’re around the Surrey area.  Plus it’s free.


It’s a lovely welcoming garden and it’s a place you could easily spend a full day in especially if the weather is good.

So with the sun shining we hopped into the car and made our way over to it as it has been on my hit list for a while.

With the unpredictability of the British weather I decided to wear my Slouch n Glam trousers by HotSquash.


The lovely laid back style made sure I was comfortable, but the hidden technology meant I was kept at perfect temperature.

HotSquash design clothes that are low maintenance (no ironing needed or tumble drying required) and help to keep you either cool or warm depending on the season.  These trousers maintain a lovely warmth, which is why paired with a little slinky top meant I was able to stay consistently temperature perfect.

I have my eye on a couple of their new season pieces such as these leather look trousers and this pleated skirt.

PicMonkey Collage-2

With our home move imminent I thought it was time to get some inspiration on how to incorporate a bit of that “good medicine” feeling into the outdoor space we’ll have hence the trip to this particular garden just outside of the M25.

One thing that truly inspired me was how well the garden worked for all ages.


It was colourful and beautiful enough for me with it’s carefully tended to plants and flowers.




But it wasn’t so floral that it took away the space that Little London would need and require to have fun.




In fact, the garden seemed to be really well segmented but very well incorporated that the dedicated areas seemed to blend and work well together.


The thing that seemed to tie it all together were the various eating areas.




The lovely laid-back seating, rustic table and chairs, and even the sun loungers.




It meant outdoor eating couldn’t have been easier making that garden lifestyle in the summer so much more achievable.


And with a heater I’m sure al fresco dining could still happen as the months start to cool down.

The use of colour was also something that really brought life to the garden and pulled it all together.



Everything was vibrant, beautiful and interesting.  I loved the use of weather proofed furniture and mirrors.



With inspiration duly achieved, I went home and compiled a look book using Homebase products to try and achieve a similar feel on a budget.

PicMonkey Collage

As you can see I’ve gone for a great mix of colour.  Like I said earlier colour was something that stood out for me, and it kept the garden fun and exciting- both for adults and children.

But in amongst that colour they also had standard garden furniture at The Medicine Garden and actually the mix of styles seemed to blend by allowing flowers to take over and bring the very differing styles together.

I often stay clear of colour as I can be really scared to use it, but I think in a garden it certainly has its place and when we move that’s the thing I’m going to take with me when we design our outdoor living.



  1. Colour in the garden is a great thing to have, especially if you have natural coloured furniture. I have bright cushions that I pop out when we entertain and funky coloured tablewear

    • That’s the thing, I know our actual home will be quite neutral so to be able to have that colour outside would be just amazing.

  2. What a beautiful garden, perfect for an afternoon getaway!! Love your homebase picks too, perfect to recreate the gardens look!
    Kellie Kearney recently posted…A Measly Time of itMy Profile

    • So good, especially with a toddler around! lol.

      I love the little bits from Homebase too, I really hope I can create something beautiful at our new place.

    • There’s so much inspiration- probably more so if you know what you’re doing when it comes to gardening.

    • Thank you! The trousers are so comfy- I can’t wait to fully test out the fabric technology as the weather closedown.

  3. Gorgeous photos as always, looks like you had a fab day!
    Tara recently posted…Embracing Autumn With The Little Book Of HyggeMy Profile

    • It was great, when you have kids you start to appreciate when places have structured outdoor space well. It makes such a difference!

    • There’s just so much because it’s London and the proximity. I have a list of places that just keeps growing!!

  4. Great relaxing post with b-r-i-l-l-i-a-n-t photos LondonMum, they really made the ‘Medicine’ go Down.’ After that horticultural post, you’re both welcome to come & cut our grass down ‘ere – that’s the bane of my life!!! Great to see Mum-n-Son on ‘A Bicycle Made for Two’ (I admire his courage with you steering … how little he knows ha.) Best of luck with the biggie move … but, with LittleLondon, fridge-freezer under one arm, & wardrobe under t’other, you’ll be done in no time – just in time for brunch ha. Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum.

    • I hope someone is cooking up a brunch the other end! As for grass, I killed the new lawn we just had laid… OOPSSS!

      • ArHah … Never mind “Ooops” – CONGRATULATIONS – you’ve just won a ‘Golden Mower’ LondonMum! You sound like the kind of experienced ‘professional lawn gardener??’ we’re looking for!!! You obviously possess the skill to do for lawns what meteors did for dinosaurs – excellent, job’s yours!!! Enter – ‘The LAWN RANGER & TODDLER TONTO’ – bet I know what you’ve just said … “Who??” haha. Synthetic grass / roll-out-a-lawn’s got a lot going for it …& it can come with a marked out a rugby pitch haha!! Best of luck with the upheaval. Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum.

        • don’t mock my lawn hahaha you’ll be pleased to know it’s sprouting back to life again! hahah (with some new grass seeds and A LOT of water!).

  5. This is such a beautiful garden. I would love to visit!
    Jemma recently posted…Experimenting With Dairy With St Helen’s FarmMy Profile

    • I just wish I could pick it up and just attach it to the house we’re moving to!

  6. As always - beautiful photos! Wonderful way to spend a day in the sunshine!
    Annie B recently posted…High Neck Dress and Animal Pixie Boots // Outfit // FashionMy Profile

    • It was a good day- a bit too hot but then again I’ll be complain that I’m cold soon! lol

    • I’m actually quite petite, I just did a little roll up at the bottom to show a bit of ankle to make me not look quite so small! lol. x

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