The Obligatory Terrible Haircut

It’s a right of passage isn’t it? The obligatory terrible haircut.  At some point in a child’s life it happens.  Christ, I think my whole childhood was spent with the obligatory terrible haircut, so it’s only fair my child gets to experience the joys of looking like a twit.  Actually ‘The Twits’ isn’t a bad shout when it comes to describing the massacre that has occurred on my Son’s heavenly curly crown.

Alas his curls are somewhere floating about in my Mother’s back garden.  Hacked from his head.  After a few days in her company, of her making annoying comments of ‘oh the poor baby has hair in his eyes’ and ‘he can’t see’ (even though she was the one who refused to let me cut his much lengthier locks before he turned one due to superstitions) and her ignoring the fact I had repeatedly told her he was going to the barbers next week, she decided to just twist my arm and get her own way.  The chance to ‘trim’ his hair.

After telling me how great she was with a pair of scissors and showing her skills on the dogs fur the day before…


…I agreed as it obviously gave her some sort of weird pleasure to wield the scissors and cut hair from any kind of animal.  My Son included.  Here was her chance to be the doting Grandmother.

After chasing my Son around the garden and hacking at what she could manage to grasp between her fingers, Little London proudly showed off the results of his new stylish haircut.


Woops did I say stylish? I meant to say monstrosity.  His fringe is so short in places and long in others.


I think if I dressed him in some dresses for a while I could get away with declaring he’d had a fashionable pixie cut.  No such luck.  Good thing it grows quickly!

Lesson learnt 😉




  1. Just surfaced. Cor blimey LondonMum. Looks like your little Champ has been to the to the same ‘you hold the bowl while I spin the chair’ “tonsorial artist” I go to (sorry ha.) ‘L’ & I think that’ll be on his future … ‘I simply cannot believe you actually did that to me Mum?’ sons revenge list haha. Onwards LondonMum.

    • Hopefully it’ll be directed at my Mum.. after all she wielded the scissors! lol

  2. HAHAHA. PS. Please excuse the silly observation LondonMum … couldn’t help but notice the next ‘victims’ in the canine ‘stylists’ waiting room. One looking apprehensive & t’other already has the bowl on her head. Your poor Mum. Enough silliness, gig now … must go.

  3. My husband gave my daughter an 80s footballers mullet last haircut, but extending her fringe to behind her ears. It’s practical, but she may insist I burn all her three year old photos when she is older. Unfortunately her hair grows extremely slowly too, so it’s only just starting to look better…
    Mama Herself recently posted…Scottish Owl Centre, West LothianMy Profile

    • Oh no!!! Hahah poor little thing- guessing those will be the pictures used at at her wedding later on in life 😉 x

  4. Oh dear!! Whooops. But yes we’ve all done it! 😉 I did the same to Harry’s - left a massive chunk out of his fringe. Looked awful and Hubby was so cross with me!! Ha ha. It grew back (eventually) and yesterday we went to the hairdressers. Best £7 spent! Jess xx

    • I can’t wait to go to a hairdressers and get it all evened out a bit… few more weeks first! lol x

  5. This made me chuckle!!! I hacked off Eliot’s fringe a couple of times but I think the rest of his crazy mop managed to disguise it xx

    • It’s awful Lucinda hahah. Because his hair goes quite straight when it’s cu you can see it far too clearly! xx

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