The Secret To Anti Ageing

While there are many beauty blogs in the blogosphere, there aren’t many that are dedicated to us older lot.  It’s one thing getting amazing reviews and recommendations from an early 20 something beauty blogger, but as we age our facial needs change.  Add becoming a Mother onto that list and suddenly looking in the mirror is one hard task and preferably done with one eye shut!


I’m faced with dull skin, the signs of early wrinkles, crows feet and lets not mention those tired eyes, plus I swear I’m getting a bit loose in the jowl area!

While I’m actively trying to find the very best products to treat and prevent ageing (I am loving Kiehl’s Line Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate right now), I know that sometimes a little advice from the professionals might be worth my careful consideration.

Sk:n has a whole host of medical professionals all aiming to give you the skin you want, whatever the problem using an option of techniques.

Depending on how you feel about injectables (whether you’re for or against them) they aren’t the only option.  However if an injectable is something you’ve considered, knowing that Sk:n are on the Independent Health Advisory Services ‘Treatment You Can Trust’ Register means you can feel safe in the knowledge that you are going to a medically trained individual who is operating from a suitable premise.  For me, knowing that the practitioners are experienced and trustworthy is top of my priority list when looking at any form of cosmetic work.

But like I said injectables aren’t the only option when it comes to tackling those anti ageing problems (thank goodness as I’m incredibly needle phobic), the use of state of the art lasers are a very viable option, as well as varying strengths of medical grade peels to leave you with baby soft fresh skin, or one of my favourite treatments- microdermabrasion.

With a strict code of ethics, the Sk:n team will only advise you on what you truly need to achieve the skin you want at a free one on one consultation where your skin is assessed and scanned.  With all the information at hand to take home, you are allowed to decide in your own time if the treatment or treatments discussed are for you.  No forceful pushing sales tactics from Sk:n.

With a variety of payment plans it’s certainly worth considering popping along to one of the nationwide clinics for a free assessment if you have a skin complaint or you’re looking for real dermatologist advice.

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