The Swan Hotel & Spa| Newby Bridge, Lake District

Driving through the Lake District, you’re treated to such splendour and beauty that it almost feels like you’re part of a painting.

So it’s the best feeling when the accommodation you’re staying at fits seamlessly into that artistic natural setting.

Just over a small stone bridge, crafted to cross the River Leven, proudly stands The Swan Hotel and Spa.  It’s large white facade reminiscent of the way it would have welcomed guests as a coaching inn in the 17th Century.

It’s truly a magnificent building.

But while the outside of the building might conjure up feelings of yesteryear, the internal is truly modern.  With beautiful bright decor and lashings of pink that create the most instagrammable haven.

It certainly has a feminine touch and it appealed to my love of all things bright and beautiful.

Exploring the outside grounds was an event in itself.  From enjoying the riverside tables in the late afternoon with a drink in hand…

…to the short but sweet nature trail that led through sloe bushes and under the canopy of ancient trees bringing you right to the edge of where the river joins up to Lake Windermere.


The water here looked so inviting and fresh, it certainly would make the most divine outdoor wild swimming location.  Further up the river we watched a family jump into the water from their boat laughing and giggling as they splashed into the cool water.  The children dripping from head to toe with water droplets and big grins plastered across their faces.

Behind us the famous Lakeside and Haverthwaite train choo chooed as it made its way past.

Atmospherically The Swan Hotel and Spa has it all.  Enough people to create that excitement that a place is good- it’s a popular place to eat for non guests too, but also enough space to retreat and find some quiet time if needed.

There were plenty of little areas hidden away with fireplaces and sofas to just sink into and relax and of course the pool and spa area.

But what I loved the most about The Swan Hotel and Spa was how incredibly family friendly it was.  Down to the tiniest of details.  Details that often other establishments overlook.  And I can only put this down to the fact that the owners must have first hand experience in the real trials and tribulations of raising infants.

Simple things like providing a milk and cookie service in the evenings…

…to tailoring breakfast for children.  I’ve never been more excited to see boiled eggs and soldiers on a menu!

While there was a great playroom in the hotel filled with books to read, a pool table to enjoy and toys to play with, our children absolutely loved the freedom of playing in the playground.

Our son made friends quickly with two other boys and was quickly whisked away and shown the magic tree which they all promptly climbed and sat in.

For me that’s what childhood is all about.

With self catering cottages on site to book or rooms in the hotel the choice is entirely yours when it comes to your needs.

We stayed in a room with walls that reminded me of yellow sherbet.  With a headboard so grand it was just magnificent.  The white wooden shutters were there to block out the light as it streamed into the room during the late summer evening, but I could never bring myself to fully close them.  I love letting that little bit of moonlight shine through where I can.

The children had bunkbeds in a separate room which made them feel so grown up and adventurous.  Although our youngest as always ended up in our bed irrelevant.

Our two night stay was utterly perfect.  We were in a great location to explore the offerings of the Lake District, if anything I wish we’d stayed longer and managed that wild lake swim.  We nearly managed it!

I’m very tempted to return and stay in one of their pastel self catering cottages.  I’m a sucker for anything pink or blue.

Disclosure: We were offered a complimentary stay but all opinions expressed are my own. 



    • It was so nice, it was lovely having an adventure park for the kids to tire them out before bed time each night.

  1. I would love to go to the Lake District - sounds like you had an amazing trip! and the pictures are stunning x

    • Thank you, it’s a beautiful place so it’s hard to take a bad picture really!

    • It was perfect, i’d return for definite if we go to the lakes again.

  2. This hotel and spa looks amazing! It looks so peaceful and beautiful. Would love to visit and stay here sometime.

  3. I would love to visit the Lake District, looks like a lovely place. I’m actually looking for a spa break, so will deffo check out this place! x

  4. Oh wow the Swan Hotel sounds an amazing place to stay. The building and interior are just stunning. It’s great they’ve made it so family friendly too, Id quite like the milk and cookies myself!

    • I won’t lie, I did steal a biscuit form daughters plate.. it takes her so long to eat just one I knew she’d never notice! lol

    • It’s such a great place with children. I definitely encourage you to go if you can. x

  5. Cor blimey … now that’s what I call a stylish family ‘SWAN-ing’ around in stylish style. Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum. (DM?)

  6. Cor blimey … now that’s what I call a stylish family ‘SWAN-ing’ around in stylish style. Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum. (DM?)

  7. Cor blimey … now that’s what I call a stylish family ‘SWAN-ing’ around in stylish style. Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum. (DM?)

  8. Cor blimey … now that’s what I call ‘SWAN-ing’ around in stylish luxury haha. Hope all’s well. Onwards LondonMum.

  9. YEP, but please check the old “O” now. So sorry for awkwardness - AM HORRIFIED!!!! - had problems at the studio which I thought had been rectified. CHECK “O” (feel awful.)

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